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significantly higher charge storage capacity (CSC) and lower electrochemical impedance at 1 kHz which are desired to improve ...... Small, 2010, 6, 42...

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... International Organisation for Standardisation,. Geneva, 2006. 3. L. Jacquemin, P.-Y. Pontalier and C. Sablayrolles, International. 100. Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 2012, 17, 1028-1041. 4. J. B. Guinee, R. Heijungs, G. Huppes, A. Zamagni, P

Copper-Catalyzed Hiyama Cross-Coupling Using. Vinylsilanes and Benzylic Electrophiles. L. Cornelissen,a V. Cirriez,a S. Vercruyssea and O. Rianta. Allylbenzene derivatives are ubiquitous frameworks in organic chemistry. Herein is described an efficie

within the tight-binding approach, upon altanisation the pair of frontier orbitals of the outer [4n]annulene with HANC= n were so split that an orbital remained strictly localized on the annulene (becoming the LUMO of the altan-molecule), while the o

location of the frontier molecular orbitals. Understanding the alignment of the molecular orbitals with the Fermi level of the electrodes is essential for. 25 understanding the behaviour of SMBJs and for the future design of more complex devices. Wit

methylpropane (2a) as substrates under N2. To our delight, when the reaction was performed using Pd2(dba)3 as catalyst at 50 °C in PhMe, 3aa was directly obtained in excellent yield. This result encouraged us to screen diverse Pd catalysts. Conseque

The bacteriophage virion proteins play extremely important roles in the fate of host bacterial cells. Accurate identification of bacteriophage virion proteins is very ... become a powerful tool to study phage virion proteins and to guide the related

undertaken to the search for Pt-free catalysts, which has led to the discoveries of promising alternatives, containing non-precious metal catalysts (NPMCs),7 nanostructured transition-metal oxides,8,9 and nitrogen-doped carbon materials (NDCMs).10-13

From these studies it was shown that the presence of a transition metal (TM) to activate molecular hydrogen ... Lewis base combination in the reversible TMs-free H2 activation by the compound (C6H2(CH3)3)2P- .... nitrogen atom, and two strong electro

compared to conventional technologies such as cryogenic distillation or vacuum pressure swing adsorption, especially if the OTMs are thermally and/or chemically integrated with a high temperature process1. Main applications considered for OTMs includ

NiCl2(PPh3)2 in place of CoI2(phen). 7 a Reaction conditions; 1a (0.50 mmol), CoI2(phen) (0.025 mmol, 5.0 mol. %), Mn powder (1.5 mmol, 3.0 equiv), CO2 (1 atm), in DMA (0.50 mL), at room temperature for 20 h. b Determined by GC analysis. c Isolated y

Amirkhanov et al. have obtained binuclear [ZnLn] and [NiLn] complexes with valen. 2- and valpn. 2- ligands, in which the lanthanide ions are coordinated by the open compartment of the organic ligand and by one or two bidentate carbacylamidophosphate

graphene sheets bearing oxygen functional groups on their basal planes and edges, have attracted much attention in recent years 1-3. GO nanosheets are of particular interest due to their aqueous solubility 1, 2. GO is very attractive for applications

and (b) electrolyte decomposition on the commonly-used .... lithium bis{(trifluoromethyl)sulfonyl}amide ex 3M; and propanone. (Chromanorm) ex HiPerSolv. All reagents were used as received, except ethanenitrile, which was and distilled from CaH2, and

The Periodic Table (PT) has been organized using the trends observed in various basic macroscopic, e.g. melting and boiling temperatures, mass densities, etc., and “microscopic”,. e.g. oxidation numbers, electronegativity, atomic volumes and radi

perchlorate and 3,3'-dioctadecyloxacarbocyanine perchlorate, respectively). Dyes were loaded into nanoparticle cores during the rapid assembly process by hydrophobic association. The procedure followed was identical to that described above, except th

synthetic procedure for the oxidative coupling of styrene derivatives with aldehydes in the absence of transition-metal species. We also determined that various functional groups could be substituted on both the aldehyde and styrene. This work demons

bound hydroxyl or peroxycarbonate radicals.7 ... purposes, including signal transduction, respiration, catalytic oxidation reactions and toxin detoxification. The heme enzymes. Page 2 of 19. ChemComm .... Catalytic rate constants (M-1s-1) for the dec

(PNIPAM) is the most widely studied thermoresponsive polymer, which shows a lower critical solution temperature (LCST) of ∼33 0C in water.7,8 Below the LCST, PNIPAM is hydrated and adopt an extended coil conformation.9 PNIPAM aqueous solution under

Sigma. Aldrich,. >99.0%), lithium bis(trifluoromethane)sulfonimide. (Li-TFSI, ...... shift differences are shown for the LiTFSI electrolyte in (c) and (d) and for the Na- ...

in the synthetic community.1 Nitrogen-rich cyclic compounds, such as triazoles and .... With the exception of barium and strontium carbonate that remained white ...

assembly/disassembly of micelle unimers or sol-gel transition), ...... release of antitumor agents via responsiveness to vitamin H.110. The levels of vitamin ... Free receptor. Distorted receptor. Rebinding. Stimulus- triggered release. Template remo

best optical properties were used to prepare inverted PSC devices comprising a blended polymer thieno[3,4-b]thiophene/benzodithiophene (PTB7) and [6,6]-phenyl C71-butyric acid methyl ester. (PC71BM). Among the photovoltaic parameters, the short circu

Catalyst-free tandem Michael addition/decarboxylation of. (thio)coumarin-3-carboxylic acids with indoles: ... derivatives, we have developed a facile catalyst-free tandem addition/decarboxylation of. 2-alkylazaarenes ..... G. V. P. J. Chandramouli, H

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