Human Aging and Duration Judgments: A Meta

New York: Holt. Janet, P. (1877). Une illusion d'optique interne [An illusion of internal perspective]. Revue Philosophique de la France etl'Etranger,...

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some articles, and Erik Arthur for coding some moderators. The au- thors also thank ...... *Dinges, N. G., Tollefson, G., Parks, G. A., & Hollenbeck, A. R.. (1978).

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Concepts, Procedures, and Applications), and the 2001 spring issue of Music Per- ception (Vol. 18, No. 3). .... All of the herein presented measures typically follow some basic con- struction steps. First they transform ..... subjects had to indicate

Judgments and Machine Learning to Match in Dynamic Environments. John P. Dickerson, Tuomas Sandholm. In AAAI, 2015. Presented by Zuxuan Wu ...

Mar 22, 2013 - mental representation described above (e.g., Shepard, 1958; Torg- erson .... signal-to-noise ratio of the estimates then depends on how closely.

Thomas M. Hess, Christina M. Leclerc, Elizabeth Swaim, and Sarah R. Weatherbee. North Carolina State University. It has been hypothesized that reductions in ...

A meta-analysis of prospective memory (PM) studies revealed that in laboratory settings .... issue relates to the predictions made by McDaniel and Einstein.

Scale and the Revised Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale. (WAIS–WAIS-R) method ..... November 2002. The resulting database includes 123 studies, contained in 104 articles of memory span and aging. Several studies contained more than one span task. T

memory span tasks, using graphical analysis on the original span metric. ..... for forward digit span, with R2 =.72; when we entered separate intercepts and ...

perceptual training holds great potential for remediation of a wide variety of performance deficits. These and ..... The module labeled STM represents short-term memory processes that serve ...... Journale Francais Ophthalmologie, 6, 473-479.

Mar 12, 2012 - biosynthesis pathway, nevertheless it has independent biological actions by .... melatonin receptor activation with signal transduction on tran-.

May 23, 2012 - Domenica Bueti, Centre Hospitalier ... tactile duration following exposure to pictures of threat, but not pictures of disgust ( ..... a “go” display which contained a central blue fixation dot (sub- ... ASSESSMENT OF EMOTIONS.

RESULTS: We found no significant difference between the annual odds of pertussis for the ... ... grant funding, honoraria, and unrestricted educational funding from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Merck, Novar

These data show that if poultry processors harvest fil- lets earlier than usual (

Mar 29, 2006 - A.I. Mamedov is currently at the National Soil Erosion Research Lab., USDA-ARS- ..... mediate water contents (pF values of 3.3–2.8). Con-.

tion has declared it a global epidemic.1 Obesity in childhood is a cause of .... design and the possibility of this can be assessed by examining the methods of the ...

tion of dots, lines, or shapes attached to an unseen walking figure ... walking motion using only dots of light located at the joints ... trol the mental representation, connecting the dots with a stick ..... of human free-walking trajectories. In Pr

Nov 2, 2016 - Recent improvements in effectiveness and accuracy of the emerging field of automated deception detection and the associated potential of language technologies have triggered increased interest in mass media and general public. Computati

viduals skilled in writing kanji characters retrieve these characters from memory, they show motor-system activation in areas associated with actually writing ...

Predicting Human Similarity Judgments with Distributional Models: The Value of. Word Associations. Simon De Deyne1, Amy Perfors1 and Daniel J. Navarro2. 1 Computational ... formidable though they are, may not capture word representa- tions the way th

statistical theory and freely available software, that NLP can draw on. ... freely available R software, and it permits questions like the following to be asked: Can .... Pado et al. (2009) modified the system- level predictions approach to become â€

The evaluated translation outputs presented in this work are produced by German-English, German-. French and German-Spanish machine translation. Sima'an ...

nucleus, the putamen, and the globus pallidus from MR images. RESULTS: The analyses .... presence of lacunar infarcts in the basal ganglia and the brain.

Objectives: The study of assortative mating for height has a rich history in human ... in western populations, recent papers suggest that mating patterns for stat- ... VC 2016 The Authors American Journal of Human Biology Published by ... Galton's wo