IRJET- Remote Facsimile Management

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unit), and no more complex mapping between text and image is envisaged, then the ... a graphic resource. ... The facsimile element is used to represent a digital facsimile. It appears within ... ..... Page 30 ...

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Grâce au télécopieur, au téléphone sans fil et au téléphone cellulaire, des personnes non au- ... British Columbia and Dr. A. ..... search Council of Canada, 1996.

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Masoni et al., 1996; Osborne et al., 2002b). When functional relationships between hyperspectra and plant properties cannot be envisioned using simple or multiple regressions, more sophisticated statistical approaches such as principal component, neu

Happier customers: The quality of services can be maintained. – Market for new features to existing customers. – Reduced help desk and technical support cost.