control for linear discrete-time systems with norm

Indeed the Davinson robust linear regulator [2] incorporates dynamical systems that are copies of the one generating the exogenous signal (the exosyst...

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been paid to the design problems of reliable linear con- trol systems, and a number of ... and design method for linear systems subject to both. * This work is supported in ..... a class of open-loop unstable linear systems: theory and application.

Physics Department, Research unit Constrained and Robust Regulation,. P.O.Box 2390, Marrakesh, Morocco (e-mail: [email protected]). ∗∗∗ Dpto. Ingenieria de Sistemas y Automatica,. Universidad de Valladolid, 47005 Valladolid, Spain (e-mail: ai

Abstract: The design of a repetitive control system for linear systems with time-varying norm- bounded uncertainties is presented. Using a Lyapunov functional for the time-delay systems, a sufficient condition is derived in terms of either an algebra

adding damping mechanisms to model-reference adaptive control. The robustness ... Optimal Control Modification for Linear Time Invariant Uncertain Systems.

symbolic models for the class of linear control systems with politopically bounded states and disturbances. We show that under an asymptotic stabilizability assumption, it is always possible to construct a symbolic model that approximates the control

May 15, 2002 - ing material for the course 'Control Theory for Linear Systems', given within the framework of the national Dutch graduate school of systems and control, in the pe- riod from 1987 to 1999. The aim of this course is to provide an extens

Abstract. The subject area of this paper is the application of systems theory developed for linear repetitive processes, a distinct class of 2D linear systems, to linear iterative learn- ing control schemes. A unique feature is the inclusion of exper

For discrete øme linear system: The magnitude of the real part of the eigenvalues of the state transiøon matrix should be less than 1. E.g., For A = 1, and B = 1,.

linear system involving some norm-bounded uncertainty in the state-space matrices, the ..... Therefore, by the well known bounded real lemma. 11], A is ...

time invariant systems subject to input constraints. ... LMI constraints, e.g. (Hindi and Boyd, 1998; Kapila ... of the domain of attraction when compared with the.

Assuming null controllability of the pair (A, B), several authors have proposed the quadratic family V (x, λ) = xT P(λ)x generated from the Riccati equation. P(λ)A + ...

Linear Quadratic Control for Sampled-data Systems with Stochastic Delays. Masashi Wakaiki1, Masaki Ogura2, and Jo˜ao P. Hespanha3. Abstract—We study optimal control for sampled-data sys- tems with stochastic delays. Assuming that the delays can be

Robust predictive control of non-linear systems under state estimation errors and input and state constraints is a challenging problem, and solutions to it have generally involved solving computationally hard non-linear optimizations. Feedback linear

This paper presents the optimal regulator for a linear system with mul- tiple time delays in control input and a quadratic criterion. The optimal regu- lator equations are obtained using the duality principle, which is applied to the optimal filter f

Linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) prove to be a useful tool for solving several analysis and design problems in linear systems control. However, LMI techniques have mainly been used conjointly with state-space methods. The aim of this paper is to sur

Sep 20, 2009 - This article presents and describes the new Lin-. earSystems and Controller libraries which are de- veloped to enhance analysis, design and simula- tion of linear control systems in Modelica. The. LinearSystems library contains basic f

Guanghui Wena, Zhongkui Lib, Zhisheng Duana* and Guanrong Chenac. aDepartment of ... and flocking (Su, Wang, and Lin 2009; Wen, Duan, Li, and Chen ...

system for both of state and output feedback and 2. design of stabilizing nonlinear feedback law. .... Proof The proof is based on the theory of linear matrix.

When planning trajectories for linear control systems, a demand that arises naturally in, for instance, air tra c control, noise contaminated data interpolation, and plan- ning for switched control systems, is that the curve inter- polate through giv

Aug 1, 2008 - From classical control theory, it is well-known that state-derivative feedback can be very ... control design is the use of state-derivative and state feedback. ...... The title of the book System, Structure and Control encompasses ...

Abstract. This paper gives a very brief overview of material of the short course entitled “Numerical. Methods for Linear Control Systems” delivered by Biswa Nath Datta and Daniel Boley at the. MTNS '96. As with the short course, the paper has two

Observer Design for Linear Switched Control Systems. Weitian Chen and Mehrdad Saif. Abstract—Full and reduced order observers for a class of linear switched control systems (LSCS) are studied in this paper. A “sub-observer” is first designed fo

Aug 29, 2014 - Abstract: Event-triggered control is developed to reduce the communication load in networked control systems. This means that output or actuator signals are only transmitted over the network when an event-triggering condition is violat

On Self-Triggered Control for Linear Systems: Guarantees and Complexity. Manuel Mazo Jr., Adolfo Anta and Paulo Tabuada. Abstract—Typical digital implementations of feedback con- trollers periodically measure the state, compute the control law, and