IRJET- Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Management: A Review

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Green Supply Chain Management has appeared as an environmental innovation with integrates environmental concerns into supply chain management.

example, not long ago, apparel firms, such as Levi. Strauss and Company ... In the past few years, Levi .... sachusetts Institute of Technology, David Simchi-Levi.

SCOR (Supply-Chain Operations Reference) Model from the Supply-Chain. Council. ... capabilities with regard to demand planning, S&OP, and CPFR. ... They also frequently use quantitative benchmarking to tie the company's supply chain goals to its over

Apr 2, 2017 - Smart contracts. These are contracts converted into codes to be carried. Submit transaction. When users submit transactions, they are sent to the nodes on ... It is an agreement of all nodes in the Blockchain. To enable ..... demand sho

RFID technology is combined with the Electronic Product Code (EPC). .... indicators in order to trace the impacts of standards like RFID, EPCglobal and ebXML ...

Dec 31, 2006 - Information systems, supply chain, adoption, intention to adopt, ... Supply chain management (SCM) involves the management of .... of EDI," in: Proceedings of the 14th International Conference of ... Rogers, E., M. Diffusion of Innovat

suites, and onto strategic planning agendas.” The key themes that came out in the literature over the last twenty years are the concepts of: green design, green operations, reverse logistics, waste management and green manufacturing (Guide & Srivas

MAS (Multi Agent System) for supply chain management and provides a review ... based on the holonic enterprise model [10] with the Foundation for Intelligent ...

the fact that this topic was Google-searched 252,000 times in November 2011 ... Here, this data is connected to temperature and weather patterns, Tesco ..... we analyze the performance of a machine then we can predict before the break down.

digital supply chains. We explain how supply chain integration through the blockchain technology can achieve disruptive transformation in digital supply chains and networks. 1. ... to move all stakeholders jointly toward standardized integration of b

Keywords: SCM, Supply Chain strategy, Literature Review. 1. INTRODUCTION. In the current competitive scenario ... into aspects of supply planning, collaboration, execution and performance management. 6. Supply Chain .... operations strategy and suppl

Abstract: Today green supply chain management (GSCM) has caused .... multi-objective decision-making model by using game theory and network model. ... some modification to Kaplan and Nortons's balanced scorecard method and ... quality management and

Oct 13, 2014 - 2Global Partnerships, Partnership for Supply Chain Management (PFSCM), Arlington, VA, USA .... ity to aggregate orders to achieve certain supply and .... Product/supplier selection. Forecasting. Procurement. Distribution. Use. Inventor

Not having good quality of human resource. •. Quality human resource learn and use new technology easily. •. Due to financial restriction quality of human resource is barrier. • efficient policies should be adopt to remove these barriers. • o

is not immune to systemic failure, as demonstrated by Barings Bank collapse in 1995, ... internal organizational processes in risk assessment and response, and can be improved by better equipping and training of staff and improved managerial control

are derived from new markets and sources of supplies that are open up for all ... Xu yung (7) define third party logistics as an external logistics ... Reduce personnel and equipment costs. ... inventory, rate negotiation, intermodal services, Import

Apr 16, 2012 - Despite the increasing amount of attention paid to Supply chain management (SCM) practices by practitioners .... considering the importance of customer satisfaction in supply chain management strategy (Williams & Visser,. 2002). 3. ...