IRJET- Data Security using Encryption on Multi-Cloud

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ABSTRACT. To enhance the system for secret data communication over unsecure channel supported Color Image and. Encrypted info concealment ...

digital signature and homomorphic encryption algorithm. Using a secure k-means data mining approach I will divide the. Big Data, expecting that the data to be ...

ABSTRACT. Problem faced by today's communicators is not only security but also the speed of communication and size of content.In the present paper, a scheme has been proposed which uses the concept of compression and data encryption. In first phase t

operation, data owner needs to download the data perform the user .... key is (n, g). The private (decryption) key is (lambda, µ). ... cloud. This involves repeated encryption and uploads action. Hence it is time consuming process for owner and it i

processed away from the user and the cloud service provider, privacy and integrity of the ... paper proposes a practical and efficient method for providing security to the data stored ... Keywords: data security, federated cloud, homomorphic encrypti

He proposed various encryption algorithms such as AES, DES, RSA and ... DES takes less space than TDES but DES is not a secure algorithm because after 2^ ...

paper first make a chaotic map of the image using S-DES. Then use that chaotic image as a key for encrypting the image using S-DES. .... Through Matlab imitation research, the key ... this step of DES is a mixture of a substitution code and a.

suppose that this method is particularly companionable for multifaceted data warehouse environments. Key words: Query, prevention, detection, encryption, decryption, datawarehouse, datamining . 1. Introduction. Nowadays numerous ... Data warehouse te

data is uploaded unsecurely which has a high risk of being hacked by some malicious people. Secondly, the data ... steganography using images for protecting the integrity of data which is a very good approach however , the security of data during ...

reliance upon this deprecated algorithm is a serious error from a security design ... are a number of cryptanalytic attacks against DES, and while some of. Kelly. Informational .... financial applications such as stock/securities trading. This has ..

Thapar University. Patiala. Punjab-147004, India. ABSTRACT. Nowadays secure and safe transmission of data is a very important aspect for all internet users.

Internet through the web based tools and applications, then direct .... Fig.3 Data Upload and Download module ... System will send a verification link on data.

for sharing on third party server known as cloud servers, which are not within the same ... The problem of simultaneously achieving security and data confidentiality and fine- ... Index Terms— Attribute based encryption, Cloud computing, Fine-grain

IJSRD - International Journal for Scientific Research & Development| Vol. 2, Issue 09, 2014 | ISSN (online): 2321-0613. All rights reserved by 96.

bio-molecular DNA and computing by means of molecular technical ... upon which life is formed. Strands of .... used by national governments for cracking secret codes, or by airlines ... 1999,

secret keys to a user independently without knowing any- .... (pk, pk ). • Re-encryption key generation oracle model. .... reports failure and exits; if ϖ = 0, B returns.

Oct 2, 2008 - stream, our self-encryption (SE) scheme generates a keystream by randomly .... public. As a consequence, attacks against the IV setup of stream cipher have been very successful [29]. Due to the weakness with the IV setup, more than 25%