Blockchain-based Provenance Solution for

Mar 15, 2018 - Currently, the opening up of economies, proliferation of internet usage and ..... classified by their weight, shape, clarity and color...

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May 20, 2010 - Motivated by data warehousing, “lineage” [CuiWidomWiener 00, ... and in Tan+ tutorials, edited collections, and recent journal article. 05/20/10.

tional databases; H.2.m [Database Management]: Mis- ... ation, is now a common technique [22, 9, 32, 13, 37] with .... (2). S(x) : − T(x, b). (3). Here Σe consists of the single edb relation R and Σi con- .... 4Throughout this section, we deliberatel

Secure Provenance Collection for the Linux Kernel. Adam Bates ... Provenance is a well-known concept in the art world, but is relatively ... marks based on compiled the Linux kernel. ... projects in Section III, where we present our design for the.

be useful for keeping property ownership records. But it is also possible to reuse Bitcoin itself. Conventionally, bitcoins are fungible. However, it is possible to create nonfungible tokens by tracking a specific "coin" through the transaction histo

[email protected], [email protected] .... Correctness is assessed through primarily contextual analysis while completeness through structural analysis. ... Provenance. Multi-Graph Level. Analysis (M-G). Graph Level. Analysis (G). Node/Edge Le

Abstract—Many application domains, such as real-time financial analysis, e-healthcare systems, sensor networks, are characterized by continuous data streaming from ... Index Terms—Data Stream, Sensor Network, Secure Provenance, Watermarking, Tran

the process used to generate the data. Similarly, prove- nance can be used to debug experimental results and to improve search quality. We discuss these use cases in. Section 2.2. As both automatic provenance collection and cloud storage are relative

3Wright State University, Dayton OH 45435 ... of the desire to address larger scale and/or cross-discipline science such as climate change. ... In addition, Trident tracks workflow evolution provenance [14], to record changes to the individual. 2 ...

a 2 core Intel Xeon X5650 CPU machine with 64GB memory and 64bit Linux. (Debian/Lenny). We compare state-of-the-art Petri net coverability tools (Mist2.

works are given, which includes DQA, provenance and. SOA; The framework of .... value-list), name∈NS, value-list is a data list, which can be empty. Definition ...

importing provenance stored as PROV-JSON alongside with data from a relational .... This code only depends on the schemas of input relations of the query for ...

a data acquisition workflow implemented as a Python script, and show how these ..... Despite being a grass-roots effort that was launched only re- cently, YW has ...

Abstract. Declarative, high-level configuration languages (e.g. LCFG,. Puppet, Chef) are widely used in industry to config- ure large system installations.

and Roberto Sommariva at NOAA, Boulder, for providing experimental data and assistance with the use of the MCM. References. Barnes, I. & Rudzinski, K. J. ...

Either way, explanations depend on provenance metadata and provenance ..... For example, the DoD Metadata Registry and Clearinghouse12 is a domain-.

Aug 5, 2014 - Octavian Udrea, Diego Reforgiato Recupero, and V. S. Subrahmanian. Annotated RDF. ACM Trans. Comput. Logic, 11:A10, January 2010.

and originator preferences on provenance, and (v) able to facilitate queries for constructing ... P. Groth and J. Frew (Eds.): IPAW 2012, LNCS 7525, pp. ... lationships between provenance entities form a data provenance graph (DAG). Fig. 1.

Mar 6, 2010 - Unbeknownst to the user, the system administrator updates the system libraries. Now when the user runs the ..... rithm, called Graph Finesse, traverses the provenance DAG on every read and write and appropriately creates new ...... cisc

Rework occurs commonly in software development. ... arise quite often in software development. ... an example based on refactoring of an Object-Oriented.

Microsoft's Windows Azure, and Rackspace's Cloud Servers and Cloud Sites. Also these providers offer various types of services such as computation, storage ...

relationships between them. To manage this complexity, special-purpose system- configuration languages have evolved, such as LCFG. [4, 1] and Puppet [9, 2].

PReServ's Provenance Store Web Service2 is a repository for .... the data repository that the Plug-In can act on. As ..... (NCGIA), UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA, 1991.

Rootkit is a mechanism that hides malware from detection. Malware equipped with .... malware traffic detection. We trace the user inputs in their online activities.

Figure 1 illustrates the integration of several datasets: the UN Food and ... dataset), Geonames, CIA World Factbook, The New York Times, Nomenclature of.