“Long-term bioerosion” by Färber et al

Island? Response: According to Bromley et al. 1990 the blocks were surplus ... 2.2 Micro-computed tomography (page 3, line 18-21): “Internal bioeros...

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St. John's Medical College, Bangalore - 560034. (Received on March 2, 1981). Summary: The stress induced in animals due to handling pr ior to sacrifice has ...

Aug 14, 2014 - We will improve the description of CO2SYS in the revised manuscript, mentioning that it is written in QBasic, not DOS. Thank you for this catching this glitch. As authors of the original version of CO2SYS, upon which most of the other

Jan 28, 2016 - Response to Reviewer 1 for “Early westward flow across the Tasman ... follow on of Sijp's previous work on the Eocene-Oligocene transition (EOT), which dealt ... and a deepening of the Southern Ocean gateways in a com-.

Jun 9, 2010 - spectrometer to measure atmospheric ion composition” by ... the instrument is the atmospheric sampling without ionization in front and therefore.

We welcome contri- butions to identify research needs, deliver research to answer key questions and bring new evidence back into practice to strengthen public health research in the UK for the future. ... been enthusiastic with the arrival of two car

Mar 10, 2011 - The distinction between CPL and CTRL (control) namelists ... namics:" This is of course not true as the offline fields simply replace the online ...

Jan 29, 2014 - and Christopher, 2006) that time resolution of emissions even at the ..... MOPITT data: Application to the August 2000 Idaho-Montana forest fires ...

50:5246–5254. Applegate, T., G. Schatzmayr, K. Prickel, C. Troche, and Z. Jiang. 2009. Effect of aflatoxin culture on intestinal function and nutri- ent loss in laying hens. Poult. Sci. 88:1235–1241. Awad, W. A., J. R. Aschenbach, F. M. C. S. Set

Embryonating specific pathogen-free (SPF) chicken eggs (10 d; Guangdong Dahuanong Animal Health. Products Co. Ltd., Yunfu ... South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou 510642, China; and. † State Key Laboratory of Biocontrol, College of Life S

... of Food. Biotechnology, University of Agriculture, 29-Listopada Avenue, 46; 31-425 Krakow, Poland. ABSTRACT A study was conducted to determine the efficacy of phytase, an enzymic cocktail, and a waste. Aspergillus niger mycelium to hydrolyze phyt

Morley A, Derrick J, Mainland P, Lee BB, Short TG: Closed loop control of ... Lalo PA, Trillat B, Barvais L, Fischler M: Titration of propofol for anesthetic induction ...

al., 2003). In this study, we investigated a number of diets with high energy content, different macronutrient composi- tion, and low crude fiber content, which can be ..... 174 ± 2.9. 37. 164 ± 3.7. No. 117. 201 ± 2.7. 80. 180 ± 2.8. 38. 176 ±

2001 Poultry Science 80:1710–1717. INTRODUCTION. Threonine may be the third limiting amino acid, after. Met and Lys in diets, composed primarily of ground yel- low corn and soybean meal (SBM), for broiler chickens. (Han et al., 1992; Fernandez et a

DAVID A. BRAKE, GEORGE STRANG,1 JANET E. LINEBERGER,2 CAROLYN H. FEDOR,3. ROBERT CLARE,4 TODD A. BANAS,5 and TIMOTHY MILLER6. Animal Health Biological Discovery, Pfizer Central Research Division, Pfizer Inc.,. Eastern Point Road, Groton, Connecticut

Molecular Genetics Questions in Poultry ... ABSTRACT The ability to answer some of the questions .... 2, and immunoglobulin lambda light chain genes, were.

ABSTRACT This study was undertaken to describe the growth pattern of the pearl gray Guinea fowl. Using BW data from hatch to 22 wk, 3 nonlinear mathematical func- tions (Richards, Gompertz, and logistic) were used to estimate growth patterns of the p

elevation-azimuth pointing gondola. Magnetometer error signals are used in post-Bight analysis to correct for short-term azimuthal tracking errors. Absolute ...

ETH ZURICH for the degree of. DOCTOR OF SCIENCES. Presented by. SABRINA SCHMIDT. Diplom biologist, TU Braunschweig. Born on May 23, 1982. Citizen of Germany ... CHAPTER 2: EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURES. .... production were measured after the addition of m

Institute for Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition, Georg-August-University, 37077 Goettingen, Germany. ABSTRACT Nitrogen-balance .... N-free extract. 83.9. 74.7. 66.1. 56.5. 46.9. 39.3. Starch. 70.1. 59.6. 53.4. 43.3. 31.1. 21.3. Sugar. 2.4. 2.9.

the effect of day length, sex, and genotype (Ross ×. Ross 308 and 708) on mortality causes, bird mobility, footpad health, and ocular size, with 4 trials within the experiment. Four graded day lengths were chosen to allow the study of relationship b

FB1 was also observed in turkey lymphocytes (Dombrink-. Kurtzman et al., 1994). ... soybean meal basal diet. Diets were ... Whole blood samples were serially diluted with sterile PBS, and 100. µL of each dilution at each time point was plated onto.

(V)DMSA core (phosphate-like ion TcO4. −3) and phosphate (PO4. −3) anion as taken by some cancer cells (Yokoyama and Saji, 1980; Wulfrank et al. 1989).

Volume 4, Module 4, Article 3, pp. 66-75, 12-15-08 [copyright by authors] ... integrate issues of evidence-based practice (EBP) in psychotherapy, ... case design, delivering CBT for panic disorder to a patient and evaluating the treatment. .... the p

Aug 21, 2006 - While we could show the average mass spectrum from ... we feel this would not add any significant information to the paper that is not already.