A Design of BJT-based ESD Protection Device

However, because of the nature of avalanche-injection conductivity modulation, both structures provide low holding voltages when implemented in high v...

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can be simulated by different ESD test models categorized by its origins, upon which on-chip ESD protection circuits are tested and rated. 2.1 HBM Model. Human body model (HBM) [7, 8] simulates ESD events that occur when a charged human body contacts

2.2 Diode. 8. 2.3 NMOS Transistor. 9. 2.4 Silicon Controlled Rectifier. 11. 3. Experimental Techniques. 13. 3.1 Transmission Line Pulsing. 13. 3.2 Emission Microscopy. 14 ..... There is a fundamental difference between designing the protection circui

Aug 9, 2000 - while ESD protection devices may inevitably affect circuit operation, the use of ... Testing results for individual Cu ESD metal test ... Debugging.

Jun 8, 2010 - Need accurate RF ESD characterization. – Low-parasitic compact RF ESD protection design. – Whole-chip ESD protection circuit design ...

with various ESD protection design options, particularly of the .... lator ADS [18], to generate the reflection parameter ..... numerous invited talks and tutorials.

these systems poses a major design and reliability challenge. ... protection design options, particularly of the distributed protection ... circuit simulator ADS, to generate the reflection .... Approaches,” Tutorial Notes, EOS/ESD Symposium, 1999.

Analysis and Design of ESD Protection Circuits for High-Frequency/RF. Applications. Choshu Ito .... circuit simulator ADS, to generate the reflection. Rinput. CESD ..... Approaches,” Tutorial Notes, EOS/ESD Symposium, 1999. [2] S. H. Voldman ...

Multi-mode universal RF SoC ICs in SiGe BiCMOS .... Transmission-line. Attenuator. VDD. L ...... Fabricated in 6M 0.18µm CMOS with Al/Cu interconnects. 0.028.

concept of on-chip ESD protection for RF ICs is illustrated in Fig. 1 [1]. ... (low-C) design on ESD protection device to reduce the parasitic capacitance is a.

Apr 1, 2010 - simulation, device simulation and circuit level simulation. ... can be generated by manual device set-up or process simulation. And obviously ... 446, April 2010, INTECH, Croatia, downloaded from SCIYO.COM .... Lifetimes of free-carrier

IEICE TRANS. ELECTRON., VOL.E92–C, NO.3 MARCH 2009. 341. PAPER. Impedance-Isolation Technique for ESD Protection Design in RF. Integrated Circuits. ∗. Ming-Dou KER. †a). , Member ... implemented with large device dimensions and wide drain- ...

robustness and reduce the trigger voltage of the ESD protection device. .... been realized in layout with multiple fingers to reduce the total silicon area.

For this purpose, we construct an equivalent circuit model of input HBM test environments .... rent through the reverse-biased n+-well/p-sub junction, ..... equipment and an input pad, and typical values of 1pF, ..... ing, IEEE EMC Symposium, pp.

phone with Wi-Fi capability for user and Wi-Fi access point for wireless network infrastructure. The rest of the paper is organized as follows. Section II briefly reviews the related work. Section III gives a system overview and Section IV presents t

stress, the multiple fingers of ESD protection MOSFET cannot be uniformly turned on. ... In this paper, the substrate-trigger effect on MOSFET de- vices for ESD ...

The conventional on-chip ESD protection scheme is shown in Fig. ... with 500-fF ESD devices, and ESD protection scheme with stacked 500-fF ESD .... to form a transformer. Consequently, the transformer-based. ESD protection design provides not only th

issues in high-speed and RF IC design, as chip sizes ... performance Op Amp circuit with. CMOS-type ... between ESD structures and the core IC circuits, this ...

converters (ADCs). This research provides a theoretical analysis of the problem as well as experimental results that quantify typical distortion levels introduced by state-of-the-art ESD protection structures. It is shown that with SFDR targets appro

Safety of the significant carotid plaque IVUS imaging in a ... http://www.medscimonit.com/fulltxt.php?ICID=882452 .... Index ICA PSV, m/s, mean ±SEM. [range].

Institute of Electronics, National Chiao-Tung University. Hsinchu, Taiwan ... device in the integrated circuits, the DC I-V characteristics must be investigated to ...

Also, the location and circuit board layout is critical to maximize the effectiveness of the CAN protection circuit. Shielded Twisted Wire Pair Cable. A shielded cable is an effective tool to prevent radiated interference from introducing a common mo

STF202-22T1G. USB Filter with ESD. Protection. This device is designed for applications requiring Line. Termination, EMI Filtering and ESD Protection. It is intended for use in upstream USB ports, Cellular phones, Wireless equipment and .... one func

high speed ramps (300 V/1ns) the device under test (T2: the p/n-. /n+ structure shown in Fig. 1b – for which we used commercially available BJTs and shorted the base and emitter junction) exhibited collapse of voltage or second breakdown phenomenon

Dec 11, 2016 - scenarios, manual recharges or replacements, negatively affects the ..... cards, USB flash drives, or solid-state drives; and (ii) configuration data ...... Available online: http://www.samsung.com/global/business/semiconductor/.