an ant colony algorithm for improving the net present values of

The experimental test results show that the proposed algorithm ... Keywords: ant colony, resource-constrained project, net present value ..... The cla...

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laxed ILP model; then, we look for the global ship stability of the overall stow- ... a set C of n containers of different types to be loaded on the ship and a set S of m.

convergence problem of the basic ACO algorithm on TSP. Those problems will be more obvious when the considered problems size increases. The proposed ...

ABSTRACT. Hybrid algorithm is proposed to solve combinatorial optimization problem by using Ant Colony and Genetic programming algorithms. Evolutionary process of Ant Colony Optimization algorithm adapts genetic operations to enhance ant movement tow

Feb 4, 2011 - It limits total pheromone in every trip or sub-union to avoid local convergence. ... improved ant colony system algorithm for multi-colony ant systems. ..... This elementary ant's behavior inspired the development of ant colony ...

Ant-CSP: an Ant Colony Optimization. Algorithm for the Closest String Problem. Simone Faro and Elisa Pappalardo. Universit`a di Catania, Dipartimento di ...

Mar 19, 2010 - tours so that each city is visited with exactly one salesman, and the tour lengths stay within certain limits. This problem is of a .... The MmTSP consists of finding tours for all the salesmen such that all customers are ..... The alg

based on ant colony to solve the unsupervised clustering problem. ... replicated in simulation and inspires a class of ant algorithms ... [6,7,9] It is a branch in multivariate ... P.S.Shelokar, V.K.Jayaraman and B.D.Kulkarni ... which guide other an

clustering algorithm is also improved with fuzzy logic. The similarity ..... The algorithms described in previous section are implemented using JAVA. For.

x. Reactive power fraction of l-th reactive source extracted by k-th reactive sink. nbr, ngen, nload. Number of lines, number of generators and number of loads ..... 12.218. 26.398. 9.936. 7.927. 6.533. 23.400 8.017. 2.614. 8.279. 9.001. 8.748. 123.0

the results of the variable neighbourhood search implementation concerning computation ..... can bee seen as a distributed optimisation process, using only indirect ... Ant colony: Ant algorithms consist of a finite size colony of artificial ants.

other based on Artificial Bee Colony algorithm (ABC). For calibration ..... The implementation of the Ant Colony Optimization algorithm opened up a new range.

Jun 5, 2009 - objective function evaluations is comparable to other optimization ..... 0.397887. 0.3978878. Easom. -1. -0.9996689. Goldstein and Price. 3.

tional time and Pa the computer power (Mflop/s) for one algorithm a, its scaled time is (Ta/Tg) × (Pa/Pg), with g standing for IACS. The IACS is 3.7 times.

behavior of Ant, ANT colony optimization and shortest path delivery. .... is written in C++ programming language. ... the source node produces a quantity of artificial ants or packets ... Mueller, J. Meth and R. Jeruschkat : “ BeeAdHoc : an.

connection-oriented network routing, connectionless network routing, and wireless ..... Optimization. [9] D. Andersen, H.

Jun 1, 2017 - probability calculation are proposed to navigate each ant's route selection to areas in the solution space where the global optimal solution is ...

network changes unpredictably. Hence it is ... of adapting for change in network topology and ... performed by the routers, which updates the routing tables.

School of Automation, Guangdong University of Technology, Guangzhou, ... Intelligent Autonomous Systems Lab, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK ... interdisciplinary in nature and allows the application of ... genetics for solving complex

(IJCSE) International Journal on Computer Science and Engineering. Vol. 02, No. 02, 2010, 132-139. Modified Ant Colony Algorithm for Grid. Scheduling. Mr. P.Mathiyalagan 1, S.Suriya2, Dr.S.N.Sivanandam3. 1Lecturer, Department of Computer Science and

Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Robot Path Planning. I. I. 2. 1. Michael Brand , Michael Masuda , Nicole Wehner , Xiao-Hua Yu. 1 Department of Electrical ...

This paper describes a the application of ant colony optimization algorithms, which draw inspiration from the way ants organize themselves in searching for food,.

Abstract: In this paper, an imperialist competitive algorithm (ICA) and ant colony optimization ... Key words:Optimization Truss structures Constraints Imperialistic competition Ant colony .... At the end of process, just one empire will remain that.

texture plays an important role in human visual perception and provides information which is used in ..... [2] Deneubourg J.L., Goss S. (1989) ”Collective patterns.

spreading code gives other possibilities to PAPR reduction. ... The proposal system for testing of PAPR reduction has 48 data subcarriers BPSK modulated.