IRJET- Examination Management Automation System

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[9] Hassine Moungla, Nora Touati and Ahmed. Mehaoua (2013), “Cost Efficient Deployment and. Reliable Routing Modeling Based Multi-Objective. Optimization ...

not superior, the developing process can be a case study for a project- based teaching style. Furthermore, the process of developing this software can show several issues in developing an educational support application. Keywords―Scheduling, Web-ba

Dec 4, 2017 - Center, Hampton,. Virginia. Holly DeVries,. Fred G. Freeman, and Peter Mikulka. Old Dominion. University,. Norfolk,. Virginia. December. 2001.

deals with the users day to day activities, easy to understand for employees, provide extensibility- scalability in the application, automate the business process, suitable for small and mid scaled industry, provides facilities for many departments a

Many process plants have an outdated Distributed Control System (DCS) currently in ... show why a new automation system is better than an older DCS. ..... 6.

provides external click management i.e. prevent students from accessing online ... we decided to design online examination system for Android. Mobile OS. ... reduces the manual work as it safes the time that will take to ... module, registration modu

system has three components: an Arduino microcontroller for connecting the appliances, a. Bluetooth module for signal transfer, and a smartphone running the Android application. The system also supports voice command for naïve users with command sen