CHAPTER 8 Input Devices, Interaction Techniques, and Interaction

In Section. XXX_8.1.6_XXX, we describe input devices oriented specifically toward 3D interaction. We make use of the logical device categories of loca...

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scroll through a document by clicking or dragging the mouse (input) within a scroll bar displayed on the screen (output). ...... be useful for training people to use complex systems, or for fault diagnosis. For example, when repairing an aircraft ...

selection and manipulation, previous work has demonstrated that the desktop mouse can outperform these ..... The mouse has been shown to be a good alternative to 3D input devices for constrained 3D object .... and orientation. If the primary tracking

May 5, 1995 - Hand Directed. In hand directed motion, the position and orientation of the hand determines the direction of motion through the virtual world. There are ... Dynamic scaling is a clever use of scaling to move through the virtual world (s

The author would like to thank the following people for their help and advice: • His advisor, Dr. Larry F. Hodges. • The members of the thesis committee: Dr. Gregory Abowd, Dr. Albert Badre, Dr. Elizabeth Davis, and Dr. Jarek Rossignac. • David

operators punched the input information as holes in paper cards, which could then be read by computer .... In many other situations, the designer of a human-computer interface does not have much control over the .... Based on these approaches, device

perspective animation; the Apple iPhone home screen; the Palm Pre task selection .... to enrich input vocabulary while requiring small “foot-print” on the screen real estate. .... positioning and selection elementary tasks on touchscreen- and ...

Mar 1, 2017 - 2006; Iglesias et al. 2009; Lepicard and Vigouroux 2010b; Lepicard and Vigouroux. 2012; Lepicard and Vigouroux 2010a; Moffatt and McGrenere 2007; ... assessed manual dexterity state that it is also a strong factor [Nicolau and Jorge 201

Reading glasses. NNS: Ahh ahh glasses glasses to read you say reading glasses. NS: Yeah. INTERACTION. Output and Comprehension in the Context of Interaction ..... Your cat is black? intonation. You have a cat? I draw a house here? 3. Fronting: Wh/Do/

pop-up menus, radio buttons, and list boxes). The idea behind the engineering concept is that components can easily be re-used in other systems since they are autonomous units, free of the context in which they are deployed. The promise of CBSE is re

Input: Implementing. Interaction Techniques as. Finite State Machines ... click, click. – not good: no affordance,no feedback. • Better feedback is to use “rubber banding”. – stretch out the line as you drag. – at all times, shows where y

Abstract. Depending upon their nature, Outdoor AR applications can be deployed on head mounted displays (HMD) like Google glass or handheld Displays (HHD) like smartphones. This master's thesis investigates novel gesture-based interaction techniques

most computers only have a single spatial input device, and second, most commercial software, ...... manual car riding bike. Figure 3.4: The Symmetry-Skill Plane: tasks can be placed horizontally according to the level of statistical symmetry and ver

Chapter 2. Understanding and conceptualizing interaction. 2.1 Introduction. 2.2 Understanding the problem space. 2.3 Conceptual models. 2.3.1 Conceptual models based on activities ..... in terms of actual concrete solutions. .... that the user insert

The use of visual representations and interactions to accelerate rapid insight into complex data is what distinguishes ... lights important features, including commonalities and anomalies. These visual representations make it .... et al., 2003] and a

Abstract. In this article we present a working prototype incorporating some new interaction techniques for the navigation through and the manipulation of both 3D and 2D data. The prototype aims at professional ap- plications like architectural design

My biggest challenge in completing this degree was without a doubt the injury of my hands. ..... A.2 Algorithms for Resolving Ambiguity in Mediators and Meta-Mediators . . . 171. A.3 The Algorithms Associated with Event Dispatch . . . . . . . . . . .

engaged in design tasks with ToolScape and a control interface, the ..... ToolScape is a web interfaces, built with HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript, with an open-.

May 11, 2005 - of 13 interesting papers which were reviewed by at least 2 PC members to help the authors to improve ..... the main criterion for success. 2. SCENARIO. The following scenario should help crystallise the notion of a personal operating s

provides the possibility of interacting with the device by making use of gestures made in the surrounding ... field and ambient light sensors is assumed, peripheral infrared receiver can be used in order to provide ... free interaction with mobile de

within some pre-defined area, each carrying a simple programmable embedded low-power wire- less device (mote); ... These mobile interaction games with intermittently-connected wireless devices are inspired by the ... the game. Only one copy of a spec

Interaction. A Synthesis of Safety Practice. Sponsored by the. Federal Motor Carrier. Safety Administration. Commercial. Truck and Bus. Safety. Synthesis 3 ..... highway/heavy vehicle interactions. The conclusions and recommendations of the synthesis

Starting with the optical properties of a material in a non-excited state, absorption, heating, melting, cooling, solidification, ... treatment of light-matter interaction can be done either by a classical or a quantum approach. In ... The common cla

Abstract—In this position paper we discuss the usage of various interaction technologies with focus on the presentations of 3D visualizations involving a presenter and an audience. While an interaction technique is commonly evaluated from a user pe

Like CSILE, these activities demonstrate a degree of fine-grained sharing since users are editing different parts of a ... The Color Matcher activity [Bricker95] demonstrates fine-grained sharing in a synchronous activity ... CoImage is an applicatio