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An Operational Definition of Context. Andreas Zimmermann, Andreas Lorenz, and Reinhard Oppermann. Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technol...

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[email protected] Ferrata Storti. Foundation. EUROPEAN. HEMATOLOGY. ASSOCIATION. Haematologica 2016. Volume 101(11):1351-1358.

Background: The operational taxonomic unit (OTU) is widely used in microbial ecology. ... similar organisms. These clusters, or operational taxo- nomic units (OTUs), are widely used as an analytical unit in microbial ecology studies [1]. Due to the .

It is argued that the prevailing definition of quasicrystals, requiring them to contain an axis of symmetry that is forbidden in periodic crystals, is inadequate. This definition is too restrictive in that it excludes an important and interesting col

{,hassnaa.moustafa} 2 Telecom & Management South Paris (Institute Telecom), Evry, France. {hossam.afifi}

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Newly provided idea of this paper. ▫ Define input-output implied scenarios. ▫ Taking into consideration of distinction between monitored and controlled events.

combination of 5 simple measures, predict death, hip fracture, and hospitalization? Methods. Design: Prospective cohort study. Setting: 40 clinical centers in the ...

Apr 28, 2011 - A Microsoft Excel application (add-in) was developed which can perform ... however, showed quite different linear trends during 1975–2007. (fig. 1). ..... (see File S2 for instructions manual and Visual Basics source code).

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the discussion of these experiments, environmental context is compared with other types of context, and an attempt is made to identify the memory processes ...

Scott, 1974; Liberman, Cooper, Shankweiler, &. Studdert-Kennedy, 1967; Massaro, 1975; Stevens &. Blumstein, 1978). However, even if acoustic signal .... All speech sounds were produced on-line during the experiment by a formant series resonator speec

The approach is based on decentralized, item-based collaborative filtering on Personal. Digital Assistants (PDAs). ... the collaborative filtering score with a context score function. We are currently working on applying ..... Systems, RecSys 2008 (2

requirements reuse in traditional co‑located projects could, therefore, also be expected in GSD projects. Keywords: Experiment, Global software development, ..... is a sentence written in natural language (NL) that documents the requirement; and Pr

may actually serve as a diagnostic measure. We further show that proteins in an MG state, although susceptible to digestion by the potent protease, proteinase K ...

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