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Logic Systems Laboratory, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,. CH-1015 ... and self-healing. In addition to its pedagogical virtues, this project introduces a new concept, the reconfigurable computing tissue, that binds tightly together ... value,

A.P. Gantapara, F.T. Rabouw, J. Hilhorst, J.L. Peters, O. Konovalov, A.V. Petukhov, M. Dijkstra, L.D. Siebbeles, S. van Aert, S. Bals, D. Vanmaekelbergh, Nat.

energy consumption is 17.1% in total final energy consump- ... work, including appliance states recognition, energy conser- .... In this section, we will describe the detailed process flow ..... For example, we set up 30 minutes to heat food.

commercially available EPID and the accompanying software, PortalVision™ 6.1. Varian aS500,. PortalVision 6.1, Varian Medical Systems, Palo Alto, CA.

project, we decided to realize a giant electronic watch capable of self-repair and self-healing. ... Conception, birth, growth, maturity, illness, old age, death: this is the life cycle of living ..... In the normal time counting mode. (WH = 0, H = 0

Not for commercial use or unauthorized distribution. at PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIV on February 12, 2008 Downloaded from ... THE JOURNAL OF APPLIED BEHAVIORAL SCIENCEMarch 2006. Wagner, Newell / REPAIRING ERP. Repairing ERP. Produ

Functional Appliances. ▫ Andreasen Activator. ▫ Bionator. ▫ Frankle Functional Regulator FR2. ▫ Harvold Activator. ▫ Teuscher Appliance. ▫ Clark Twin Blocks.

Cells experience numerous external signals which they must respond to. ... regulates transcription both indirectly through CaM-dependent kinases and ... In conclusion, this thesis describes the identification of CaM as a dual regulator of ...... anim

asthma asthm atelectas atelectas bicarbonate. (bicarbonate) bilirubin. (bilirubin) ... metformin metformin methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus mrsa nausea.

matid or the sister chromatid may provide the tem- plate for repair (i.e. using either DSBR or SDSA). It has been suggested that the preferred meiotic inter- homolog recombination is promoted by meiosis-spe- cific components that inhibit inter-sister

naros, S. Cherevko, A. R. Zeradjanin, K. J. J. Mayrhofer, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2014, 53, 102–121; Angew. Chem. 2014, 126, 104–124; c) X. Ge, A. Sumboja, D.

Students become disengaged overtime when using tutoring software. One particular externalization of disengagement is “gaming” the system, or moving rapidly ...

ize the class of minimum self-repairing graphs, which have the fewest edges for a .... Two vertices x and y in a graph G are twins if and only if NG(x) = NG(y).

In this report, we make use of process knowledge captured in process models, and provide a method to repair missing events in the logs. This way, we facilitate.