Full-Vectorial Beam-Propagation Method Based

method proposed by McKee–Mitchell is applied to full-vectorial paraxial wave equations. ... developed an ADI process for parabolic equations wit...

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mutation discovery and CRISPR/Cas9-based genome editing. ..... locus for vector construction, SURVEYOR assay, and sequencing reactions was performed.

R&M contract parameters explain only a limited proportion of the variance of the FMS variables. ...... Failure rate. -. See 'hazard rate'. FA, FT, FTG. Three truck types which all have 4x2 axles. FMS. Fleet Management. System. On-board information re

Key words. level set method, finite volume method, evolving interfaces. AMS subject ... representing edges in digital image segmentation [3, 32]. For a ...

ABSTRACT. Paper based-prescriptions that are not entered electronically in. Egyptian public clinics lead to loss the opportunity of association investigation among prescribed medications, track improper prescriptions and handle patient health record.

Ryuichi Doizaki. †. Saki Iiba. †. Takashi Abe. ‡. Takayuki Okatani. ‡. Maki Sakamoto. †. †. Graduate School of ... Tohoku University [email protected]

application software development of DCRMS. In this paper, we present a development method for. DCRMS on mass customization. Our main objective is to.

Table 1: Objectives stated in ISO/IEC Guide 25. Repeatability. Repeated evaluation of the same product to the same evaluation specification by the same.

Numerical examples are provided to demonstrate the efficiency and the accuracy of the proposed ... scattering matrix approach which uses Complex Point Source (CPS) .... The electric field radiated by the primary source contained in the.

sensor data (tracking features of individuals over time and space). ... A Knowledge-based Method for Generating Summaries of Spatial Movement in Geographic Areas. 3. Since the ...... and discriminative power of our sentence planning rules, described

an upper bound to the objective function in Problem (11) and easy to minimize. ..... Umut Simsekli, Roland Badeau, Ali Taylan Cemgil, and. Gael Richard.

minimum localization system using time-of-arrival (TOA) measurements from ... Path-Gain Weighted Centroid (PGWC) method, is based on signal strength, the ...

vacuum cleaning systems, it poses quality problems in outdoor applications since a randomic crossing of the ... has proven to be very successful in the vacuum cleaners market. ..... synthetic grass carpet. The RFID .... Miami Redblade III: A.

Aug 15, 2001 - skull, and epicortical surfaces) are summarized in Ta- ble 4. As an example, Fig. 3 illustrates the three-layer. FIG. 6. At four time instants around ...

May 23, 2015 - Abstract: Community user access of a WebGIS is characterized by intensity and ... WebGIS entail some social community law and access re-.

method on the calculated distance between each feature extracted inside the region .... thinning algorithm while forming a skeletonized version of the binary image [8]. ..... Ching Y., “Thinning. Methodologies – A Comprehensive Survey”, IEEE.

As summarised in table 2, nine firms were formally reassessed, and six of these had improved their process capability levels, the other three exhibited improvements, but not enough to gain a higher capability level rating. A further 11 firms particip

1, CATHERINE S. RAMSEY, and REGINALDO PRIOLI. 2. VICAM, 313 Pleasant St, Watertown, MA 02472. An immunoaffinity-based method was developed to determine zearalenone in corn. Corn samples were extracted in acetonitrile–water (90 + 10, v/v), applied t

Feb 2, 2010 - commonly restricted by slow cooling times caused by limitations in convective heat transfer. To increase the cooling ... traditional methods because of the nature of SMAs (thin wires, large strains, heat activation, ambient environment

Abstract: In the purely theoretical approach of pavement design, percentage fatigue cracking is related to damage in a probabilistic manner according to the Miner's law. Two methods that are currently widely in use are based on assumptions of damage

http://www.worldsciencepublisher.org/journals/index.php/ACSA/article/ ... irrecoverability is to digitally process the carrier file after hiding the secret data into it.

The output is a set of related web pages, which address the same topic as the original ...... Submitter's IP address: ... [ profession: ]Web Surfer.

Sep 23, 2013 - assessments are included in the standardized environmental protocols and they ..... SDS, or sodium dodecyl sulfate, is a detergent used for preparing proteins for the gel. ..... 1000 with a width of m/z 0.1 at half maximum would thus h

www.ijacsa.thesai.org. Wavelet Based Image Retrieval Method. Kohei Arai. Graduate School of Science and Engineering. Saga University. Saga City, Japan.

ences, e.g., individuals heterozygous for the 8/9- and. 8/10-PNR alleles .... 102:1082–5. 12. McLean JW, Tomlinson JE, Kuang W-J, Eaton DL, Chen EY, Fless ... Paultre F, Pearson TA, Weil HFC, Tuck CH, Myerson M, Rubin J, et al. High levels ...