Financial reporting quality, ownership

We estimate ownership concentrationas the sum of squaring the percentage share ... constraints will pass up projects with positive net present value d...

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disclosure during the seminar “Financial Accounting Research”. I thank all instructors at the. Erasmus School of Economics, whose stimulating lectures piqued my curiosity in the intersection between accounting ...... included in the notes to the

interest rather than shareholders' interest, is significant when voting rights are separated from cash flow rights, as is not ... 8 Examples of such proprietary costs are competitive disadvantages from disclosing information to .... Following Hribar

Feb 14, 2006 - information is commonly used as a direct input into compensation contracts (Lambert,. 2001) and ... between capital allocation efficiency and accounting information quality for a sample of. US firms .... hinges on the investment model

financial reporting is to facilitate capital allocation by increasing contracting efficiency and reducing .... Section 101 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). Section 104 ...

financial information are associated with subsequent higher performance, due to the fact that the market positively .... important because they show information about the quality of the financial statements as a whole and not just .... an FRQ proxy,

I study whether financial reporting quality resolves uncertainty about credit risk by examining how it affects disagreement between rating agencies. I find better reporting quality is associated with less uncertainty about credit risk as captured by

Available online 15 June 2017. Keywords: employee characteristics employee quality education financial reporting quality. a b s t r a c t. We examine the association between employee quality and financial reporting outcomes. Using the average workfor

Jun 21, 2013 - Key words: Blockholders, large shareholders, financial reporting quality, fixed effects, .... the holdings of multiple firms at a given point in time. .... Engel, and Smith 2004). .... Our first FRQ proxy, accrual management, is based

2009a). In recent years, many foreign firms, particularly those from China, entered the U.S. ..... political media coverage or a promotion to a senior government position subsequent to the ..... reporting index (FRQ) as the first principal component

to withstand economic shocks in the future (GFOA, 1990). ...... In 77% of municipalities received the GFOA certificate. This ...... New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. Svara ...

Francesco Agliata. Assistant Professor in Business Administration, Second ...... Milano: Etas Libri. Manfredi, F., 2003. Le strategie collaborative nelle aziende ...

Nov 12, 2005 - balance sheet and cash flow statements (“first-moment information”), but also estimates of. 1. Paper prepared for ..... How does current reporting practice compare with this ideal benchmark? By now, there is a full ... Examples of

also thank Abhiman Das for performing calculations on data at the Reserve Bank of In' dia. In addition, I thank the editor, two .... English Agency Houses. Private and regional government banks .... book of a nationalized omarginalpbank was 3.7 billi

Oct 28, 2017 - Tesco accounting fraud scandal (Fortune, 2017) and. Obsidian Energy ..... reduction in the working hours and income (Otobe,. 2011). • Severe ...

control-ownership divergence can have a real impact on corporate financial and ...... maturity and a linearly interpolated Treasury bond yield of identical maturity. Cost of ...... Constantinides, G.M., Harris, M., Stulz, R.M. (Eds.), Handbook of the

May 11, 2013 - 2007. “Information Uncertainty and Post-. Earnings Announcement Drift.” Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 34(3)&(4): 403-. 433.

THE QUALITY OF BANKS FINANCIAL STATEMENT INFORMATION: EVIDENCE FROM ... consolidate corporate accounting practices that ensures high quality of financial statement information. This led to the development of. International Financial Reporting Standar

operating cash flows. 1. This focus is motivated by the objectives of the Financial. Accounting Standards Board (FASB), as reflected in its Statement of ... with these theoretical models, empirical studies using indirect measures of disclosure ... wh

Jamie Diaz [email protected] New York University. Stern School of Business. 44 W.4th St. KMC10-184. New York, NY 10012. December, 2010.

return volatility around the globe and wonders whether transparency in financial statement information is related to these trends in stock return volatility. Several practitioner accounting bodies, most notably 'the Jenkins Committee,' contend that t

regards, for example, to political & charitable donations, employment data, pension fund adequacy, employee involvement ..... thereby enhancing comparability and the disclosure of reporting policies, plans and targets .... basic and advanced disclosu

innovative activities and the role of financial reporting quality in reducing the risk of ... firms with higher financial reporting quality exhibit greater innovation. ...... Notes: This table presents the OLS regressions of innovation on financial r

based on observable company characteristics such as country, industry, size, and cash flow volatility. Second, we .... Third, indirect private equity investment firms or “fund of funds” invest in a pool of several limited ... valuation methods so

by Biddle and Hilary, and “Financial Reporting Quality and Investment Efficiency” by Verdi. ... efficiency (e.g., Bushman and Smith, 2001; Healy and Palepu, 2001; ..... fundamental variables in the Jones (1991) model as suggested by McNichols (20