I should like to start by raising several standard elements in the discussion of mysticism and mystical experience in order to dispose of them at the ...

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Although Ian Hacking is a constructionist, he concludes that constructionists cannot simply be making the debunking point that the category in question is socially unified rather than naturally unified because the claim would be. 'redundant'. I think

nity to law and psychiatry as a subject of scholarly research. Moore deploys a style of rigorous philosophical argument which brings a judi- cious and balanced good sense to all the legal issues he discusses. At the same time, Moore advances the disc

PDF hosted at the Radboud Repository of the Radboud University. Nijmegen. The following full text is a ..... appears; Sartre uses the made-up word niantiser: 'to denothing' one may translate). (IV). By a systematic application of the .... ful and cal

Jul 23, 2015 - duced into Greek history by Homer and Hesiod. • 520 BCE, Pythagoras, advanced .... A research problem may persist as a meditation target for days, weeks, or even years. Daily, or frequently .... Here more modern terms perhaps refers

cation of hidden divine teaching contrasts with Bernard of Clairvaux in the twelfth century who interpreted it as 'the ... expresses the highest form of its whole inner teaching. Indeed, if. Christianity had not had the ... whose Song of Songs commen

May 31, 2016 - gious philosophy: 'all religion (...) aims at a person's total ... Remarkably similar considerations can be found in recent philosophical studies of religious experience of the .... domains of schizophrenic psychopathology, has been pr

book The Singularity is Near. In practice, the term is used in a ... Internet forums, popular media and books, and workshops organized by the independent Singu- larity Institute. Perhaps the highly ...... certain intellectual endeavours would come to

for followers of quantum mysticism, it is the mind that exerts power over ... Quantum mysticism adds a new element to the notion of free will and, in turn, personal ... It says what's happening within us will create what's happening outside of us. ..

the understanding of the working class, because Marxism assumes the existence of a true consciousness in which .... ability of science to produce value-free truths by value-free methods has failed. (Seidman and Wagner 1992). .... unrecognized change

Follow this and additional works at: This is brought ... of feeling "breathes the pure serene. There is a sense ...... criticism, of phrases that are thoughtlessly destructive. The. NEWS does not set itself up as

In both passages the sun is progenitor of a spiritual faculty: the. Neoplatonic nous and that part of the blood which 'serves the soul'. As we shall see, in both Neoplatonism and. Gurdjieff, central roles in their cosmologies are played by 'suns': th

This Article is brought to you for free and open access by [email protected] State University. It has been .... implies becoming one's own self. ...... Storr, Anthony. The Essential Jung. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1983. Watts, Alan

This essay considers the origins of theoretical understanding in lived experience and the implications this principle might have on our understanding of Mircea Eliade's approach to religion. It inspects possible sources of Eliade's theoretical unders

Apr 10, 2015 - Taylor Shofner (Centre). John Winstead ... “Character as a Mode of Evaluation”. Kate Abramson. Indiana University. 7-9. Dinner (to be arranged informally after the session). Joint Meeting of the ..... presents theoretical requireme

Apr 2, 2012 - gal system which though might look different in form from the western law but have the same purpose of guiding man into the ... were repugnant to natural justice, equity and good conscience”. Examples of such laws can .... founded on

Pursuing Franklin's Dream: Philosophical and Historical Roots of Service-Learning. Ira Harkavy • Matthew Hartley. Published online: 21 September 2010. Ó Society for Community Research and Action 2010. Abstract Two decades ago service-learning as a

sanctuary will be explored in order to assess their role in the theological understan& ing of the biblical sanctuary motif. I have organized this essay in six sections. Following this (1) introduction,. (2) I will identdy the connection between sanct

The liberal world-image is still strongly committed to the view that restrictive policies in matters of religious, ethical, or political conviction are solely the result of power .... certain factors such as race, sex, religion, national origin, or i

Java, SQL, Petri nets, and the Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF)" (p. xii), a broader list than most knowledge ... an extensive set of exercises at the end of each chapter and answers to selected exer- cises at the end of the ... "Peano began the pr

Institut für Experimentalphysik, Universität Wien. Boltzmanngasse 5, 1090 Wien, Austria email: Anton. ... Heisenberg, Pauli and Wheeler. If we assume that a deeper foundation of quantum ...... ordering the experiences." [30]. Werner Heisenberg: "Ph

for choosing among competing cladograms? Some have asserted repeatedly that being able to assign statistical ... affirmative answer lies in Popperian testabil- ity (see below). Probability has been interpreted in many ..... Such an e will make p(e,hb

very close dualism of the material and the social? Are the different lenses compatible with one another and, if so, are they complementary or redundant? How do ontological considerations impact the epistemological? As for the epistemological facet, h

the dynamic capability to renew advantages over time (Winter, 1987; Teece, Pisano and Shuen,. Key words: competitive advantage; philosophy; logic; epistemology; resource-based view. *Correspondence to: Thomas C. Powell, Australian Graduate. School of

faced by associationism in the history of psychology, they claim, have amply shown it to be seriously inadequate – mainly because of its limited capacity to explain complex, semantically coherent, thought processes. They regard the apparent link wi