Intelligent Transformer Monitoring System Utilizing Neuro-Fuzzy

Jul 26, 2004 - For this reason, maintenance crews would periodically take transformers and circuit breakers off-line ... diagnostic system that can be...

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May 22, 1998 - Abstract. The failure of a large power transformer is an area of significant concern since it can result in millions of dollars in costs as well as a possible interruption of power. Therefore, it is desirable to detect the existence of

user to track bus on smart their phones. The smart system designed has both online (GPS) and offline (GSM) for user ... The basic idea for offline tracking of vehicle is to be .... I would like to thank my all the staff members and my guide. Prof.

introduce a DC current onto the bus along with this most of the contactors will be unable to open during DC fault conditions or high, AC fault current situations which could be easily handled by a properly sized circuit breaker. Also, in a transforme

Index Terms – Power transformer, embedded systems, transformer protection. I. INTRODUCTION. Power transformers are the important part of power system which are used to step up and down the power to make usable for electricity consumers. Transformer

monitor all useful data of distribution transformers to reduce costs. (5) Many monitoring systems .... Nameplate rating of Distribution Transformer: KVA rating: 500.

Abstract--This paper presents a new distribution trans- former monitoring system (DTMS), called Wimo, which util- izes the existing communication network, has ...

system that can update construction and safety personnel about the status of .... their feasibility in sensing a nearby crane operating at the same height. ... Cisco Secure Wireless Plant: Security and Quality of Service for Industrial Environments.

Automated analysis of critical parameters in challenging and remote ... technologies demand better control over the drilling fluid process. ..... Questions? We'll be ...

Corresponding Author: T. Manoj Kumar, Department of ETE, Karpagam College of Engineering, India. 114 ... The scope of this paper is to design a system which makes the user to be aware of the traffic with the help of Global Positioning. System (GPS) a

smart distribution system and the micro grid various kinds of intelligent ... comprised of ac/dc converter, dual-active-bridge dc/dc converter, and inverter. To verify ...

(previously a member of Techo-Create Inc.), Mr. Kazumasa Miyazaki of NTT DoCoMo Shikoku and. Mr. Yoshio Saito of Vodafone Japan for their constructive ...

Business transaction data, such as delivered quality, price, date ... a real time manner. Keywords: Supplier Monitoring, Control Chart, Sensibility Rule, ERP, B2B.

Sep 12, 2013 - Figure 6.20 Transformer Protection Relay Home Screen . ...... this information to a central site, performing calculations to take corrective control action of a process, and enabling actuators to take the ...... devices, such as relays

2009, a 15kV class 100kVA 120/240V 1phase Pole- mounted IUT™ will be .... a series resonant converter using SGTO switches and Si-C. Diodes. Voltage level ...

Keywords : Multi-Agent Systems, Intelligent Applications, Data Mining, Inductive. Agents, Air-Quality Monitoring. Introduction. Environmental Information Systems (EIS) is a generic term that describes the class of systems that perform one or more of

Abstract—in working process of power transformer, which directly affects the safe operation of transformer oil temperature as well as the stability of the network, so vital to transformer oil temperature detection and control. Based on single chip

Abstract—This paper presents a design of a Baby. Monitoring System based on the GSM network. A prototype is developed which gives a reliable and efficient baby monitoring system that can play a vital role in providing better infant care. This syste

about air pollution factors like CO, H2S, SO2, NO, NO2 etc. In order .... commercial gas sensors are not selective enough to detect a single chemical species in a ...

Keywords: Mobile Health care, Health Monitoring System, Intelligent Medical Server. 1. Introduction. Pervasive ... The potential for pervasive computing is evident in almost every aspect of our lives including the hospital, emergency .... has been de

Ayman M Mansour is with the Electrical Engineering Department, Tafila. Technical ... to communicate with other agent, learning how to coordinate different ... World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology ..... JADE is ckage in multi agent sys

thinner. Currently wear plate monitoring is manual process and the supervision of the plates is time consuming. This work studies the possibility to automate the wear plate condition monitoring basing the analysis on the frequency analysis of the wea

with GIS and GPS with Visual Basic.Net and Visual Earth as the software platform to build a real-time vehicle management system. A mobile RFID system had also been realized to ensure the safety of vehicles, in which RFID technology is embedded with W

Jan 19, 1999 - Railway infrastructure is increasingly coming under the close scrutiny of the Health and Safety Executive over incidents that may be due to track ...

ing PC over a virtual private network (VPN). A second rel- atively powerful PC ... umn of pixels, arranged as a Y-Time matrix over the. 10 minute time period. 2.