ionosphere waveguide by an ELF source in the

using amplitude-modulated HF from ground an- tennas [Davis and Willis, 1974; Stubbe and Kopka,. 1977; Stubbe et al., 1981; Chang et al., 1982]. The HF...

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Jan 15, 2016 - auroral electrojet and relies on the modulation of the D/E-region conductivity as a response to modulated HF heating. The resulting modification of the electrojet current creates an effective antenna radiating at the modulation frequen

Feb 19, 2013 - our solar system (1–3), and their presence is also detected in exoplanet atmospheres (4). Apart from .... the loss of free electrons to the aerosol induces an increase in the positive ion density. At 1,000 km, the ... sions with each

Jan 16, 1997 - -d. n s e i n o g e n o u s melatonin is -+ .- - sufficient to provide protection against oxygen toxicity. %iting from xenobiotic administration (Tan et al., 1994). -. -. The protective effect of melatonin against oxygen radi- cal dama

Kesearcn laboratories, especially to Professor Obed C. Haycock and Mr. Kay D. Baker for guidance and support ... of the Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories for providing scientific consultation and support. ...... ETAA and TEMPSP ate used in th

d) Magnetic field measurements perpendicular to. B0 and pointing roughly eastward (By or B⊥). The red trace is from the fluxgate magnetometer and the black trace from the fluxgate magnetometer plus the search coil magnetometer. e) Ion energy spectr

Saturn's Ionosphere. L. MOORE. 1. , M. GALAND. 2. , A.J. KLIORE. 3. , A.F. NAGY. 4. , AND J. O'DONOGHUE. 5. 1. Center for Space Physics, Boston University, Boston,. MA, USA. 2 ... between a dense neutral atmosphere below and a tenuous, charged ......

Jul 22, 2013 - 2.5 Overall summary, methodology and conclusions … ..... areas, remote control and telemetry of oil wells, valves and motors, power substations, and ..... Literature review. Ayman Alaiwi. 42 | Page. 2.1.4 Summary. Mr. Nathan Stubblef

Jan 5, 1997 - e 0 and modes which violate this are not coupled efficiently. Assuming a single-mode waveguide, t&s relatron is satisfied for two of the modes. Therefore, only forward-to-backward coupling of guided-to-guided modes are considered and th

80 MHz pulse train. 1/80. PBS. BS. HWP1. HWP2. Prism. PPKTP. Fig. 1: Diagram of the experimental setup. A PPKTP waveguide is pumped with a pulsed laser, and the down-converted photons are spectrally analyzed using tunable filters and coincidence dete

Nov 17, 2017 - Citation: Hussain I, Li H, Cao Q, Baqar AH, Wang Y (2017) Modeling of Waveguide Modes by Using DGTD Method. Electric Electron Tech Open Acc J. 1(2): 00009. ... In 2D, nx and ny exist while nz = 0 and for the TMz mode we have only Hx, H

characteristic frequency is 5 kHz, and the main mode excited in the waveguide is the TM 0 mode. Later on we consider only the contribution of this mode to the radiating field in the wave zone. 4. Cerenkov Radiation in Anisotropic. Media. The anisotro

Apr 13, 2015 - coupled electron localization function (ELF) ab initio data with the bond charge model developed ... properties, and the ability of the electron localization function [14,15] to provide the required parameters ... a bond length RB = ν

Monitoring by GPS (RBMC) have been used for the first time to obtain TEC values in order to monitor the. The Low-latitude Ionosphere: Monitoring its. Behaviour with GPS. Mariangel Fedrizzi, Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais. Richard B. Langle

experience periodic heating at the HF modulation. = (4) frequency. Since the ionospheric conductivity is electron temperature dependent, the conductivity This current is a source of -frequency radiation, under oes a similar periodic variation. Natura

properties are very similar to the unique transverse electromagnetic mode of a traditional metallic coaxial cable. The new mode has radial symmetry and a point of zero dispersion. Moreover, because the light is not confined by total internal reflecti

(power, gain, HF frequency, and modulation fre- quency) and the applicable model of the ambient ionosphere the conductivity modulation is first computed as a function of altitude. This allows for the calculation of the modulated current altitude prof

Examples of references concerned with the lightning source characteristics and statistics are Malan ..... (1985a) at Kiruna and Lycksele, in Sweden, 205 and 554 km from the transmitter, respectively. They computed the ... HF active Auroral Research P

Radio Science Center for Space and Atmosphere, Kyoto University, Uji, Japan. Abstract. ..... The maximum amplification of the background electric field attainable in the cloud is .... tively narrow-banded and concentrated in a neighborhood in.

Oct 1, 2000 - With the global expansion of English as the language of international communication, another .... of target language forms (usually at the point of transition from the intermediate to the upper intermediate level). It .... States or Gre

iris case. It is found that vortices form in the iris region when higher order scattered modes are present. The formation of these vortices and their properties ...... ZIOLXOWSXl. AND. GRANT: VORTEX. FORMATION. IN. RECTANGULAR. WAVEGUIDE b mode fldmo

Feb 27, 2013 - In the acoustic waveguide the antisymmetrical zero order Lamb wave mode is excited by a single phase transducer of 1 MHz on thin glass plates of 1 mm thickness. By contact to the investigated liquid Lamb waves propagating on the first

Aug 15, 2009 - sources are solar UV, solar X-rays, Saturn's magnetospheric ions and electrons, solar wind and shocked magnetosheath ions and ..... Titan's stratosphere at altitudes below 400km (e.g., Ricca et al.,. 2001). More recently .... when in s

Nov 1, 2007 - Hybrid Waveguide and Free-Space Optics. 2-D Array ... DWDM. NTT demonstrated Bandwise Hierarchical DeMUX using many cascaded AWGs. 1010 DeMUX (1x10 then 1x160 AWGs): K. Takada et al, Phot. ... Our approach: Combine secondary multiplexer

is the waveguide mode's wavevector, G=2 /a is the reciprocal lattice constant of the periodic nanodot array, a=550 nm is the array periodicity, and n and m are integers. Physically, a normally incident photon cannot excite a waveguide mode because it