Exploiting exceptions

exception handler (catch clause) for a specific block of code (try clause). .... σ (n) = {(r, l ∪ l ,v ∪ v ) | ∃(r, l, v) ∈ σ (n1), ∃(r, l...

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Exploiting exceptions to enhance interpretive qualitative health research: Insights from a study of cancer communication. ... genre to overlook such inconvenient variations within data sets and argue instead that deliberate ... ing questions of each

Nov 10, 2005 - imports Cilk's fork-join primitives spawn and sync into Java to provide procedure-call semantics for ... ular, JCilk extends Java's exception semantics to allow exceptions to be passed from a spawned ...... a move in a position so good

propagation; (2) using unique references to transfer exceptions between contexts during propagation; (3) treating exceptions as global data; (4) handling exceptions by read-only references that may cross context boundaries. We briefly describe our im

técnicas para evitar a ocorrência de deadlocks no momento da construção do código. Neste trabalho, propomos uma abordagem diferente. Acreditamos que se deadlocks se manifestarem durante ...... HERLIHY, M.; SHAVIT, N. The art of multiprocessor pr

C, Satullo. C, Luzza F, Arrigo. F. Parasistolia modulata. Un'aritmia. 'in aftesa' di criteri diagnostici. Analisi deduttiva di un caso. G Ital Cardiol. 1984; 14:1081-86. 20 Castellanos. A, Luceri. RM, Moleiro. F, Kayden. DS, Trohman. RG, Zaman. L, et

characteristics of a model lean-premixed gas turbine combustor under well-controlled conditions. Furthermore, the ... who are modeling combustion instability as part of a larger effort under the Advanced Gas Turbine program to ...... Rizk, N. K. and

exceptions occur on the server, such as the one found in Figure 1. ... as in Struts. Going a step further there are three different types of errors that must be handled by a. JSF application. These errors include the processing of both checked and un

Jun 14, 2004 - be (i.e. the drawer); after 3.5 yrs, the child responds where the doll must falsely believe chocolate to be (i.e. the box). ... on the roof of a house. While Bob is happily hammering, the series' ..... Excerpts from dialogues: MT In th

These approaches lead to ad hoc error-handling techniques and can make programs hard to understand. Exceptional C, a superset ... Figure 1, implementing a simple remote procedure call. 7. This code performs a ...... three retries, the cart cannot mov

In section 5 we introduce two kinds of Java terms { exception terms and exception-free terms. In ... In Java 5] exceptions are objects, and behave as such (i.e. they can be assigned, ..... First they check whether ... According to the sixth rule, an 

... y morfológicos del catalán» (FFI2010-22181-C03-02, UB) and «Análisis ..... constraints targeting a specific structural context and the analysis of ..... tion of vowel reduction in loanwords and learned words: in sections 3.1 and 3.2 we.

(CKR) framework [17, 4–6], which is a two-layered structure with a lower layer con- taining a set of contextualized knowledge bases, and an upper layer containing context independent knowledge and knowledge about meta-data of contextual knowledge b

This report has been submitted forpublication outside of ITC and will probably be copyrighted if accepted for publication. It has been issued as a Technical Report forearly dissemination of its contents. In view of the transfert of copy right tothe o

Abstract. Bulk Synchronous Parallel ML is a high-level language for programming parallel algorithms. Built upon OCaml and using the BSP model, it provides a safe setting for their implementation, avoiding concurrency related problems (deadlocks, inde

Alpha processor. 1 Introduction. Java's AG96] main success as a programming language results from its role as an Internet programming lan- guage through the machine independent distribution of programs with the Java virtual machine ... Some of these

Abstract. Business process models describe the way of working in an organization. Typically, business process models distinguish between the normal flow of work and exceptions to that normal flow. However, they often present an idealized view. This m

Jan 25, 1999 - HKUST Theoretical Computer Science Center Research Report HKUST-TCSC-99-01. SGML and XML ..... underlying letter a by (ai), and for a set of subscripted symbols A Ç we define (A) = { (x) \ x G A}. ..... for this recommendation is to a

We will consider each of these properties in turn, showing that the English auxiliary system exhibits both regularities and ...... Wow, can she sing! (67) a. May they live forever! b. May I live long enough to see the end of this job! c. May your tee

[email protected] Abstract. The recent major revision of the UML [22] has intro- duced significant changes and additions to “the lingua franca of ...... Grundlagen und Anwendun- gen. Spektrum Akademischer Verlag, Heidelberg, 1996

sures that may be considered less desirable by the physician. • Consequences of the patient's decision to ... every remote risk associated with a medical procedure. For example, the physician does not need to disclose ... Medical Group, Pasadena, C

Mar 19, 2015 - pair2: ∀ X Y' Y (f1: term Y X) (f2: term Y' X), is ro f1 → pi2 o pair f1 f2 == f2 with weak: ∀ X Y, relation (term X Y) := | subs∼: ∀ A B C, Proper (@weak C B ==> @strong B A ==> @weak C A) comp. | repl∼: ∀ A B C (g: term

environment while others, based upon centralized error manager, are not adapted ... fails : the guardian try to find an equivalent destination. ... Remote node. Fig. 1. Execution of Asynchronous Remote Method Call. 3 Non-Functional Exceptions. Consid

1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contract management. In this case, the exception is the data access loss due to network outage, the risk to the provider is the $100 it would have to pay, and the risk to the consumer is mitigated by the $100 it would

MORGAN 1925, ANDERSON 1925) and in secondary exceptions from a high ... Assort-. 1 Paper from the Department of Botany of the UNIVERSITY ..... L. V., 1925 Polyploidy in Drosophila melanogaster with two attached X chromosomes.