Local and global sparse Gaussian process approximations

proximations, in that they try to summarize all the training data via a small set ... ance matrix, and an O(N2) cost per test case for pre- diction. I...

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Aki Vehtari. Department of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science. Helsinki University of Technology. 02015 TKK, Finland. Abstract. Much recent work has concerned sparse ap- proximations to speed up the Gaussian pro- cess regression from th

Computer Science and Statistics Depts. Purdue University. West Lafayette, IN 47907, USA. Abstract ... and researchers write papers collaboratively and cre- ate co-author networks. Given network datasets with ... The latent classes provide building bl

For exam- ple, the network nodes are interdependent in- stead of independent of each other, and the data are known to be very noisy (e.g., miss- ing edges). .... −n2/2 det(K). −n/2 det(G). −n/2 exp{−. 1. 2 tr(K. −1MG. −1M. ⊤. )} (8) whe

We present a simple sparse greedy technique to approximate the maximum a posteriori estimate of Gaussian Processes with much improved scaling behaviour ...

Dec 2, 2016 - Hellinger distance between the true posterior distribution and ... extensions of this work related to Gaussian process emulators used in practice is included in the ...... Twice Hellinger distance squared. 10-16. 10-14. 10-12. 10-10. 10

over the function values is another Gaussian process with a mean and ... series setting requires a second layer of approximations, such as variational free-energy methods [17] .... 4), a short time Fourier transform was applied (20ms Gaus-.

In practice, a reasonable variance ... LAR efficiently computes the lasso solution paths of .... eral, it also has the potential to be applied to other .... 2http://www.gatsby.ucl.ac.uk/~snelson/ .... This sharp difference reveals the great advantage

model for robot model-based control on a Barrett WAM robot arm. Keywords: Robotics ... tracking control and real-time learning is demonstrated on a Barrett whole arm manipulator (WAM) [7]. We can show that its ... hydraulic tubes, complex friction, g

for sequence annotation (Altun et al., 2004) and prostate cancer prediction (Chu et al., 2005), EP for ..... 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Figure3: Gaussian Process Classification: Prior, Likelihood and exact Posterior: Nine num- bered quadrants show posterior obta

1 BAYESIAN MODELS. For parameter w and data D, a large class of Bayesian ... In contrast the Variational Gaussian (VG) method di- rectly approximates the ...

support of NCRG for making possible my study. ... In preparing this thesis I have been helped a lot by Dan Cornford and Wei Lee Woon ...... dfD P(D|f)p0(f, fD).

applications and reflects the local character of the quasi-interpolants constructed in Sect. 3. .... ID-n/2. 2:: u(hm)T/(X -;;). - u(x)1 ~ 1=1 laO~~x)I(VVh)IOlco(T/, D). hmEB(x,l

Feb 3, 2017 - the magic of ℓ1 minimization in a homework set when I was a ... kind of compressive sensing scheme with linear decoding ... signal recovery accuracy, using high-dimensional geometry, we give a ..... 3.4. The combinatorial exponents an

Radford Neal's software for Gaussian processes is available at: ... prior over functions is called a Gaussian process. ..... This Fourier transform is necessarily a .... are parameterized by variational parameters which are adjusted in order to.

approximations and the multiplier bootstrap can be used for modern ...... like conclusions (as explained below) in a model with non-Gaussian noise, having only ...

We present a new sparse Gaussian Process (GP) model for regression. ..... Finite decompositions in terms of harmonic basis functions, such as Fourier series, ..... Other algorithms, such as the variational approach of Titsias (2009) which focus ...

cess come with a great computational cost. Evaluating the ... were answered with variational inference (Titsias, 2009). We suggest the use of ..... 4This seems to work better in practice. Figure 1. ..... Mackay, David. The evidence framework applied

Abstract— In this paper, we consider the problem of learning a two dimensional spatial model of a gas distribution with a mobile robot. Building maps that can be ...

[email protected] Abstract. Despite the success of Gaussian processes (GPs) in modelling spatial stochastic processes, dealing with large datasets is ...

Jul 27, 2015 - problem, in a single–terminal setup, under linear decoding, but ..... density function (pdf), the formulation in (9) can be extended as follows. .... ∑S. Tr{XS } subject to [ R−1 + g2 σ2w. D⊤. S QDS − D⊤. S YDS. IK. IK. XS

Nov 11, 2013 - consider applications to computational biology, computer vision, natural language .... Data from competition on Kaggle that ran in October 2012.

To justify the first approximation in (12), define κε h as in Lemma 4.4 and fix a c > 0 with B ⊂ Bc. 0. Then the mentioned lemma yields ε2−dEµ∣. ∣. ∣. ∣. ∣.

Stefan Schaal1,2 [email protected] ... Schaal & Atkeson [4] introduced a non-memory-based ...... [1] Christopher G Atkeson, Andrew W Moore, and Stefan Schaal.

Feb 4, 2014 - a mixture model, utilizing ME to fit the data makes inference (unneccesarily) complicated. Hence, we are interested in a probabilistic model that captures the best of both worlds without making the mixture as- sumption: A generative mod