Can we respond mindfully to distressing voices? A

Aug 14, 2015 - 1985); PANAS-negative, Positive, and Negative Affect Scale—negative affect (Crawford and Henry, 2004); PSYRATS-AH, Psychotic Symptom ...

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machine learning to more closely characterize the performance of a maximum entropy based incre- mental NLU module, such as the mxNLU mod- ule described in Section 3. Our aim is to iden- tify strategic points in time, as a specific utterance is occurr

Jun 7, 1989 - (A) Diagram of one of the tubes seen from inside the laboratory. The LED labeled Field signals to the experimenter ... repletion, was allowed to return to the hive. The bee usually returned to the tube .... 1978) and the finding that ma

Jan 19, 2016 - Just look at the medical students we teach. Over a 3-day period, I recently taught the basics of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to a group of 172 medical students. My colleague and I in rapid-fire 20-min sessions gave them just a

See PATRIC IA A. MCCOY, BANKING LAW MANUAL §§ 7.01, 7.02[1], ... currently ranks as the world's largest financial services organization.6 ...... 2000, nonperforming business loans and charge-offs rose at a much more rapid rate among banks that were

This year's Lasker Basic Medical Research Award is shared by William Kaelin, Peter Ratcliffe, and. Gregg Semenza for discovery of the pathway by which animal cells sense and adapt to changes in oxygen availability, which plays an essential role in ad

Apr 8, 2013 - More than 700 cases of spinal and paraspinal infections have been encountered, and 46 patients have died (www., last ... For Permissions, please e-mail: [email protected] DOI: 10.1093/cid/cit283. Exsero

Medical Care. Research Unit, Regent. Court, 30 Regent .... minimum drinking age is raised above 18 years, all the studies identified report a ..... 1990; 80: 1471-4. 10 Wasserman RC, Buccini RV. Helmet protection from head injuries among recreational

Another impetus for this study came from the recent "surprise language" experiments funded by the US Defense .... 3. proofreading errors. Coming back to the highly publicized case of the Japanese subtitles of the first episode of. LOTR ... The obviou

1Center for Computer Games and Interaction Design at the IT University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark. 2Department of Electronic ... by game designers for automatic play-testing (e.g. City Con- quest (Intelligence Engine .... map where each cell

Private Payors: United, Aetna, Anthem, Humana, Cigna. • MAC/CMS FI: Medicaid Administrative Contractor ... Physicians, Home Health, DME, Chiropractors. • Support Law enforcement: investigations/prosecution .... Check your contract: What are you o

The top case issues. Specifically, EFM issues related to feta accounted for 34% of the closed claim the total dollars paid out. Clark, et al;. Care was found to be ...

gambetta213-237.pdf>. . 13. Can We Trust .... 6 Thus Woody Allen, in Hannah and her sisters, says that the reason we cannot answer the question. 'Why the Holocaust?' is that it is ...... believe in God, but I can still have my doubts as to whether y

contribution to knowledge that would be beneficial to all NPOs that are providing services to the public in an .... managers were involved with the traditional roles of planning, budgeting, organising, staffing, controlling and ... changing internal

2005;162:890–898. 18. Schumacher J, Leppert K, Gunzelrnann T, et al. Die Resilienzskala -. Ein Fragebogen zur Erfassung der psychischen Widerstandsfдhigkeit als Personmerkmal. [Resilience Scale (Wagnild GM, Young HM,. 1993) - German version]. Zeitsch

high levels of education or that are highly paid may be more likely to engender love. The opening quotes from Working,. Studs Terkel's 1974 oral histories of working America, how- ever, suggest otherwise: while the stonemason expresses understated ye

Oct 26, 2009 - life forms in this virtual universe, which, quite possibly, one (virtual) day ..... In a nutshell, Zuse supported the idea that everything physical is ..... translation availabale as

Aug 9, 2011 - agents including sunitinib, sorafenib, pazopanib, axitinib, or bevacizumab .... work by disrupting HIF-a protein synthesis, stability, or transcrip-.

(Watts 1996: 20). Among specialist scholars who do make a differentiation, it is still unclear whether confederalism is to be considered part of federalism (as in the perspective of. Elazar and Watts), or to be ..... then become the genera of the nex

The purpose of our study is to test whether emotional intelligence can be effectively ... these abilities with the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test.

Nov 26, 2006 - We can speak “French bread and cheese” in different ways to ... simultaneous speech while writing on the board, nor the sequence of writings and erasures. Of course ... Other methods for input and editing of math via templates, men

If the result- ing increase in urban acreage re- places farmland, California agri- culture will lose nearly 5 million acres - 17% of today's total farm- land base. .... little question that the massive urban growth during the second half of this cent

Apr 2, 2011 - reported that Animoto, a startup that combines customers' photos and music into MTV-style movies, employed .... Alpha has rush hours during weekend dinners and holidays, with Christmas Eve ..... then customized the reservation sheet on

school leaders to establish emergency-response plans to deal with ... registered nurses who have been practicing for >5 years in a rural or ..... Kindergarten through high school. 240 (42 ..... A 16-year-old football player who is complaining.

Sartre: “Man is condemned to be free.” – What I am is a ... “Phenomenology”: the study experience as experienced. .... existentialism is that it puts every man in.