Design by example of adaptive User Interfaces

corresponds to the “SC Skinable OpenGL“ node in Figure 9). Instead of a list of interactor descriptions that can be hard to read for a designer, t...

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design, interface builders, machine learning, software agents. 1. CAD/CAM AND USER INTERFACE DESIGN. The goal of Computer-aided Design of User ...

design interfaces, responsive to the specific situation that holds at the particular ... instance is responsible for adapting to the current situation and producing its ...

wie zum Beispiel den Einfluss von L ändern, in denen der Benutzer m ¨oglicher- weise fr ¨uher ...... Hibernate. Cultural User. Model Ontology. Adaptation. Ontology. MySQL. SPARQL. Queries. Save/retrieve to-dos etc. XHTML. Figure 5.1: Overview of t

Given that the software, not the user, must adapt, the key consideration becomes .... Montague proposes the Shared User Model (SUM), a framework supporting custom adaptation. [11]. SUM was ... than moved, take up extra screen real estate.

Interface Guidelines ”a good way to take advantage of peo- ple's knowledge of the .... field of HCI. ... the program, In the operating system iOS for example, ”ap-.

Jair Cavalcanti Leite+*. Clarisse Sieckenius de Souza+. {raquel,jair,clarisse} +Departamento de Informática, PUC-Rio. *. Departamento de Informática e Matemática Aplicada, UFRN. Abstract. Semiotic Engineering perceives interfaces as m

time saving aid as they help in the 3D design process while, in the meantime, the ... Today's Steel Detailing CAD software packages offer a wide span of options .... can be used in order to model a process based application (e.g. relational databases

own work and that it has not previously been submitted for assessment or completion of any ... I would also like to express my gratitude to Mr Danie Venter, from the NMMU Unit for Statistical ...... TABLE 4.5: NAVIGATION AND ACCESS TO INFORMATION AND

interfaces for in-car information access. ... Interface design for in-car systems is clearly becoming .... Moreover, a personalized navigation system should further.

machine-learning components in order to learn about individual users .... tial message in Microsoft Outlook). All of the .... ture events from applications such as Microsoft Outlook and .... cluding all domain axioms in addition to two new Spark ax-.

The adaptable and adaptive browser interface module; this module is ..... blind users, as well as linear and non-linear (graph) history visualisation for ... Cote-Munoz, A. H.: AIDA: An Adaptive System for Interactive Drafting and CAD Appli-.

of Computer Science and Information Systems at NMMU for their valued feedback ...... only address a subset of the possible input variables and adaptation effects. ...... “Very good system for organising your digital library, particularly if you are

11, 2018. 556 | P a g e Towards Adaptive user Interfaces for Mobile-Phone in Smart World ..... art in the field. ..... HMI's for Deaf and Functionally Illiterate Users,” 2014. .... systems,” Int. J. Ad Hoc Ubiquitous Comput

User interfaces that enable us to use complicated systems have become ... interfaces is the adaptive user interface, which adapts according to a user's ...... One possible solution might be to provide an option to switch between filtered/non- ... GL8

In a simulated 3D-world, created with the Unreal Tournament game-engine, a team of emergency ... The simulation technology is described and the design of the experiments that are planned is presented. ... Game engines have made great advances in user

From XSL FO documents it is also possible to generate PDF or Postscript files, which are suitable for .... Felder R, Soloman B (1998) Index of Learning styles.

are consistently written in a user interface description language that remains hidden to the designers' ... Various simplified forms of decomposition and composition already exist as reported in ..... lines of Java code. It can be freely downloaded.

Jun 15, 2015 - These LEDs are operated by a microcontroller (we used. ATmega16 chip). ... of flickering of LEDs are sent to the microcontroller from.

involved in the designing of! Please look at the web page (above) for links to URLs ..... aQtive onCue (available for free download from the. aQtive web site [43] ).

First, we present a software architecture that enables the unification of a great variety ... lifecycle of multimodal interaction design, in both in- dustry and research.

With the emergence of flexible display technologies, it will be necessary for interface designers to move beyond flat interfaces and to contextualize interaction in an object's physical shape. Grounded in early explorations of organic user interfaces

Assume that in this case, patient Joe Camel, who already has lung cancer ... acronym for "bovine spongiform encephalopathy", or. "mad cow dis*" to trigger a ...

Domain-specific Design and Domain-specific Style Guides. 128. 1.1 Problems With the Efficiency of User Interfaces. Skilled professionals using computer artifacts in the work process can find unnecessary cognitive workload in the interface a severe ob

Matlab graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for mechanism synthe- sis. ..... com/products-services/catia/. ... “Graphical User Interface to Solve the Burmester Prob-.