High time resolution observations of HF crossmodulation within the D

May 30, 2013 - the D region ionosphere during HF heating experiments at the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program. (HAARP) observatory. We ha...

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dures, is crucial for any 3D shape measurement system. In this research, a novel ... 3.2 Principle . ..... Therefore, generating accurate 3D geometric information is a better solution for pat- ...... [87] C. Slama, Manual of Photogrammetry, 4th ed.

Jeffrey T. Morisette a'*, Jaime E. Nickeson b, Paul Davis c, Yujie Wang d, Yuhong Tian d,. Curtis E. ... DtT~artment qt" Geograph); Unh'ersity q[" Mao'land, College Park, MI), USA ..... tional research initiative, within which a major component is.

and Persson and Helou (1987), who suggested a two-component model for ..... 23, 1990 Vesta data to calibrate IRC +10420 gives a consistent value of F(50) = ...... Willner, S. P., Soifer, B. T., Russell, R. W., Joyce, R. R., and Gillett, F. C. 1977,.

Apr 7, 2005 - a 1.3 cm receiver comprising a cooled high-electron-mobility transistor (HEMT) amplifier. A noise diode is used to calibrate the data. The half power beam ... is ≃ 6′′ away from the IRAS catalog position, R.A.(J2000) = 03h33m16.s3

2 Observations. BR 1202−0725 was observed using the ESO NTT telescope and EMMI in December 1992, ... and the resulting RMS deviation of these lines from the third order polynomial fit was about 3-5 milliangstroms. .... In reading the following disc

Magellanic Bridge, a gas-rich tail extending ~14 degrees to the Large Magellanic ... with star forming regions is studied by Oey & Clarke (1997). ..... Figure 2. Integrated intensity maps of Right Ascension-Declination and Right ..... -74:47:60.0.

Jul 19, 2007 - 1.1 mm continuum and HCO+ J=3 → 2 images from the SMA, 12COJ=3 → 2 outflow maps .... Manual Gaussian fitting for ...... vdA 6, I 3, WMB 55.

Aug 15, 1998 - Using both the right (RCP) and left (LCP) hands of circular polarization, the 195.3 ..... 4.48 0.46 0.63 0.24 0.44 0.17 168 43. 0.7 0.38.

Observations of methanol in the IRDC core G11.11-0.12P1. Table 2. Parameters of the observed continuum emission. Frequency. Peak Intensity Position. Peak Intensity. Flux densitya. Deconvolved angular sizeb. Massc. (GHz). RA (J2000). Dec (J2000). (mJy

Sep 20, 2004 - straints for the theoretical models accounting for the ori- gin and .... we used the system temperatures and antenna gains tables .... a crucial piece of information to understand the SiO maser ...... J.D. Romney & M.J. Reid.

degrading factors, the image of a point source, such as a very distant star, by an aberration-free telescope with a circular .... Near the completion of this work, we found that the StarFinder software package (Diolaiti et al., 2000) 1 is an ideal to

We have obtained high-resolution and high-sensitivity ALMA observations in the CO(3–2), .... intensity averaged over the whole emission area above 3σ is.

Joint International Topical Meeting on Mathematics & Computation and ... the ignominious characteristic that any linear method that is higher than first order in ... high resolution spatial schemes could be applied to time integration to achieve.

Aromatic carboxylic acids and esters. Diethyl terephthalate (CD*)*. Diethyl terephthalate (ring)*. Terephthalic acid. Toluic acid. Benzoic acid b ortho meta para.

The development of a new high-resolution time-of-flight aerosol mass spectrometer (HR-ToF-AMS) is reported. The high-resolution capabilities of this instrument allow the direct separation of most ions from inorganic and organic species at the same no

Sep 11, 2007 - polar cap edge show significant local dust lifting events and these have been mapped for the first year of MOC data by Cantor et al. (2001). The local storms likely arise due to the sharp thermal contrast between the polar ice cap and

dwarf star-forming systems over the same timescale. Key words: cosmology: observations { galaxies: formation { galaxies: photometry { gravitational lensing.

points (7–10: vertebral body corners in the lateral view; 11–14: in the frontal view); (b) on the pelvis: 1–13 on the sacrum (1–5: S1 endplate; 6–7 S1 articular processes; 8–9: ... spine, the pelvis, and the rib cage. (b) High-resolution

fBol module of the getCal package; http://nexsciweb.ipac. caltech.edu/gcWeb/ ... Consistent with project documentation describing the performance of the ... G. Perrin et al.: High-resolution IR and radio observations of AGB stars. 0. 0,1. 0,2. 0,3. 0

Aug 30, 2006 - sion seems to be associated with star forming regions hosting bipolar molecular ...... (IRAS 21352+4307), whose lobes are slightly overlapped and exhibit a poor degree of col ..... +56 41 56.868. −60.0. 0.55×0.25. 81. J0136+478. 5.8

waves may modify the observed spectral widths have been investigated. .... poral changes they cause inside the relatively slowly sampled radar range cells.

Dec 6, 2016 - 2 National Radio Astronomy Observatory, P.O. Box O, 1003 Lopezville Road, Socorro, NM 87801, USA. 3 Department of Physics, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, 801 Leroy Place, Socorro, NM 87801, USA. 4 California Institute of

When combined with 15 km range gates, this gives radar measurements of a .... instruments are fluxgate magnetometers, with a sam- pling interval of 10 s for the ...

Nov 14, 2013 - and of non-detection of such features - SN 2000cx (Patat et al. 2007a), SN ... SN 2011fe that were anyway compatible with interstellar mate-.