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Oct 21, 2007 - justified if project j's "Adjusted Present Value" (APV,) be positive, i.e.,. Expand .... second rule is to compute the net present valu...

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We study the effect of asset liquidity (“tangibility”) on firm policies in the ... Accordingly, a large body of research in corporate finance examines when firms .... 3 In the unconstrained solution, observed capital spending naturally ..... Cons

Our paper addresses a set of key questions in corporate finance. First, how does ... firms in the economy: good type (high cash flow) firms and bad type (low cash flow) firms. Firm types are private information, ..... typically needed before the firm

EMPIRICAL models of business investment rely generally on the assump- tion of a ... Early investment research, especially the work of John Meyer and. Edwin Kuh, emphasized the importance of financial considerations in business investment. I Indeed ..

Jul 25, 2017 - To answer these questions, we analyze a framework in the spirit of Hackbarth and Mauer (2012), in which ... via Simulated Method of Moments (SMM).3 Intuitively, SMM finds the set of parameters, which ... others, we find leverage is neg

the interest payment of debt is tax deductible. .... agency costs of debt financing. ... is negative, bondholders assume ownership of the firm and deadweight costs are ..... growth option increases because a larger proportion of assets in place must

corporate managers may imply that internal finance has lower agency costs than external finance. Secondly, corporate ... venture capitalists all may be seen as providing portfolio management services to outside investors. ... The importance of these

For example, Karabarbounis and Neiman (2012) show that corporate savings accounted for. 80% of the ... 5A few empirical papers have studied the impacts of uncertainty shocks on firm cash holdings, like Chen, Wang, and Zhou ...... and financing activi

important objectives.^ Given its real-world prominence, one might guess that the topic of risk management would command a great deal of attention from researchers in finance, and that practitioners would therefore have a well- developed body of wisdo

informational problems in capital markets, which we will refer to as the financing constraints paradigm. This body ... While Kaplan and Zingales (1997) propose to discard the use of investment-cash flow sensitivities in the ... financing channel in i

virtually all of the existing models are static and focus either on investment or on financing .... we assume that when making investment and financing decisions, ... of financing and by c the selected debt coupon payment. ... value of a perpetual st

Nov 27, 2017 - This paper studies the behavior of leverage ratios in a dynamic trade-off model ... Keywords: Capital Structure, Corporate Investment, Financial ..... The values of debt, D1, and equity, E1, have solutions similar to the ones ..... cas

Feb 4, 2002 - Keywords: Multinational financing; Pareto-optimal financial ... Several papers have addressed the issue of financing and ... Rhee, Chang and Koveos (1985) extend Shapiro's (1984) work to the case ..... parity relationships given below a

We propose a model of dynamic corporate investment, financing, and risk management for a financially constrained .... of Miller and Orr 1966 in corporate finance), our model provides substantial new insight on how the different ... choose its investm

examine how returns during the Asian financial crisis differ between firms with and without .... loan at “neck-breaking speed” (McBeth, 1994). Similarly, the Barito ..... To the Barricades: As economic hardship mounts, student protests are gainin

If household savings and available corporate funds for some reason do not reach their best possible ... Canada, Australia, the Netherlands and France. Another occurrence that more recently has .... attitude and investment strategies, the actual outco

May 3, 2009 - strategies, and cash management policies. For example .... For example, financial constraints do not always generate underinvestment in all kinds of assets. While this ... future need for costly external financing.4 An important innovat

incomplete contract and agency problems on financial markets, resulting in the direct ... monotonic causal relationship between financing constraints and investment-cash flow sensitivity. This conclusion is also supported by other research results ..

Nov 16, 2012 - Given the direct and indirect effects of corporate investment in ..... The last equation says that firm's cash flows are determined by the firm's lagged cash .... We use the method proposed by Arellano and Bond (1991) with the assumpti

Bosworth's view, earnings management has no impact on future investment ... conclusion: managers want to boost the short-term stock price by catering to investor ..... recorded in the net book value of debt and are, therefore, excluded from the ...

governance structures consist of a set of mechanisms that mitigate the agency conflicts. As pointed out by Jensen ..... 12 For example Bebchuk, Coates, and Subramanian (2002) argue that classified boards and poison pills are particularly ... Again, w

Corporate Liquidity, Investment and Financial Constraints : Implications from a Multi-Period Model. Abstract. In single period models, financially constrained firms ...

1 The authors are respectively: Director of Research, The Management Research Centre, University of. Bristol and Senior Research Fellow in Accounting and Finance, School of Business, Oxford Brookes. University. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. The authors wish to t

3Fama and French (1992) provide summary evidence on the ability of size and book-to-market to explain returns ...... quadrant for selling (Φs, with boundary φs) and in the south-east quadrant for buying (Φb , with ..... 9The data for size and book

In particular, privatization activity is initially followed by foreign equity issu- .... Data on international issues of both equity and corporate bonds are obtained from ...