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This paper answers this question using a novel dataset on economic reforms, which is the most exhaustive in ... as guaranteed by a democracy, are cons...

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Sykes (2000) and Sauve and Zampetti (2000) find that neither complete harmonization nor diversity (or what Sykes calls competition) ...... WDI, The World Bank.

very painful for those cotton growers (Folefack et al., 2011). Traditional ... the 'fili`ere' level. Costly inputs are ... Table 1: Yield and rainfall data summary statistics. Variable ...... insurance-meeting/presentations/7 meroni brown.pdf. Mirand

[8] Oxera (2004), CO2 Emissions trading: How it will Affect UK Industry, Oxford, Oxera. Consulting Ltd. [9] Meunier, G. and Ponssard, J.P.(2012), A Sectoral ...

This complex relation between price, quality and trust is at the core of an interesting book in the management literature (SAKO ... Experimental design, procedures and a little bit of theory. Figure 1 shows the .... one buyer and chose high quality.1

Oct 21, 2011 - harmonization nor diversity (what Sykes calls competition) between trading partners is always desirable ...... trade pair. WDI, The World Bank.

Buzz Management. Arthur Campbell, Dina Mayzlin and Jiwoong Shin∗. Yale University. May 2012. Abstract. We study how a firm uses structured information release, word of mouth marketing and advertising to maximize the diffusion of information about i

in asset prices and economic activity (international recessions). The model ... International Conference, Challenges in Open Economy Macroeconomics after the Financial Crisis conference at the St Louis FED, .... Figure 1 plots the GDP dynamics for th

a subsidized (below marginal cost) short-term loan that can only be ... marginal cost) that can only be profitable if a fraction of customers roll over the loan.

Aug 28, 2013 - Working Paper n°34. For ... The central lesson to draw from the whole exercise is therefore that no ..... attention to the one-donor-one-recipient case because the issue that we ... the level of its monitoring activity and the amount

Incentive schemes connect the managers' income to a .... Bayer and Burhop (2009a) have shown that bank monitoring reduced the level of executive ...

Jul 13, 2004 - Competition is analyzed here through the equilibrium concept of sustainable oligopoly. Other approaches and related framework are discussed at the end of ..... the usual distortions associated with a monopoly. .... Yi (1997) for a non

We implement a repeated binary trust game that resembles a market for an experience good with a fixed price ..... Average buyer earnings are 17.7, which is even below the outside option since the buyers. 15. Also, since ..... In this study we have fo

‡Useful feedback was received in presentations at the Banque de France, DEFI ..... (drawn from a set of 79,513 real firms) which results in 831,187 firm-year ...

Congress of the International Economic Association (Istanbul), at the ... democratization and of financial liberalization have both accelerated at the world ... the aftermath of the great depression of the 1930s. ... By contrast, in autocracies, poli

May 3, 2018 - indifference and consistency axioms of revealed preferences. It is not the case ...... org/stable/2991295 Aumann ... “z-Tree: Zurich toolbox for ready-made economic experiments”.

61 as opposed to education which is what parents, teachers and legislators alike norma-. 62 tively view as human investment. ...... [А0.010]. [0.211]. Robust standard error in parentheses (Huber–White–Sandwich). Marginal effect in brackets. Sign

We also find that firms with higher environmental responsibility tend more to be located abroad, all things being equal. The literature on the subject is still quite ...

We show that for the period 1988&1989 in Italy, the higher the decrease in the exit ...... Following the Behaghelos specification (2007), we consider a guillotine.

Apr 29, 2011 - the second part of the paper, we focus on three key empirical issues which should be addressed by financial historians: ... The first phase of the project will focus on data collection (prices, dividends, firms quoted, nr. of stocks is

Jun 6, 2010 - goods, services, and in agriculture, rice, exported, subsistence and import-competing crops). ..... As no data relate directly farmers' production to external trade, we use the detailed list of crops grown ... Vietnam agricultural expor

Remit φ τ τ ω ε. - -. - -. = = = +. +. +. +. ∑. ∑. ∑. (2) where qj are quintile .... an application to educational enrolments in states of India, Demography, 38(1): ...

Jan 4, 2011 - Using the sophistication index of Hausmann, Hwang and ... not an increased level of complexity or technology in the final assembly processes ...

Oct 15, 2014 - number of subjects, i.e., 97%, answered in the questionnaire that they do not exhibit such overconfidence, as shown in Figure 1.1. In fact, most of them think that most of others use the same reasoning, as shown in Figure A.1 in the Ap

Emerging Economies); Herman Kamil (foreign currency borrowing by sector ...... Pitlik, Hans, and Steffen Wirth, 2003, “Do Crises Promote the Extent of Economic.