IRJET-An Intelligent Bigdata Flavor Space Recipe – A Survey

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Dec 8, 2008 - Key words: intelligent products, product lifecycle, software agents, supply chains, RFID. 1. Introduction ... contexts will be discussed, such as manufacturing, supply chain, and asset management, as well as across contexts, i.e. for pr

Partitioning for Graph Mining using Parallel Sliding Windows (PSW) ... The SPARQL language is similar in many respects to the Structured Query Language (SQL), but builds on .... and support for a semantic web application server platform bundling ....

Nov 25, 2009 - have been used for the implementation of security mobile robots. ... Robots on patrol are becoming a staple of the security industry [35]. ...... Finally, a number of low level software modules such as: PID- ... as the wireless communi

sider the following (partial) program listing: Block A: ... a ranking. Belief networks are created for every type of error, i.e., in our example the PASTHELD error. ... p(P = ijF = true) = ..... to make it usable in real-world problems is an open re-

population.” (Teradata Magazine article, 2011) .... (Oracle,. InfoSphere,. Teradata). Real-Time. Processing. OLAP. Analytics. (Vertica, .... Scale up vs scale out. 34.

Regional cost distribution – discussion and conclusions...................................... 33. 3. Living in a second best world: The role of technology portfolios and the effect of limited participation in .... reduction of the macro-economic en

Sums a vector of doubles. // Examples: // - sum({}) == 0. // - sum({1, 2, 3, 4}) = 10. // Strategy: structural iteration double sum(vector doubles).

A dimension is like a column in a relational table. • Straighforward indexing. • One primary (also called placement) index on one key. • For instance, with a B+-tree index, we get clustered access to data in the same interval. • Secondary ind

is a Research Scientist at Yahoo Labs Barcelona. His research focuses on large scale data mining and big data, with a particular emphasis on web mining and ...

real-time feedback information about one's health condition. The Health Monitoring system is based on modern wearable and mobile technology. Wearable ...

available parking space has resulted in parking related problems. There is a dire need for a secure, intelligent, efficient and reliable system which can be used for searching the unoccupied parking facility, guidance towards the parking facility, ne

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology has been applied extensively in the research ... Sensor Networks, Energy Management, Intelligent Sensors, Artificial Intelligence ... flood detection, military surveillance, transportation and inventory trackin

research and development team. ... learning management systems currently available and in development could utilise artificial ... 1. The Ingredients. Before discussing our recipe for an iLMS, it is worth reviewing how traditional face-to-face teachi

Intelligent agents can be beneficial for instructors of both large and small classes. ... related emails can reduce your workload, allowing you to focus more ...

authentication protocol (SMAP) combines digital signature and encryption .... A Schnorr signature consider as a digital signature that are produced by the ...

[Farley and Freeman 1995] and [Gordon 1995] model a dialogue between two .... [Freeman 1994] distinguished two types of warrants called wtype1 and wtype2.

Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research 15 (5): 629-642, 2013. ISSN 1990- ... Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai, 81310, Johor Darul Takzim, Malaysia ...... Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems, p. null-null. 6. Dia, H. and K. Thomas,

conferences, symposia, seminars, or other ... Abstract. Intelligent Control and Health Management technology for aircraft propulsion systems is much more developed in the laboratory than in practice. With a ... first component is the fan which is ope

International Journal of Advanced Computer Research (ISSN (print): 2249-7277 ISSN (online): 2277-7970). Volume-2 ... incidents will reduce traffic jams, increase road safety and improve the ... Transportation System (ITS) that will change our.

for filling the accreditation forms and conducting the surveys required. ... focus on the problems and the proposed IWBAS as a solution. The results of the other ...

performance figures for Apache Accumulo found in the study. Keywords- BigData; Benchmark, Scalable Table ... table stores, provide a lightweight, cost-effective, scalable and available alternative to traditional relational ... benchmark stress tool f

... presents an evaluation of intrusion detection systems that is then used to study and classify them. The taxonomy involves of the detection principle, and another of positive working features of the intrusion detection system. References. 1. R. Ba

irrelevant are mostly dismissed (i.e., swipe away without clicking) by users [28, ...... key open questions in the area that must be investigated to build intelligent ...

high semantic of an image described by low-level ...... Joo-Hwee Lim et al., “Learning Similarity Matching .... A. Selamat and L. Pei-Geok, "Relevance feedback.