Implementing and Analyzing SAPPER for

exact matches of the query graph comparing to GraphQl. In our experiment, we queried SAPPER with θ = 0 and We found that SAPPER may not be able to id...

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The commitment scheme of [FJNT16] provide UC-secure additively homomorphic two-party commitments using 1-out-of-2 Oblivious Transfer (OT) as the main building block. The scheme supports committing to vectors of length k over any finite field F, but t

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Jun 9, 2014 - Crowdsourcing Information Systems - A Multiple Case Analysis. .... ideas communities such as Quirky, SAPiens by SAP or Nokia's ... (crowd creation projects according to the previously shown ... The top 100 are then published in a book.

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In Spektrum der Wissenschaft pp. 58-69, No.10. 2. Comon, P. (1994): Independent Component Analysis: A New Concept. In Signal Pro- cessing, Vol. 36, pp.

if a relationship existed between effectiveness (learning) and efficiency (time) in using the program and ... questions such as the following: what is working?; what needs .... teach relational database concepts, it was observed ... they also correct

The von Neumann architecture, though well understood, lacks mechanisms to support this kind of fine-grained parallelism. Pure data- ow machines 9 , on the other hand, will probably require more research to reach the same evolutionary state as von Neu

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The metrics play increasingly fundamental role in the design, development, deployment and operation of telecommunication systems. Despite their importance, the studies of metrics are usually limited to a narrow area or a well-defined objective. Our s

Dec 24, 2015 - In this work we present a modified version of the two-grid one-step algorithm with non-temporal stores (OS-NT) and the ... q particle distribution functions (PDF) fi with i = 0,...,q−1, which are the central element for computation.

Obtain sterile, preserved bottles from the lab. › 1000 ml ... Water from cooling towers, whirlpool spas, .... Report of the Maryland Scientific Working Group to.

The DIMS workflow includes a tool named 'File List. Manager', which takes as input the directory containing the .RAW and .dat files; a .csv file, retrieved from the.