CHAPTER 8 Input Devices, Interaction Techniques, and Interaction

In Section. XXX_8.1.6_XXX, we describe input devices oriented specifically toward 3D interaction. We make use of the logical device categories of loca...

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The differential approach allows a range of interaction techniques to be ..... Computer graphics viewing models are defined by linear transformations in homo-.

velop a paint program that demonstrates the important features of interactive graphics ..... If the measure consists of only an object identifier, we face problems ...... there is no coupling between when new cubes are drawn into the frame buffer. ... Soli: 1 ... Contribution: combined gesture and voice input.

Vive Controller. – 6* Digital Buttons. – 1*Tactile Pad. – Haptic vibration motor. – Ring of photodiodes (24). – Gyroscope and Accelerometer. • Lighthouse.

scroll through a document by clicking or dragging the mouse (input) within a scroll bar displayed on the screen (output). ...... be useful for training people to use complex systems, or for fault diagnosis. For example, when repairing an aircraft ...

More complex than the others. – built from the other widgets + some extra features. • e.g. no affordance, but you could type and file list would scroll to typed name.

gramming. 1. Introduction. The logical input device model, as is adopted by the standardized graphics ..... Read (Lpic, i) will return a null value. This is the only ...

... Sets– IRTG Workshop, 2010. Editors: Ariane Middel, Inga Scheler, Hans Hagen; pp. 27–35 ..... pdf; Online; Accessed 20-April-2010. 44. Scott Robertson, Brian ...

the underlying system should treat the space on and above the surface as a con- tinuum, where a .... (IR) cameras that track reflective markers illuminated by IR spots attached to the cameras. .... Magic lenses (inspired by Bier et al. [5]) let a ...

Frameworks for Understanding Interaction. • A framework is basically a structure that provides a context for conceptualizing something. • We can (also) use these ...Missing:

Figure 10.2: (a) Atari 2600 Paddle controller. (b) The Atari Breakout game, in which the bottom line segment is a virtual paddle that allows the ball to bounce.

operators punched the input information as holes in paper cards, which could then be read by computer .... In many other situations, the designer of a human-computer interface does not have much control over the .... Based on these approaches, device

perform informal user studies or usability tests, asking users what they think of a particular technique, or observing .... Things (Norman, 1990) and Jakob Nielsen's usability heuristics (Nielsen & Molich, 1992). These ..... resources free to perform

May 5, 1995 - Hand Directed. In hand directed motion, the position and orientation of the hand determines the direction of motion through the virtual world. There are ... Dynamic scaling is a clever use of scaling to move through the virtual world (s

selection and manipulation, previous work has demonstrated that the desktop mouse can outperform these ..... The mouse has been shown to be a good alternative to 3D input devices for constrained 3D object .... and orientation. If the primary tracking

The author would like to thank the following people for their help and advice: • His advisor, Dr. Larry F. Hodges. • The members of the thesis committee: Dr. Gregory Abowd, Dr. Albert Badre, Dr. Elizabeth Davis, and Dr. Jarek Rossignac. • David

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Dec 4, 2015 - ARTY [2012] .... Simulated wheelchair modelled using 3D Studio Max ... n. Mean Median. Std. Min. Max. Joystick manual mode 19. 12.6. 9.5.

May 13, 2007 - or toolglasses [1] are GUI widgets that are layered between application ...... rence of the value δ = tj − ti with j > i and ti, tj being two points in the ...

perspective animation; the Apple iPhone home screen; the Palm Pre task selection .... to enrich input vocabulary while requiring small “foot-print” on the screen real estate. .... positioning and selection elementary tasks on touchscreen- and ...

Mar 1, 2017 - 2006; Iglesias et al. 2009; Lepicard and Vigouroux 2010b; Lepicard and Vigouroux. 2012; Lepicard and Vigouroux 2010a; Moffatt and McGrenere 2007; ... assessed manual dexterity state that it is also a strong factor [Nicolau and Jorge 201

Off: Liquid crystal molecules form helix structure, 90° rotation. – On: Electric field aligns ... Materials: copper, indium tin oxide (ITO), printed ink. – ITO: (almost) ...

conditioning and test stimuli, suggesting a role for centrifugal feedback in olfactory discrimination. ... activation of the OB (Friedrich & Korsching, 1997; Rubin & Katz,. 1999; Johnson ... with odorant vapor was mixed with carrier air in the inner

Reading glasses. NNS: Ahh ahh glasses glasses to read you say reading glasses. NS: Yeah. INTERACTION. Output and Comprehension in the Context of Interaction ..... Your cat is black? intonation. You have a cat? I draw a house here? 3. Fronting: Wh/Do/