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General commercial information and communication systems only support a sequential workflow but no paral- lelism. They are designed to handle document...

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May 6, 1998 - Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research. The University of ... The issues surrounding the definition and measurement of productivity have been the topic of research for a variety ..... (in this case this is simply a

UR-9825 is a novel broad-spectrum triazole agent, with a quinazolinone nucleus. In general, these compounds display higher in-vitro ... Unidad de Micología, Centro Nacional de Microbiología, Instituto de Salud Carlos III,. 28220 Majadahonda, Madrid

changes in such a way as to reduce the income share of the poor then the contribution of growth to poverty ... is no longer assured that growth and (income) poverty reduction would necessarily bring about a ... distributions of food, clothing and hou

Reviewed by: Dileep Karanth. Publisher: Oxford University Press. Date of Publication: July 1997 (first published 1993). ISBN: 0-19-864339-X. Price: $25 ppr. .... method in gathering information and offers interesting observations on the psychology of

Jan 30, 2017 - answer to this question would have implications for the design of .... (2004) to evaluate the battlefield AR. Such mobile AR systems can be used to simulate battlefield scenarios for systematic training exercises, as well as for .... u

Jun 1, 2016 - Garcia-Alcantara E, Lopez-Callejas R, Morales-Ramirez PR, Pena-Eguiluz R, Fajardo-Munoz R, Mer- cado-Cabrera A, et al. (2013) Accelerated mice skin acute wound healing in vivo by combined treat- ment of argon and helium plasma needle. A

A gas turbine cooling system for a conceptual power plant serves as an illustrative example. Section 4 discusses opportunities for AFMEA as an automated concurrent engineering tool, and Section 5 relays specific future activities. 2. BASIC CONCEPTS O

Let's say something is minded if it has beliefs and desires, perceives the world around it, can act purposively in the ...... that something is the case (e.g. that the cat is on the mat or that the clarinet is out of tune). But beliefs must ..... But

tions in performance, it is natural to hypothesize that passive listeners will expect ..... In addition, specific consequences of the changes in the musical materi- ... voice. The musical stimuli were created under computer Musical. Instrument Digita

or from 1200 to 1700 h depending on environmental conditions (Jones and Newell, 1946). Switchgrass flow- ers basipetally. It is largely self-incompatible (Talbert,. 1983) but some plants will set a small quantity of selfed seed when bagged (L.C. Newe

Widianto, H., Toha, B., Simanjuntak, T. & Hidayat, M. (1997) Laporan Penelitian Situs. Sangiran: Proses Sedimentasi, Posisi Stratigrafi dan Kronologi Artefak Pada Endapan Purba. Seri Kabuh dan Seri Notopuro (Berita Penelitian Arkeologi No. 1, Balai A

ne s through gifts of any kind to the merchant. It prohibits the use of milk or ..... ten or more, please. JOb. a th~rc are still m?re Icontact me so that we can give ne de . Let s show our service him proper recognition. company agents that we can .

May 30, 2016 - Haiyan Ding 1,2, Rong Han 2, Xueshan Chen 2, Weirong Fang 1, Meng Liu 3, Xuemei Wang 4, .... (3) AR low-dose (1 µM) group; (4) AR intermediate-dose (10 µM) group; (5) AR high-dose (100 µM) group; (B) ... the 5,51,6,61-tetrachloro-1,

1-3 and treated. The problem of planar wave or "in-phae' total-pressure and total-temperature distortions have received attention, as has that of tim-variant, ..... under way. Figure 22 shows a schematic of an intake model being researched in the low

Mar 11, 2008 - gases were cleaned using three SAES AP10 getters, two operated at 450 °C and one at room. 220 temperature. A Map ...... Hagen, E., Kelley, S.P., Dypvik, H., Nilsen, O. & Kjølhamar, B., (2001) Direct dating. 751 of authigenic K feldsp

cold dark matter. It holds that the Universe is flat, that slowly moving elementary particles left over from the earliest moments provide the cosmic infrastructure, and that the primeval density inhomogeneities that seed all large-scale structure aro

angiographic study), Steffen J Rosenstock (Glostrup population study), and Mark Woodward (Glasgow MONICA-3 study) provided unpublished numerical details from ... Barnes RJ, Uff JS, Dent JC, Gear MWL, Wilkinson SP. Long term follow up of patients with

(daman) from Filippo when he came to live in the hāra. The shaykh stated that Filippo had told him he was married but that his wife was still in Alexandria and would join .... It is plausible that his business network was mainly located within his o

May 16, 1998 - Like all the other PAC centres, the new Regional Centre in Moscow will stick to the goals of the. IFLA-PAC core .... put away in custom-made corrugated boxes lined with alkaline paper, which are also used for ..... Since the four paper

Beirat • Comité consultatif. Prof Dr. Boi Faltings (EPFL Lausanne), Prof. Dr. Ste- fan Klein (Universität Münster), Dr. Ernst Lebsanft. (Synlogic AG, Binningen), Prof. Dr. Rudolf Marty (IFA. Informatik, Zürich), Prof. Dr. Moira C. Norrie (ETH. Zürich

Mar 31, 1999 - for the selective oxidation of butane to maleic anhydride. The V4+ ions in this ...... based macromonomers with a methacryloyl group at the chain end. Living cationic polymerization of isobutyl VE (IBVE) initiated with the HCl adduct o

problématique de l'Aufklärung peut permettre de décrire un débat égyptien, » in : B. Dupret, J.-N. Ferrié and G. Boetsch eds., Droits et sociétés dans la monde arabe, Aix-en-Provence : Presses de l'Université d'Aix-Marseille : 193-215. Huma

encouraging bank customers to maximize float by using checks rather than drafts. A problem with Phillips' analysis is that the use of checks for interregional payments predated the forma- tion of the Fed, although Fed services may have stimulated an

what is now the Euro currency area, three other European markets, two Asia-Pacific markets, and one African market. Together, these countries made up 94% of the free float market capitalization of all world equities at the beginning of 2003, and we e