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Aboriginal Cultures: The Need for Two Way Exchanges for the Sake of Survival” in Burch, ES. & Ellana, L. (Eds) Key. Issues in Hunter Gatherer Resear...

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Small-Scale Catch in Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan. 38. Figure 5-5: Artisanal ... Given our personal experience we found Fishing for Answers: Making Sense of the Global Fish Crisis compelling. ... of the Global Fish Crisis, helps answer

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Apr 25, 2016 - with human society (Lubchenco, 1998; Bright and Porter, 2001; Liu et al., 2007). Humans have harvested ..... interaction with other predatory species, or other food-web dynamics. This action prop- .... segment, or local region as a man

propriate test due to the skewed and sparse data sam- ples typical of this problem. Both theoretical and experimental comparisons between Fisher's exact test and a variety of asymptotic tests (the t-test, Pearson's chi-square test, and ..... 13th Nat

Aug 29, 2018 - With regard to the web, we profit from the StartPage9 search engine for finding documents ... ...... The Stanford CoreNLP.

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Community (Network of Excellence NeuroPrion). Work in the Harris laboratory is supported by grants from the US National Institutes of. Health (NS052526 and ...

for Answers and Non-Answers. Boris Glavic. Sven Köhler. Sean Riddle. Bertram Ludäscher. Illinois Institute of Technology. Google. Athenahealth Corporation.

7 Mar 2005 - 1 Coreference Resolution for Extracting Answers: COREA ..... regio in een kwart eeuw trof en had een kracht van 7,9 op de schaal van Richter.

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Mining Answers for Causation Questions. Roxana Girju and Dan Moldovan. University of Texas at Dallas ... of many natural language processing researchers in the last decade. The automatic identification of semantic .... inferencing that can be drawn i

Preliminary analysis supports a number of propositions: (1) There is a substantial variation of knowledge sourcing strategies from individual to individual. Some individuals ... Paper prepared for presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of

Jun 10, 1982 - Unit FISH-1. 2. EU contract FISH/2004/011 on “Sport Fisheries” (or Marine Recreational Fisheries) in the EU ..... consultation process that took place in the UK throughout most of the project period, as part ...... fish for more th

trophic cascade predictions for fisheries to include behavioral changes. They also ... Keywords: fishing, coral reef, food web, behavior, indirect effects, trophic cascade. ... mediated ecological effects of marine predator declines. This framework .

When E(X|T = t) is nonincreasing in t, bigger fish are easier to catch. ..... birds. It seems that certain birds are systematic foragers, that is they are active in their.

Newell and Sanchirico are Fellows at Resources for the Future, Washington, DC, and Kerr is Director and Senior. Fellow at .... prices of perpetual quota sales and annual quota leases relative to measures of the market rate of .... reporting procedure

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