Factors Associated With The Utilization Of Skilled Delivery Services In

Association between variables was determined using the Chi Squared Test. The findings showed that a majority of ... acquiring the aid and skills of ma...

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trict can boast of only one hospital and four health centres. The hospital serves as a referral ..... (DOCX 22 kb). Abbreviations. ANC: Antenatal care; CHPS: Community-based health planning and services;. DHMT: District Health Management Team; GDHS:

Feb 13, 2017 - Health Surveys (DHSs) are free, public datasets, though researchers must register with MEASURE. DHS and submit a request before access to DHS data is granted. This data request system ensures that all users understand and agree to basi

Jun 18, 2013 - factors in the utilization of maternity healthcare services, particularly in ..... factors as fixed effects, and community (ucd) and district (vd) as.

Jan 1, 2014 - Reproductive Age in Hossana, Southwest Ethiopia. Zeleke Dutamo* .... Socio demographic and economic profile. From all eligible ... to recently started urban health extension program which is providing equitable access to ...

May 6, 2015 - pregnancy and peri-partal period [6]. In recent time, women in Nigeria have expressed concerns about the choice of child birth especially issues surrounding vaginal birth. The joy of every mother is to deliver her baby naturally. Some y

Apr 4, 2012 - Noncardiac Chest Pain and Innocent Heart Murmurs. Kristin A. Loiselle,1 .... report of HCU and medical record review (Craig et al.,. 2002). Also ...

Mar 14, 2014 - fourth highest home delivery rate among the nine Ethiopian .... Orthodox. 416 ..... maternityworldwide.org accessed on September 20, 2013. 4.

constitutes about 59% of maternal deaths due to complications of pregnancy and/or childbirth every year globally. ..... Knowledge of danger signs of pregnancy.

Place of residences. • Possess radio/TV. • Knowledge on danger signs during pregnancy. • Distance to health care facility. Enabling factors. • Antenatal care visit.

May 5, 2014 - 5.06), prolonged bottle use (OR, 1.43; 95% CI, 1.03–2.00), and higher ... of Pediatrics, St Michael's Hospital, and cPediatrics, Faculty ... KEY WORDS ... Downloaded from ... in English were excluded from the study. ..... instrument/

ing adequate food and shelter.12 How- .... sician or nurse in homeless shelter, health care for the ...... San Francisco, Calif: Jossey-Bass Publishers; 1979.

Danforth EJ, Kruk ME, Rockers PC, Mbaruku G, Galea S: Household decision- making about delivery in health facilities: evidence from Tanzania. J Health Popul Nutr 2009, 27(5):696–703. 28. White D, Dynes M, Rubardt M, Sissoko K, Stephenson R: The inf

Standar- dized Mortality Ratios (SMRs) for males during the period. 1986-1990 were 123 for all causes and 135 for cancers compared with males in England .... palliative care (Group 1) and cases who did not receive palliative care (Group 2); numbers,

Results: The utilization of ANC services among Scheduled Tribes women varied from about 4 per cent in. Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan to 10-14 per cent in Chhattisgarh and ..... T able IIA. Unadjusted and adjusted odds ratio (OR) of utilization of comp

long-acting and permanent contraceptive methods among women who have decided not to have more children in. Gondar city. Chernet Baye Zenebe1*, Mulat ...

Methods: A total of 4,950 patients' charts who attended the accident and emergency department of Prince. Ali Military Hospital in the 1st (8 am- 4 pm) and 2nd ...

Apr 15, 2013 - were found to be much more relevant for skilled maternal service utilization. Preference for skilled providers and .... of government health expenditure in improving the utilization of skilled maternal service was ... tency of obstetri

Feb 3, 2014 - São Nicolau, São Paulo, São Vicente de Fora, Sé, Socorro);. Madrid: Villaverde and .... health specific or generic, if 50% of clients were estimated to have a mental health problem the service was classified as a mental health servi

Jun 4, 2015 - increasing age, increasing year of pregnancy and increasing duration ... services, including ARV drugs, among HIV-positive pregnant women ...

Background: In Ghana, the site of this study, the maternal mortality ratio and under-five mortality rate remain high ... social barriers to institutional delivery, namely women's decision-making autonomy and their .... This study contributes to our u

trained in normal delivery care, manual removal of the placenta .... goal of the coverage of 80% by 2010. The difference ... Centre for Reproductive Health (ICRH)'s Uzazi Bora .... int/reproductive-health/docs/antenatal_care.pdf, accessed on 12 ...

Jun 2, 2011 - 1 Department of Anesthesia, Pharmacology and Intensive Care,2 Division of Clinical ... We found that in 7022 (15.1%) of the procedures performed, the incident reporting ...... 5 American Society of Anesthesiologists, Cohen J. Manual for

standard methods of survival analysis, i.e., computing the Kaplan-Meier product limit ... Keywords: Heart failure; Re-admissions; Skilled nursing facilities (SNF); ...

multivariate analysis have been carried out for the study by taking ante-natal care and delivery care as dependant variables. The result reveals ...... tf04apr18.pdf.> (Accessed April 23, 2010). Freedman LP, Graham WJ, Brazier E, Smith JM, Ensor T et