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my research. Discussion with them about this research helps me to address many problems from different angles. ...... Intra-Domain Networks (SEQUIN) [...

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24 (/24 prefix) aggregates 8 bits of the 32 bit IP address length or 256 IP addresses. ... The DNS resolution process of converting a name to an IP address starts ...... a binary class label. However, to find combinations with very low availability,

row of which contains a BSM token ID, a base NADF field ID, and a pointer. ..... tokens is present, but the parser cannot determine whether it is the driver major.

access is a property of the programming language (in Java, for instance, null ... However, programs have many more invariants that are specific to the application logic. ...... [7] Matt Bishop and Michael Dilger. ... [12] Crispan Cowan, Calton Pu, Da

template at this point. A generic template for a lexical entry of a verb would look as follows: (lexical-item. (lexical-item-V1 (cat V). (synonyms ""). (anno (def ""). (ex "") ... This is followed by the synonyms field (synonyms), including ...... re

USING ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORKS FOR FORENSIC FILE TYPE ..... Table 9: Mean square error (MSE) from unaltered file test...............................................33 .... not detected during a scan of the computer for incriminating images. ..... U

ilarity. Since new data items continuously arrive in DSMSs, we need to evolve ..... (2) the root node of pd is the server node ns; (3) for two nodes ni and nj of pd, ni is a ... ing graph similarity is known as an NP-hard problem [14] in general (ref

stored in a range of folders on the device and can be played in AAC, MP3 .... NIST uses their own test methodology based on ISO 17025 (National Institute of.

The rapid proliferation of the Internet and cost-effective growth of its key .... The set of component services offered by an ID is specified in its definition. A ..... Name the state that is mapped to an assignment in which all roles are disabled as

This paper presents the results from a recent evaluation of the reliability and cyber-security vulnerability of tele- medicine/telehealth systems used today in the ...

Purdue University. Center for Education and Research in. Information Assurance and Security. Trust in a dotcom world. Martin Sadler. Hewlett-Packard ...

Oct 26, 2007 - 5.3 Predicates for service providers trust establishment policies. . . . . . . . . 129 ...... The SP services that a principal can be eligible ...... [164] S. F. Mjolsnes and C. Rong, “Localized credentials for server assisted mobile

Apr 4, 2005 - community has developed a number of different techniques and approaches to assure data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. However, despite .... in particular, introduced some important principles [45] that set apart access ..

We address these challenges by developing a virtualization-based malware playground called vGround. ..... VMware employs a binary rewriting technique implemented in the kernel, which inserts a ...... 2Uuencode, or the full name “Unix to Unix Encoding

JDBC. Java DataBase Connectivity. KAOS. Knowledge Acquisition in AutOmated Specification. MAC. Mandatory Access Control. MEM. Multilateral Evaluation ...... SPRAT client connects to the database via JDBC connection driver. Clients .... SAC NFR 1.1: T

collisions appearing after 3 stages of training with a random generated set of surgeries. (a) Tree ..... the basis for doing so is the fact that, although digitized (thus in discrete format), images are at the core ...... 5Usability metrics can be sp

a viable solution, alternative methods are sought for omy and emcieney. ..... More efficient attacks like linear or differential cryptanalysis ... over the finite Galois Field GF(p), wherep is a prime num- her larger than ..... of equations to find t

3 General Secure Multi-party Computation and Cryptographic Tools . ..... Another advantage of this approach is that it .... hand, the loss of the data made the company vulnerable to potential law suits [11]. ...... [28] Wenliang Du and Zhijun Zhan.

Gass, and Gary and Cindy Goldberg helped make West Lafayette feel like home. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for the incredible amount of support I received from ...... http://www.alw.nih.gov/Security/Docs/ admin-guide-to-cracking.101.htm

An Application Gateway is a network node that enforces security policies by acting on behalf of other nodes. Application ..... The fifth taxonomic feature is destination marking. The value of the feature is ..... A STOP daemon can also issue recursiv

This class of IRS is customized to respond to specific kinds of attacks, most commonly, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. The approach is to trace back as close to the source of the attack as possible and then limit the amount of resource

1.2 World knowledge in natural language processing systems. ..... comprise picking out merchandise, bringing it to the cash register, offering money to ...... the relevant features—of the following sentence (taken from a newspaper article): ......

Feb 23, 2007 - access control policy, we consider the layout of a floor in a hospital as depicted in Figure 4. ...... [9] S. Reiff-M arganiec and K. J. Turner, “Feature interaction in policies. ... International Journal of Geographical Information

securing the authorization information of federated users, resource ...... Figure B.2: This is a role assignment policy for the Borrower role in the federated digital ...

This article focuses on the most important facets of ontological semantics, and more specifically, on the process of ontological semantic acquisition for linguistic stu- dents and researchers inexperienced in this emerging field, regardless of their