Connectedness. 7.1. Connected topological spaces. Definition 7.1. A topological space (X,TX) is said to be connected if there is no continuous surject...

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Dec 1, 2016 - Personal demographics were collected using self-report items (e.g., grade point average, weight, sexual intercourse, same-sex attraction, forced to have sexual ...... los derechos a la manera e ridad de los arch Integrity o por medi par

1The review articles by Granovetter (2005) and Jackson (2014), as well as the handbook articles in Scott and Carrington. (2011) and ... working with co-author teams that include Facebook employees. We hope that social ...... The exception is Eagle, M

Császár was able to obtain many of the usual theorems of general topology in this more general setting, the basic topological notion of connectedness was not introduced at all. Mrówka and Pervin [2] have discussed the concepts of 11-connectedness

Key words and phrases: asymptotic cone, filling function, isoperimetric function, isodiametric function, filling length .... we will see, impart information about the coarse geometry of Γ. The essential technique is as follows. Maps of spheres or ..

party in power are more likely to be on the payroll of a firm than delegates that are in the opposition. Finally ... have higher firm values and provide better accounting as well as stock market performance. Specifically, firm ..... logarithm of the

Bulk Connectedness and Boundary Entanglement. Ning Bao1,2 and Grant N. Remmen1. 1Walter Burke Institute for Theoretical Physics and. 2Institute for Quantum Information and Matter,. California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125, USA. Abstract

of all continua containing no simple triod. Proof. Only one implication needs a proof. By Theorem 1 members of the considered class are locally connected, so an arc or a simple closed curve are the only nondegenerate ones. To eliminate a simple close

Shochet, I., Homel, R. & Montgomery, D. (in press). How do school connectedness and attachment to parents interrelate in predicting adolescent depressive symptoms? Journal of. Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology. Corresponding Author: Associate

Loving-Kindness Meditation Increases Social Connectedness. Cendri A. Hutcherson, Emma M. Seppala, and James J. Gross. Stanford University. The need for social connection is a fundamental human motive, and it is increasingly clear that feeling sociall

teem—two broad measures of psychological adjustment (Lee &. Robbins, 1998). No empirical research to our knowledge, however, has exam- ined the role of interpersonal behaviors in the relationship between social connectedness and psychological adjus

Jan 11, 2012 - This paper presents a view of the future of consumer payments. Specifically, I opine on two questions. First, will the broad trends of consumers' increasingly be- ing connected via mobile access devices and engaging in social networkin

Sep 11, 2015 - Abstract—In medical imaging DICOM (Digital Imaging and. Communications in Medicine) format is the most commonly used format. Various medical imaging sources generate images in this format, which are collected in large database reposi

Jan 27, 2015 - Correspondence: Malek Jdaitawi, Self Development Department, University of Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Tel: .... been confined on diagnosing the relationship between the variables in individual educational settings in the ...... http://www.s

Oct 20, 2010 - cardinalities and the binary multiple choice multiple objective knapsack problem in Section 6. Fi- ..... nents in the adjacency graph of a binary multiple choice knapsack problem with equal weights, where ..... The unconstrained binary

are closure spaces then a function f : (X, F) → (Y, G) is called continuous if. ∀B ∈ G : f−1(B) ∈ F. The category of closure spaces and continuous functions is denoted by Cl. Theorem 1. [2] The following functors define an equivalence of ca

subjects.48-50 Findings from more than 40 studies indicate that the prayers and meditations of widely ... A preliminary meta-analysis of all staring detection studies reported up to this point yielded .... Everything but observation has been observed

been recently used in computational topology mainly by Vanessa Robins and her collaborators. [2], [3]. The task of computing ...... Fund. Math. 145 (1) (1994) 15-37. [46] J. Dugundji. Topology. Allyn and Bacon, Boston. (1966). [47] J. M. R. Sanjurjo,

Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human. Princeton. University Press, Princeton, NJ. [6] Bourdieu, P. 1977. Outline of a Theory of Practice. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, MA. [7] Brown J., and Duguid P. 2000. The Social Life of. Informat

A community forum, using the World Café format, was conducted in order to engage community members, 40 years and older, in conversation about the importance of social connectedness in elder-friendly communities. A second purpose of this forum was to

is active in any type of organisation. Trade unions and professional groups are excluded since they are specifically work-related organisations.6 Robustness checks confirm that the main results in the paper are not sensitive to the definition of soci

Feb 21, 2016 - This cross-sectional study utilized a nested concurrent design to determine the association of Filipino nurse returnees' length of stay since they returned and their social connectedness as well as the essence of communication from the

ways that do not hurt relationships with close others or harmony of the group to which one belongs.1 Maximizing .... against coronary heart diseases (Gordon & Rifkind, 1989; Krieger,. 1999; Toth, 2005; Wilson, Abbott, .... important for me to maintai

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nonmariés et la surveillance par leurs parents, d'autres adultes, les amis et les institutions sociales clé et les rôles ... adolescents font preuve d'un niveau élevé du liaison avec la famille, les adultes, les amis, avec l'école ... montre un