EMU and European Government Bond Market Integration

(2006 and 2007) to analyse the impact of EMU on European stock market integration. They present evidence linking the process of increased integration ...

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markets. We estimate a conditional asset pricing model, which allows for a time-varying degree of integration that measures the importance of EU-wide risk ..... Eurocurrency interest rates are London Friday closing rates and Deutschmark exchange rate

Sep 10, 2014 - For managing sovereign risk, “Eurex” introduced futures contracts ... hedging strategies for bond portfolios with futures on German and Italian ...

Keywords: financial contagion, European government bond markets, coexceedances, extreme returns, logistic regression ... In the financial literature, there is no general consensus on the exact meaning to be attributed to .... (JPMGBI), expressed in t

spreads in the US and DM (Euro) bond market. .... currencies. Furthermore, the comparison of spreads on such issues is not distorted by differences in national tax regimes. Looking at yields-at-issue assures the ... 1 For other evidence on liquidity

an agent's market power like Dimson and Hanke (2001) as definitions of liquidity. In a re- cent study ... pend on the ratio of short-term over long-term demand in the market and is not determined a priori. The final ...... to subjective beliefs or fo

of answers on crucial queries towards the European bond markets integration .... tests. Similar results related to short term interest rates are reported in [13] where a specification of a system of increased interactions is provided. The markets rep

May 15, 2006 - Previous work on securities market transparency, liquidity and efficiency . .... To the extent that outcomes are not efficient, could improved pre- and/or post- ...... an intermediate case between these two and other euro-area countrie

7%. 5% 1%. 54%. Trader. Fund/Portfolio Manager. Sales. Market Professional. Operations ... Private. Placements, 5%. > The majority of the investors believes that competitive auctions (46%) and ... (only 13% would see it in a T-Bill programme whereas

preferred habitat for central bank policies dur- ing the 2007–2009 ... liabilities to market-based discount rates. The ... the asset providing the discount rate used to.

Feb 22, 2012 - A broad range of liquid OTC derivatives contracts and exchange-traded ... Weakened or unclear creditor's rights (e.g., close-out netting and ...

Mar 14, 2016 - connectedness in EMU sovereign bond market volatility during the ..... in addition to the independent variables chosen a dummy (DCRISIS), ...

Nov 29, 2010 - To accomplish this, I look at the yields of 2-year maturity bonds from 1998 to 2008 for eleven countries that use ... make Germany a perennially safe country to invest in. Using member ..... (0.424) (1.865). Country Dummies no.

Bruce R. Lyons. Industrial Concentration and Market Integration. FS IV 97 - 21. Catherine Matraves in the European Union. Peter Moffatt. Petri Lehto. Consolidations and the Sequence. FS IV 97 - 22. Mihkel M. Tombak of Acquisitions to Monopoly. Vesa K

Market imperative is regarded as critical, not only at EU, but also at ..... comparative advantages and proximity to intermediate product markets and to ..... leaders carry the message home as part and parcel of domestic ... cs/monti_report_final_10_

Mar 9, 2009 - time-varying nature of the financial market integration process. Promoted by the anticipation and subsequently the formation of the currency union Euro stock markets became more integrated between 1998 and 2006. Monetary policy converge

market cointegration among European stock markets by using country and .... in the first column and the jth row of A1,…, Ap trace the dynamic effects of an.

Jul 15, 2008 - the auspices of the Center for Pacific Basin Studies within the ... Key words: euro, EMU, monetary union, bank lending, financial diversion ... membership in the European Union brought formal borrowing constraints, such as the Growth a

Department of Economics, Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão, .... 5 As Elmendorf and Mankiw (1999) put it, “Barro can be viewed as the Christopher ...

which has originally been introduced by Cox, Ingersoll, and Ross (1985) (CIR) ...... td d eviation. Med ian. 5%. -qu an tile. 95%-quan tile. Lag=1. Lag=2. Lag=10.

Second, the discrimination among sovereign bonds may reflect their relative liquidity. Third ..... 5 The correlation becomes somewhat stronger when government bond yield spreads are compared to the expected fiscal ... A one percentage point rise in t

Keywords: Euro, volatility, currency unions, stock-bond correlations, time-varying financial market ... positive correlation over a long horizon but the relationship is a dynamic one, meaning that the amount of ..... where, RB,t and RS,t are the bond

Graduate School of. Business, where most of this project was completed. Address correspon- dence to Jacob Boudoukh, New York University, Stem School of ...... would be possible, the logic being that since the liquid bond can be sold for more in perio

European capital markets, banks, have been affected by EMU in different ways. ...... clause in Article 104b of the Maastricht Treaty, which rules out, in as stark terms as possible, ..... success in the 80s and early 90s, mostly based on mortgages an

Sep 26, 2017 - while focus on one market type facilitated consistency in operations and some degree of market power. Optimism among analysts and investors rolled into enthusiasm as. 108. STOCK & BOND. MARKETS. H E A L T H A F F A I R S ~ V o l u m e