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Journal of Environmental Management (2002) 66, 377±393 doi:10.1006/jema.2002.0593, available online at ..... izing, evaluating and management technol...

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of county-level census and economic data between ... and Morrison; and in Wisconsin they were. Adams, Douglas, Florence, Marathon, Vilas, ...... using GIS.

(Received 26 February 2005; in final form 8 August 2005) .... measurements of the environmental influence of urban land-use zoning. 2. .... 1z lTB/r. П чlne. П3ч where l is the wavelength of emitted radiance (for which the peak response and.

Mar 2, 2018 - tionship between land surface IR emissivity and soil moisture. ... and the MetOp Advanced Scatterometer (ASCAT).13 In addition, the recent.

logit and binary logistic models to measure travel mode choice and decision to internalize trips, the evidence here ... INTRODUCTION. Assumptions about travel behavior feed directly into the travel modeling process, ... Newer models integrating trans

Jun 30, 2014 - atmospheric conditions (water vapor and temperature). At present, several ... water vapor content must be known for the exact time of image acquisition, as well as the knowledge of ...... sistema-informacion-agroclimatica-regadio/Red-E

Za dobivanje NDVI, NDBI i NDWI i temperature površine korištene su satelitske slike. Landsata 5 TM. .... m) and free download availability of website of US.

a clinometer and a compass. The aspect was later converted into soil moisture classes, ranging from 1 (dry) to 20 (wet). These discrete soil moisture classes ...

Öland and the church of Öja on southern Gotland, with the famous tower called Gra gasi,“Gray ...... “Båkar och kummel i Loftahammars och Östra Eds skärgårdar.

use of Twitter data in urban studies, especially in relation to land uses. Section 3 reports the ... Section 4 contains an analysis of the results and section 5 presents the main ... 1–2 percent of the whole stream of tweets (Andrienko et al., 2013

Follow this and additional works at: ... Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 48(1), 491-498.

monocarbide. J Mater Sci 1982;17:2657–60. [12] Kelly A, Groves GW. Crystallography and crystal defects. Lon- don: Longman; 1973. [13] Stoll WM, Santhanam ...

13909. 15407. Clark. 3544 1323 3075. 3069. 3094. 3428. Custer. 336. 125 291. 291. 293 ... Total nitrogen concentrations in septic tank effluent range from 25 ...

and the R.M. Young Wind Sentry Anemometer (both. Campbell Scientific, Inc. ..... that when calculating these metrics for wind direction, the WRF-simulated or ...

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The concept of “cognitive fusion” refers to the extent to which a person believes his thoughts and ... Relationship between drug use and psychopathological variables of risk in university students. 435 al., 1986). This instrument ..... y no clín

The popularity of Facebook and other online social-networking sites has led to research on the potential risks of use, including Internet addiction. Previous ...

likelihood algorithm implemented in Idrisi Kilimanjaro software. Accuracy of classified maps was evaluated using 150 sample points sistematically distributed.

understanding about processes and seek to build models that simulate outcomes in specific places. .... engaged in agricultural activity (e.g., Lynam 2003) or residential development (e.g.,. Bockstael 1996). .... As with all fitting techniques, the sp

May 1, 2018 - LULC Type. Area in ha (Percentage Change). 2015. 2030. Baseline. BAU .... We modeled the LULC changes using statistical projection and ...

Aug 25, 2014 - Predicted tumor doses for 50% control (TD50) in 2 Gy fractions were estimated for each assumed uptake profile and for various possible cell ...

Jul 29, 2008 - 1986), traps coarse particulate organic matter and sediment ... fastest growing county in the state; some of the most rapid housing ... Both geography and land use divide the watershed into two parts. .... each land class to characteri

Jul 8, 2010 - and the relationship among media use, BMI, socio-demographic profiles, and snacking ..... great deal of time indoors rather than outdoors,.

Nov 1, 2011 - selection, since some studies take into account only those .... Hamilton and Hamilton (1997) found empirical evidence about the hypothesis, stating ..... includes all the individual level answers on vocal questions. ...... available at

The relationship between substance use and exit security on psychiatric wards. Journal ... What this paper adds. •. Drug use is almost as prevalent as alcohol use amongst inpatients on acute psychiatric wards. On average such incidents occur .... Q