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control delay-like system is globally null-controllable in finite time. The feedback stabilizing controller is designed via the solution of matrix Ric...

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Mar 10, 2012 - Based on an enhanced representation of the bounded real lemma for discrete- time systems, the existence of a state feedback control for such ...

time invariant systems subject to input constraints. ... LMI constraints, e.g. (Hindi and Boyd, 1998; Kapila ... of the domain of attraction when compared with the.

One of the most remarkable results in linear control theory and design is that if the cost criterion is quadratic, and the optimization is over an infinite horizon, the resulting optimal control law has many nice properties, including that of closed

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crete time system subject to input constraints and stochastic disturbances. Here we ... Predictive Control (MPC) in the industry stems from its capability to allow ...

Power control in a code-division multiple access (CDMA) based cellular network is a ... Methods were developed to reduce co-channel interference for a given ... multicell CDMA wireless networks was designed, where the ..... to adjacent cells.

3.1 INTRODUCTION ... assume that the complete state x(t) of the plant can be accurately measured ... Then the closed-loop characteristic polynomial should be given by .... Consider the linear time-varying system with state differential equation ....

Abstract— This paper deals with an optimal control problem for networked control systems, that have network induced time delay in the communication networks. In our proposed approach, a linear quadratic controller for the systems with random time d

Abstract: This paper studies optimal control designs for networked linear discrete-time systems with quantization effects and/or fading channel. The quantization errors and/or fading channels are modeled as multiplicative noises. The. H2 optimal cont

This paper presents the optimal regulator for a linear system with mul- tiple time delays in control input and a quadratic criterion. The optimal regu- lator equations are obtained using the duality principle, which is applied to the optimal filter f

optimal control problem with a convex cost and linear dynam- ics. The value ..... infinite horizon optimal control, a good source of references is the book by ...

Stabilizing linear systems with saturation through optimal control. Rafal Goebel. Abstract—We construct a continuous feedback for a satu- rated system ˙x(t) = Ax(t) + Bσ(u(t)). The feedback renders the system asymptotically stable on the whole se

A very significant result in modern control theory is that, for a linear, finite-dimensional, dynamical system, the state feedback law derived from a quadratic-loss-function minimisation problem is linear. The “paper applies the results of this opt

Keywords: Optimal control, LQ, Quadratic performance index, Dynamic programming application, Riccati difference equation, Riccati differential equation, Algebraic Riccati equation, Chang-Letov design method, Root-square Locus, Polynomial control, Opt

linear system involving some norm-bounded uncertainty in the state-space matrices, the ..... Therefore, by the well known bounded real lemma. 11], A is ...

Assuming null controllability of the pair (A, B), several authors have proposed the quadratic family V (x, λ) = xT P(λ)x generated from the Riccati equation. P(λ)A + ...

Feb 1, 2016 - the proposed technique is that it enables the use of linear quadratic ... equations for the approximate linear time-varying systems. ..... u(t) is the suitable transformation of the voltage at the generator [14]. .... Syst., 9(4):681–

In this paper we present a novel formulation for the optimal control of discrete event dynamic .... with an infinite horizon discounted cost criterion for an unreliable ...

Stability is a basic requirement for a control system, especially for network control systems. This raises the question of how much information a feedback controller needs in order to stabilize the system. Questions of this kind have motivated much o

such that the closed-loop T–S fuzzy control system is stochastically stable and preserves ...... IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CONTROL SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY.

46.41. 115.31. 169.59. 282.82 x∗ δ,penalty. 70.69. 54.14. 46.41. 9.59. 20.92. 39.28 x∗ δ,relaxed. 79.69. 54.14. 46.41. 0.16. 0.26. 0.50 x∗ δ,approx. 70.81. 56.24.

Abstract: The guaranteed cost control problem for a class of linear systems with norm- bounded time-varying parameter uncertainties and input constraints is considered. A sufficient condition for the existence of guaranteed cost state feedback contro

version of dynamic programming, which computes level sets of the value function rather than the value function set itself, is used to design robust non-linear controllers for linear, discrete-time, dynamical systems subject to hard constraints on con

Abstract. Optimal switch-time control is an area that investigates how best to switch between different control modes. In this paper we present an algorithm for solving the optimal switch-time control problem for single-switch, linear systems where t