A Design of BJT-based ESD Protection Device

However, because of the nature of avalanche-injection conductivity modulation, both structures provide low holding voltages when implemented in high v...

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2.2 Diode. 8. 2.3 NMOS Transistor. 9. 2.4 Silicon Controlled Rectifier. 11. 3. Experimental Techniques. 13. 3.1 Transmission Line Pulsing. 13. 3.2 Emission Microscopy. 14 ..... There is a fundamental difference between designing the protection circui

phone with Wi-Fi capability for user and Wi-Fi access point for wireless network infrastructure. The rest of the paper is organized as follows. Section II briefly reviews the related work. Section III gives a system overview and Section IV presents t

The conventional on-chip ESD protection scheme is shown in Fig. ... with 500-fF ESD devices, and ESD protection scheme with stacked 500-fF ESD .... to form a transformer. Consequently, the transformer-based. ESD protection design provides not only th

Also, the location and circuit board layout is critical to maximize the effectiveness of the CAN protection circuit. Shielded Twisted Wire Pair Cable. A shielded cable is an effective tool to prevent radiated interference from introducing a common mo

STF202-22T1G. USB Filter with ESD. Protection. This device is designed for applications requiring Line. Termination, EMI Filtering and ESD Protection. It is intended for use in upstream USB ports, Cellular phones, Wireless equipment and .... one func

high speed ramps (300 V/1ns) the device under test (T2: the p/n-. /n+ structure shown in Fig. 1b – for which we used commercially available BJTs and shorted the base and emitter junction) exhibited collapse of voltage or second breakdown phenomenon

Oct 23, 2013 - iOS alternative: MFi program. NOT for prototyping. Moving target: used to be $10000s for membership, and 10% of device price now $4/connector ? ... At each connection interval, one has a chance to communicate with a connected device ..

In years when revenue is down, the questions become more difficult and better evidence is often demanded. The author ... Needless to say, a well-stated assertion of value can go a long way – at least in trade literature. .... track yield at specifi

Jun 6, 2014 - Endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) was de- veloped to make possible the en bloc removal of large, flat, superficial lesions of the gastrointesti- nal tract, and reports on its efficiency were first published more than 25 years ago [

This is the most common test method used to assess the ESD robustness of the system. - Other test standards (e.g., ISO10605 for automotive, DO-160 for avionics) are used; depending on the application. • System Level ESD Test Results. - Pass: System

permanent fault. Customers experience interruptions equivalent to a fuse saving scheme. The sectionalizer does not have fault interruption or automatic reclosing capability, so must be installed within the protection zone of recloser or breaker. The

Aug 5, 2010 - Generally speaking, they represent practice-based, rather than theory-grounded, methods with common roots in ... methods for providing the best and universally applicable answers to perceived enterprise ... rather as systems of intercon

Apr 20, 2010 - user friendly and easy to code microcontroller was chosen – the Arduino. Duemilanove. It has a maximum output voltage of 5V. It has a maximum input voltage of 5 volts with a built-in analog-to-digital converter with an accuracy of. 1

Device-to-device (D2D) communications in cel- lular spectrum supported by a cellular infra- structure holds the promise of three types of gains. The proximity of user equipments (UE) may allow for extremely high bit rates, low delays and low power co

May 18, 2010 - A Magnetic Switchable Device (MSD) is a ferromagnetic circuit using perma- nent magnets where the flux can circulate between different paths when its configuration is changed. This routes or cancels the flux trough specific sur- faces,

Special Issue of NCRTECE 2013 - Held during 8-9 February, 2013 in SMK Fomra Institute of Technology, OMR, Thaiyur, Kelambakkam,Chennai. 39. ISSN 2278-3091. POWER QUALITY IMPROVEMENT OF THE CUSTOM. POWER DEVICE WITH PROTECTION OF INVERTER. FROM SHORT

Jun 25, 2014 - 1. NMOS Device Optimization for the Design of a. W-band Double-Balanced Resistive Mixer. Christophe Viallon, Member, IEEE, Grégory Ménéghin, and .... All measurement data are referred to the pads of the chip. The conversion gain ver

Jun 19, 2014 - Energy & Sustainability. Instituto de Investigacion Tecnologica (IIT). Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Joseph M. Sussman. JR East Professor of Civil and. Environmental Engineering and. Engineering Systems. Massachusetts Institute of T

frequency and interruption duration which is normally addressed by installing a large number of protection devices. The formulation here and in our earlier work shows that poorly located protection devices may actually result in worse reliability [6]

DESIGN PRINCIPLES OF A NEUROMOTOR PROSTHETIC DEVICE. Mijail Serruya and John .... will consider the design principles to accomplish each of these three major steps necessary to produce an ..... implantable signal processing and telemetry system which

Abstract—Disability is part of human condition; it discriminates people who have this complication. The present work was carried out due to this and an experience in our research center. A prototype was designed and build that allows eye signals to

Jan 5, 2012 - a MATCH (Multidisciplinary Assessment of Technology for Healthcare), Faculty of Engineering, University of Nottingham, University Park, Nottingham NG7 ... Human factors. Design. Systems approach. Medical devices. Controls and displays.

design concepts the overall vehicle weight has not been significantly reduced if ... either side of the engine / generator for the main front longitudinal ... structure has been developed in order to minimise damage to the main vehicle structure and

aDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, fHarvard–MIT Division of Health Science and Technology, and gMassachusetts Institute of Technology, Center for Biomedical ... Edited by Robert Langer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, and