Control of discrete-time systems with state equality constraints

C(zI − Fu). −1. GW. (85). This function is said to be coupled if any individual input influences more ..... Nonlinear Control, M. C. Turner and D...

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Kalman filters are commonly used to estimate the states of a dynamic ... state equality constraints in the Kalman filter is developed here. ...... Hayward, S. (1998).

9, SEPTEMBER 1991. Linear Systems with State and Control Constraints: The Theory and Application of Maximal. Output Admissible Sets. Elmer G. Gilbert, Fellow, IEEE, and Kok Tin Tan, Student Member, IEEE. Abstract-The initial state of an unforced line

Sep 18, 2007 - Key words and phrases: Constrained optimization, Kalman filtering, Nonlinear filters,. Optimization methods, Quadratic programming, State estimation. The first author would like to thank the Clarendon Bursary for financial support. Oxf

complish a variety of high level tasks by appropriately switching between the low-level control modes. Multi-modal control has been studied especially in the.

and design linear, time-invariant systems to achieve high performance, such as by pole assignment, LQ optimisation, and H1 optimisation, and to meet several types of prospeci ed constraints. The constraints are imposed on the structure of the control

Assuming null controllability of the pair (A, B), several authors have proposed the quadratic family V (x, λ) = xT P(λ)x generated from the Riccati equation. P(λ)A + ...

shooting algorithm that can handle the state inequality constraints. We also ... ing the classical multiple shooting method due to the presence of inequality con-.

Feb 3, 1999 - a class of mechanical systems with constraints. Certain ..... use the notion of the vertical lift of a vector field on Q. Let X ∈ T (Q). We define a.

Laurent El Ghaoui. Ecole Nationale Sup erieure de Techniques Avanc ees. 32, Bd. Victor, 75015 Paris, France e-mail: [email protected] Abstract. We consider ...

Kalman Filtering with State Constraints. How an optimal filter can get even better. Dan Simon — January 18, 2008. The Kalman filter is the optimal ...

able linear system with communication constraints is modeled in the Mixed Logical ... Keywords: Scheduling algorithms, Hybrid systems, Predictive control,.

sions. One-dimensional problems were studied by direct analysis by Beneš, .... let state-constraint boundary value problem on a bounded domain, and then.

Feb 1, 2008 - exp{i∫ [i〈〈p, q|(d/dt)|p, q〉〉 − 〈〈p, q|H|p, q〉〉] dt}DEµ(p, q) ,. (27) where the new formal measure for the path integral is defined in an evident ...

2Supported in part by the Army Research Office Grant W911NF-04-1-0230. AMS 2000 subject ..... mod(r + 1,δ) ≤ ̂m(δ)(1 + r ml ), ...... Math. J. 43 493–519.

Słowa kluczowe: sterowanie nieliniowe, sterowanie adaptacyjne, sterowanie napędem nadążnym. ... output constraint + unknown model parameters and full.

Robin Adams∗. Department of Computer Science, ... Calculus of Constructions (Coquand & Huet, 1988) and the Edinburgh Logical. Framework (Harper et al., ...

practical issues with regard to simplification of constraints [7-9,19,34], suggesting heuristics for simplification ... expressions in the usual way: - (L) = L; ... In practice, restricted entailment is more ...... of rational trees considered by Col

value regression” – have suggested an adjustment method for the ..... χ2 distribution with p−i or i degrees of freedom, respectively, for ˆµ∗ in a given i- ...

Feb 9, 2011 - DOI: 10.1002/acs.1230 .... variance unbiased design, that is, minimizing Pu ... CT +Rv, then the covariance of input estimation error Pu.

viously introduced sequential quadratic programming (SQP) algorithm for inequality constrained problems, generating iterates satisfying the constraints. ..... Finally, a word of explanation is in order concerning the condition under which ck.

A natural question to answer here is whether word constraint implication is still decid- able in the context ...... Theorem 4.1: Over arbitrary schema in M , both the implication and nite implication problems for Pw( ) ... ltration argument alone su

branch currents of all the Nbr network branches, in rect- angular coordinates, and ..... where zm is a Nm × ˜N matrix linking the Nm removed .... and 67. Each measurement point is composed of a voltage synchrophasor measurement on the node and of c

C++ program shown in Figure 1 to express a declarative solution to the problem. The func- ..... Figure 6. The beginning of the definition of class Expr ...... Figure 17 shows the code related to the absolute value function; the code for other func-.

Computer Science applications like rewriting and logic, knowledge rep- ... a rational expression of vectors of integers have be proposed for applications in.