Hemodynamic Effects of Catecholamine Stimulation in Constrictive

May 20, 1970 - pericarditis there is "hindrance of ventricu- lar filling."' Whether or not there is also systolic impediment to ventricular emptying i...

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constrictive pericarditis is offered on the basis of 6 patients studied clinically and by right heart catheterization. In 2 cases intermittent tamponade in the presence ...

Catecholamine and Vasopressin Stimulation of Gluconeogenesis from. Dihydroxyacetone in the Presence of Atractyloside”. (Received for publication, July 23 ...

Spink, W. W., J. Reddin, S. J. Zak, M. Peterson, B. Starzecki ... Thomas, L. The role of epinephrine in the reactions ... Zweifach, B. A., A. L. Nagler, and L. Thomas.

[20] Shannon RP, Komamura K, Stambler BS et al. Alterations in in part by US Public Health Service Grants HL-59070 and myocardial contractility in conscious ...

Background: Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a major complication in critical care. There are various ... compression (IPC) or compression stockings, or early administration of ... prolonged periods. Some reports suggest that EMS may ..... Collaboration

Cardiovascular changes in response to real-life or laboratory-induced ..... intervals between successive normal complexes are determined (Malik & Camm, .... are similar to those observed in heart failure patients or heart transplant patients (Arora .

Sep 17, 2008 - Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, USA; 2FM Kirby ... Krieger Institute, Baltimore, Maryland, USA; 3Oxford Centre for Functional MRI ...... al resting potential and recycling neurotransmitters,.

in Friston et al. [2] clearly did not use flow as input. Balloon Model. O2. Demand ...... sonance in Medicine, 39, 41-52. doi:10.1002/mrm.1910390109. [21] Fritson ...

Mar 26, 1970 - 157/109. 134/100. 137/95. 3.2. 4.5. 4. 96. 148/99. 154/81. 157/99. -0.4. 1.8 ... 110/80t. 138. 130/85. 113/82. 98/75. 2.5. 3.2t. 3.5. 3.0. 125/90: 126. 144/106 ..... 0 00 ob x# 150. 20. E. E. El. 0. B. 2mOO0- 250- o). ] IO a .0. 0-. 0.

Key Words: Losartan, Catecholamine Release, Adrenal Medulla, AT1 receptor blockade ... differentially modulating sympathoadrenal responses (Sel- tzer et al.

Acute and chronic pyelonephritis. 9. 42. Male ... Pulmonary tuberculosis; pulmonary emphysema. 14. 53 ... Chronic alcoholism; pulmonary emphysema; dia-.

In March 2009, Kol IO et al 8 conducted a study on the effects of IV ephedrine 0.5 mg/kg during spinal anesthesia for cesarean delivery. The findings suggest.

Oct 22, 1987 - pre/post approach to study 7 male and 5 female adults through a .... In summary, this (largely) Scandinavian research shows that when in- ..... While the primary question of an exercise-to-temperament link is answered ... agree that ca

Poli de Figueiredo (in memoriam),II Maria Jose´ C. CarmonaI. I Hospital das Clınicas da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Sa˜o Paulo, ...

Chronic clorgyline treatment had no significant effect on the CSF concentrations of HVA and ..... A. E. Felner and P. C. Waldmeier, Biochem. Pharmac. 28, 995 ...

Stimulation of catecholamine release was studied in the isolated adrenal of the cat during retrograde perfusion. Theophylline, adenosine 3': 5'-cyclic monophos-.

A control group of six anesthetized dogs was studied at normal body temperatures for four to six hours following coronary embolization. Of the total of 38 dogs, the chest was kept closed in all except 9 hypothermic animals in which left ventricular c

159.65. (42.91). 0.451. 0.530. 0.861. WS. 141.71. (30.69). 152.59. (40.98). 143.86. (34.33). 0.432. 0.116. 0.346. *Data are presented as mean. (SD) unless.

Objectif: Comparer les effets circulatoires du pantalon antichoc (PAC) chez des patients ventil& .... sure were -1.8/0.6, -1.8/0.6, -1.8/2.4, -1.8/0.6 mmHg at base-.

Sin embargo, el levosimendán ejerce un efecto vasodilatador inespecífico capaz de provocar hipo- tensión arterial. En estos pacientes es recomendable re-.

Chen, Ling, and Steven M. Scharf. Comparative hemo- dynamic effects of periodic obstructive and simulated central apneas in sedated pigs. J. Appl. Physiol.

derangements including increased gluconeo- genesis, impaired .... kidney counts within 5% was used as an in- ... were removed for microsphere counting. Tis-.

including mean left atrial pressure (LAP, in mm Hg), mean pulmonary artery pressure ... 6; tricuspid atresia n ..... long-term effects of pacing on the Fontan circuit.

Aug 21, 1974 - Medicine and Physiology, University of California at Davis, School of Medicine ... Supported in part by Research Program Project Grant HL 14780 .... cls c,] o a a-/. RtS. Ob~. 00l c; a. Cd. oI b. "a-. 0 so. C(2. Q. 0. "a-C. sH a .cJ.