Neuromorphic computing with multi-memristive synapses

Nov 17, 2017 - Brain-inspired neuromorphic computing has recently emerged as a promising avenue towards building the next gener- ation of intelligent ...

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Facilitates algorithms inspired by biological neural systems ... Routing of spikes / packets .... We don't understand the function of very simple nervous systems.

Feb 27, 2013 - connected by billions of synapses in real-time, and using only about 3W of power [18]. As opposed to the neuro-computing approaches that are mainly concerned with fast and large simulations of spiking neural networks, the Neurogrid has

the physics of neural processing elements by exploiting the physics of the devices and materials used [4, 5]. ... Neural Systems [4], and the creation of the Telluride Neuromorphic Engineering. Workshop, the field of ..... in the I–V curve of an Hf

From a network security stand point, it will be important for the Army ... Network Science Division, U.S. Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, MD 20783, USA.

Sep 2, 2013 - Giacomo Indiveri1, Bernabé Linares-Barranco2, Robert Legenstein3, ...... [14] Jin X, Lujan M, Plana L A, Davies S, Temple S and Furber S.

Institute of Neuroinformatics. University/ETH Zurich. CH-8057 Zurich, Switzerland [email protected] ..... Some of the ideas that led to the design and ...

May 21, 2018 - and crossbar as parallel architecture, memristor crossbars are ... and applicability of memristor crossbars based neuromorphic computing for.

tional special issues on Hot Chips and Top Picks, we had ... computer-vision technology with recent advances in machine learning will continue ... romorphic many-core processor. Loihi is a 60-mm2 chip fabricated in Intel's 14-nanometer pro-.

Transactions On Multi-Scale Computing Systems (TMSCS), vol. 2, no. 4, pp. 265-276,. 2016. 4. Six Conference paper have been published/accepted including ...

Intel Core 2 QX9770. Fijitsu SPARC64 VIIIfx. Intel Core i7 5960x. Dr. Raymond Kurzweil. The Age of Intelligent Machines. MIT Press, 1990. ISBN 0-262-11121-7.

1. Yiran Chen & Hai (Helen) Li. Electrical and Computer Engineering. University of Pittsburgh ... 2020. Million instructions per second (MIPS). 10-3. 10-6. 103. 100. 109. 106. 10-9. Monroe Calculator ... DELL 340/2G. Mac G3. Pentium III.

Nov 10, 2016 - Neural networks have proven effective for solving many difficult computational problems. Im- ... information [16, 17], signal communication via ..... 7(c) the inputs to the two receivers are drawn with different col- ors, emphasizing t

Canonical circuits (synfire chains, WTA, attractor circuits). - Balanced random networks. - Liquid compufing, temporal pattern idenfificafion. - Minicolumn Layer ...

design of ultra-low power neuromorphic circuits and architectures ... Low voltage, compact and fast switching spin-neurons can provide the essential neuron.

Adrian Rothenbuhler. Thesis Title: A Memristor-based Neuromorphic Computing Application ... and for that I am forever grateful. iv ...... 21. MRII Algorithm. Back in 1960, Widrow used Rosenblatt's perceptron to build what he called an Adaline.

by the nervous system, it now represents a wider con- cept that bridges computing ..... and issues spike events into, a packet-switching com- munications system ...

Neuromorphic Logic Networks and Robust. Stochastic Computing Under Large Perturbations and Uncertainties. A. H. Tran. 1. , S. N. Yanushkevich. 1.

Hai (Helen) Li, Senior Member, IEEE, Qinru Qiu, Member, IEEE, and Yu Wang, Senior Member, IEEE. Ç. AS artificial intelligence technology becomes pervasive.

-Beyond CMOS Emerging Computing Architecture-. Basic Research ... April 4, 2016 ... ... Demonstrate integrated system beyond Von Neumann archite

Jul 11, 2016 - USA: SyNAPSE (DARPA) - IBM True North. – EU: Human Brain ....

May 17, 2017 - connections to implement coincidence detection, a function used ..... was generated with a Keithley 3,390 Arbitrary Function Generator.

whose architecture and design principles are based on those of biological nervous ..... Biological neurons communicate with one another using dedicated ...

analog spiking neurons with single-memristor synapses are presented in Perez-. Carrasco et al. [13], Afifi et al. [10], and a digital implementation is proposed in.

Encyclopedia of Computational Neuroscience ..... 10.1109/ISCAS.2004.1329536. Chicca E, Indiveri G, Douglas R ...