IRJET- IoT based Weather Monitoring System using Raspberry Pi

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KEYWORDS: ECG, Arduino Uno, Zigbee, Python language, SSL encryption. I. INTRODUCTION .... This analog ECG signal is digitized by 10 bit ADC of the ATMEGA 328 microcontroller in. Arduino Uno Board. ... MOD-EKG is digital heart-rate monitor based on TI

gas sensors for detecting the gases like CO, CO2 etc to monitor both indoor and outdoor air quality. The results obtained ... Raspberry Pi, Arduino Mega, Web Socket, Sensors, IOT. 1. INTRODUCTION. The air we inhale ... matter, nitrogen dioxide (NO2),

ABSTRACT: Healthcare and wellness management is one of the most promising applications of information technology. The telemedical system focuses on the measurement and evaluation of vital parameters, e.g. ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, puls

Mar 3, 2016 - monitoring system so that the healthcare professionals can monitor the patients ... In our system we are measuring patient's parameters (ECG, temperature, heart .... [3] Healthcare based on IoT using Raspberry Pi. [Online].

network system and Internet of things (IOT), by using. WSN it develops an ..... [1] C. Pfister, Getting Started with the Internet of. Things. ... sheets/LPC2148.pdf.

sensors data through embedded system and this embedded system upload ... programming language to control the industrial parameters and access ... Intel. Quark. X1000. –. 400MH z single core. Free scale i.MX. 6SoloX. 1GHz. ARM. Cortex-. A9 with. Cor

cost solution to automation of an entire house, a hotel or even a small-scale industry, which is exactly what has been proposed in this paper. This will ... serious potential for smart-systems, the RPi may hold the key ... set it as either high or lo

Feb 2, 2016 - Keywords — Internet of Things; Wi-fi; Wireless; Sensors; .... on chip. Wi-Fi Module: Here we used ESP8266 Wi-Fi module which is.

in this project we concentrate totally on the present generation life how ... devices such as digital watches and MP3 players, to large stationary ... up of the system. After that the system will be individual and self sustained. The custom Raspberry

We are using Python, Android and Web Application or. Website ... Keywords :— Raspberry Pi, Relays, Sensor, Detectors, Python; Android; Web Interface. ... microcontroller. Raspberry pi plays a role to handle the execution of code and to process it.

IOT Based Detection of Cardiac Arrythmias Using Raspberry PI. 1Akash Chatlani ... aim of this study is an ECG signal classification using. Neural Network ... due to IoT, continuous monitoring of biomedical signals ... using wavelet and timing feature

Abstract - This paper describes a Surveillance Robot ... climbing robots currently available using vacuum suction ..... Controlled Spy-Robot” Third International.