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example, the percentage of the national budget allocated to extension (the National Agricultural Advisory ...... Over the years, the size of the publi...

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Reforming Agricultural Trade for Developing Countries, Volume 1: Key Issues for a Pro-Development ... Sustainable Land Management: Challenges, Opportunities, and Trade-Offs ...... handled by Patricia Katayama, Aziz Gokdemir, and Nora.Missing:

the connectivity between agricultural research and other innovation system actors are ... Technology transfer and commercialization approaches. 4. Financing ...

major challenges for the targeted sectors and industries, yet ... From the late 1800s to early 1900s, countries started to enact .... Research has emphasized on-farm technologies such as ..... ing to adjust in the face of adverse trade events.

objectives and the steps that will deliver the innovation. In contrast, the .... Box 1.16 Benefits of Local and Foreign Collaboration to Develop Equipment for No-Till ...

Development/ The World Bank encourages dissemination of its work and will normally grant permission to reproduce ...... concept of an innovation system has guided this more holistic approach to planning knowledge ...... business and entrepreneurial s

A.3 Typology of Attitudes and Practices Affecting Key Innovation Processes ...... Organizing principle. Using science to create inventions. Accessing agricultural knowledge. Finding new uses of knowledge for social and economic change ..... sectors s

exit; means of ensuring public financial accountability for integrity and results; methods of ... in local governance; and a framework for responsive and accountable governance. Fiscal Management. Public Services Delivery. Public Expenditure Analysis

Esta evaluación adoptó un enfoque basado en la teoría para recoger una colleción convincente de .... proveer información de vuelta en buena hora. Para esto es necesario un sistema fiable de monitoreo y .... continúa a ser débil, con una carenc

lives—and their ability to contribute to the development of their nations—are powerfully shaped by them. That is why the World Development Report 2006, the 28th in this annual series, focuses on the role of equity in the process of development. E

Nov 2, 2006 - ( to the preparation of the World Development Report 2008 “Agriculture for Development”. This work ..... Ecological – the core concerns are to reduce negative environmental and health externalities, to enhance and u

Jul 2, 2007 - public extension; the frequent encumbrance with public duties in addition to those related to knowledge transfer .... advisory services can play an important role in promoting the spread of farmer-based innovations. ..... decentralizati

Gapasin, Eliseo Ponce (Philippines), Graham Kerr,. Jaakko Kangasniemi, Jaakko Kangasniemi, Joko Budianto ... Executive Summary. 1. The Case for Decentralization. 2. Principles in Decentralization Reform. 3 ..... taxes, or borrowing, but intergovernme

After independence the government steadily increased its control over the sector by promoting state-linked co-operatives ... ONCAD, performing poorly and laden with debt, was disbanded and its functions divided among other organizations, ...... tors

tion from payroll contributions would steadily go down while the portion ..... Sources: Data on MRI scanners per million are from MOH's Chinese Health Statistical Digest, OECD Health Data, and. Hutubessy .... Source: Data are based on the 2003 Nation

Financieros (CEMFI), and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research areas are ...... The 1986 Government Finance Statistics Manual (IMF 1986, p. 31) ..... spectrum, three smaller economies (Guatemala, Honduras, and. Nicaragua) ...... Sis

Compute the relative risk of being poor for different household groups. 6. ... We interpret these confidence intervals to mean that we are 95 percent cer- tain that ... 3. How is income poverty correlated with gender, age, urban and rural, racial or

Feb 23, 2006 - 37. Production of basic food crops is the key driver for increased agricultural production. Basic food crop production grew at an average rate of about 3-4 percent annually. Maize and millet production showed the highest increases, fol

may be a violation of applicable law. The International Bank for ..... Hospitals, police stations, and fire stations in the Caracas Valley 147. Figure 5.6. Proposed interventions in a section of ..... 7 reported drought disasters for Israel, Afghanis

0.092. Table 4.3 presents a variety of poverty measures for a selection of 13 countries using the $2/day standard (actually, US$60.8 per month in 2005 prices).

cash transfer programs with the largest impacts, the transfer value is of the order of .... income by making the children unavailable for work, but in the long run additional ..... a heavy infection with schistosomiasis delayed reaction time only for

Traditionally, health workers in the public sector in develop- ing countries are ..... the level of the service unit, how it affects individual health workers is not well ...

good governance; a sound environmental policy; economic, political, and market stability; mass participation; global and regional security; intellectual expression; and a fair, functional, and effective judiciary. Region-level market reforms can boos

above, children with early delays are likely to experience poor school per- formance .... normalized for Spanish-speaking populations in low-income settings.

Africans from the real challenges of development at the local level. These educated Africans were to form the core of the administration of newly independent African countries. Some of the Africans who received this education realized its effect on t