IRJET- Event Management

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aspects of a project and the motivation of all those involved in it to achieve .... that could use input are available to review; lay out a ... and administrative aspects,.

We undertake a detailed context analysis of business processes of the Malaysian Games (MG)to highlight blind spots of the process and enable the identification of an initial sports event knowledge management. (KM) framework. Firstly, our CommonKADS d

fair constructors, talent agencies and sound and light engineers are involved in the organization and creation of events. Numerous ..... languages ranges from the basic orientation on paradigms (e.g. object-oriented or non-object-oriented) or modelin

Our approach is therefore to reduce the complexity of security probes by means of an Security Strategy Meta Model (SSMM), abstracting from the event processing language. The SSMM allows users to define security monitors at an abstract, less technical

While part 1 defines service management basics, the ... improvement was introduced in the actual ITIL version V3. ..... ecs_ds.pdf, last access:15.03.2010.

We believe that creation and dissemination of knowledge is essential for any effective management. Our mission is to create future leaders, managers and professionals in the. Global Event Management field by offering superior learning opportunities,

development created a strong demand for event management systems. (EMS) which are able to offer advanced services now only known in the desktop ... of end-systems based on existing technologies such as Enterprise JavaBeans [1],. XML [2], Internet, et

Jul 28, 2016 - virtual power plant (VPP) has been proposed to represent the ..... such as by streaming data from a local weather station to all buildings within.

Jan 19, 2018 - About this is written in the article [8]. Asynchronous method ... quests could be scalable in more easily way, in contrast to the typical implementation based on the threaded model. For example, in [10] described Node.js server. Also n

Emma is a personalized calendar management assistant. It integrates commercial .... larger task of automated planning of one's time and tasks is addressed by ...

Platform for Security and Compliance Operations Success. Chris Bloom, RSA, The ... Operations … more types: firewalls, VPNs, hosts, applications, storage …

Abstract: Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems are today a key component of complex enter- prise networks. ... to detect misconfigurations and gave the security operation center team more insight about processes in the network. ..