Financial Flexibility, Leverage, and Firm Size1

mobilize its financial resources in order to take reactive, preventive and exploitive actions ..... Apple's iPod), resulting in a rapid expansion of t...

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Nov 10, 2013 - ularly costly state of the world for a CEO whose compensation contract consists primarily of pay for performance elements, i.e. a CEO who has a large personal equity stake in the firm, a large pay performance sensitivity is negatively

that small firms maintain low leverage by issuing equity and building up cash holdings for financial flexibility. Debt covenants .... may address the free cash flow problem but it may reduce financial flexibility to cope with ...... also answers why

Nov 6, 2016 - Analisis Laporan Keuangan, Cetakan Pertama, PT Bumi Aksara, Jakarta. Kementerian Negara ... Seri Kebijakan: Pengembangan Sentra UMKM, BDS dan MAP, (2003). ... Edisi Kedua, Bagian Penerbitan Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu.

Nov 13, 2009 - share of the value premium. The Modigliani-Miller (1958) effect of debt comes from the fact that the book-to- market ratio and market leverage are closely related when book leverage is constant as we observe within the context of this

Jan 14, 2009 - statistics that cover all corporations in Germany. While the broad coverage ..... corresponding aggregates in the national accounts and the Bundesbank corporate balance sheet statistics. 14 Profit refers to .... statistics but can be d

diversified shareholders. The proposed solution to mitigate this conflict is to provide an incentive .... The second proxy we use for hedging substitutes is the ratio of cash and cash equivalents to the market value of ..... Gay, Gerald D., and Jouah

Nov 30, 2008 - Moreover, in the absence of corporate profit taxes, debt has no ... this value is not lower than the amount of debt so that they can recover ... condition bankruptcy costs do not play any role in the determination of capital structure.

Mar 14, 2014 - are capital structure, with the other area being mergers and acquisitions. ... CEOs of firms post-Sarbanes-Oxley are likely to face higher costs in.

Cosmin Ilut, Andre Kurmann, and Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe. ...... Cycles. In Frontiers of Business Cycle Research, edited by Thomas F. Cooley. Princeton. 30 ...

system-based approach to investigate the effects of growth opportunities on leverage ... leverage and/or short-term debt maturity policies to mitigate the underinvestment problem. Moreover, these policies are found to be strategic substitutes in that

In both economies, the cash flows generated by a firm's assets are specified exogenously, have a constant volatility, and ... solutions without explicitly stating the required regularity. The exogenous .... and sufficient conditions for the represent

call the financial leverage coefficient (FLC) – is a specific stochastic feedback ..... 26 We have modified the notion of “destructive unambiguity” postulated by Mohanty .... investment gap of the public sector and the overall fiscal deficit. .

This study examines the impact of financial flexibility on the investment and performance of .... of several firm characteristics, such as ownership structure and corporate governance, in ..... However, this is not the case for less flexible firms as

model, firms have low long run leverage targets and debt issues represent pro-active responses to shocks to the firm's investment opportunity set. Rebalancing back to the low target can occur either slowly through regular principal and interest payme

2 For example, a Wall Street Journal article on April 9, 2010 titled “Big banks mask risk levels” reports that during ..... upward window dressing using that measure.15 Kotomin and Winters (2006) analyze changes in .... 18 This timing is further

Jan 24, 2018 - Send correspondence to Harry DeAngelo, Marshall School of ...... in distress that is a likely candidate for bankruptcy. z-scores above 2.99 are.

omissions: Overreaction or drift? Journal of Finance 50, 573-608. Minton, B., Schrand, C, 1999. The impact of cash flow volatility on discretionary investment and.

Mar 13, 2007 - cifically, we develop a generalized differential cash constraint model by ... ago, Miller and Orr (1966) extend the Alais–Baumol–Tobin inventory.

Simulated 4-year Cumulative Expected Output Gain of Three Tax Reforms .....................19. Figure 1. Relationship between Initial Leverage and the Probability of Banking Crisis ........16. Appendix 1. Data . .... U.S. to be less than 1 percent of

Regulation's Missing Macroeconomic Dimension. Erik F. Gerding. Follow this and additional works at: Link to publisher version (DOI) ...... Other times, regulatory actions that safeguard individual ..... On th

Feb 15, 2012 - Differential taxation and firms' financial leverage: Evidence from the introduction of a flat tax on interest income. School of Business & Economics .... difference between these two tax rates. ... 5 This tax benefits of debt result fr

Bank Size, Leverage, and Financial Downturns. Chacko George. Abstract. I construct a macroeconomic model with a financial sector in which the severity of.

ing the properties of liquidity trap recessions. Our theoretical ... lateral is real estate which functions as housing for households and ... dexed by i, transform the wholesale good into differentiated .... script, Cornell University and University

Dec 19, 2013 - Abstract. This article reveals a positive and causal relationship between production flexibility and financial leverage. A worldwide sample of energy utilities allows us to ... example, gas fired power plants have higher production fle