Operational Data Classes for Establishing Situational Awareness in

Network defense, and in the military realm, information dominance have been hot topics over the last .... pre-established rules or signatures, to dete...

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information that is collected during a disaster incident. The static information consists of: reference data, e.g. topographic maps ... and nursing homes; utility networks, e.g. gas, water, electricity; cadastre containing owners and cadastral ......

Dec 1, 2015 - (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) licence. Full details of this licence are available at: .... transition within the general IMM Bayesian filtering framework [16]. To actually ... Then, by taking into account the knowledge of flight rules, the target .

Jun 17, 2015 - The Rapid. Deployment Kit (RDK) is the big data solution that supports the data ingest, correlation, ... Planning. Continuous. Risk. Management. Network. Management. Enterprise ... DISA Command Center, OPS, ... including USCYBERCOM, NS

Esri National Security Summit - July 2015 .... Promote Efficient and Cost Effective Resource Deployment ... Portal for ArcGIS, provides users of all skills levels.

with information about available resources (e.g., medical facilities, rescue and law ... uncommon for each city within a county to have its own EOC where rep- resentatives from fire, police ..... ambiguation framework is capable of solving two common

Improving Situational Awareness in Military. Operations using Augmented Reality. Alejandro Mitaritonna 1. 1 Instituto de Investigaciones Científicas y. Técnicas ...

Network Centric Warfare (NCW)[1][2][4][6][8] is “the conduct of military ... Network Centric Operations have gained center stage in modern military and security.

May 25, 2006 - background in MCL method and the applications of Hospitability Map, ...... Vtag speed of tagged Robots. 0.10m/s. FrameRate system frame rate.

Oct 31, 1994 - rations, rate of flow), and driver behavior (our intentions, intentions of other drivers) are some important aspects of situational awareness. While the simpler safety concerns can be addressed by constant monitor- ing of nearby traffi

[13] NATO Multilateral Interoperability Program Working Group, www.mipsite.org. [14] Shneiderman B, Visual Data Exploration Access and Analysis, 2nd Annual ...Missing:

Yours faithfully,. Mark McCarthy. Paola Primatesta. E-mail: [email protected] DOI: 10.1093/pubmed/fdh166. Sirs,. We read with interest the article by Taylor and Cheng1 which describes the significant social class ... made good use of postcode dat

Signal Magazine, AFCEA, and Tim Bass 1999, 2000. All rights ... David Gruber, Communications Squadron Commander, Hickam. Air Force Base .... for determining the most effective courses of action to counter future hostile activities in.

Crew resource management (CRM) training. CAP 737. ... PDF. Endsley, M.R. (1999). Situation awareness in aviation systems. In D.J. Garland, J.A. Wise, &.

DSA that can support prediction of performance and inform the interpretation of ... Incident Commander, watching the fire-fighter, realises that there is a risk and ...

The goal of this project will be to create several military-focused applications on the Android Platform. ... Cursor-on-Target data format which Harris' radios use. .... all of the process artifacts such as the task board, burndown charts, and backlo

shore—a kind of modern equivalent to the early coastline sketches. We have been conducting an investigation of ways to present such photographic imagery to the mariner. Our focus has been on navigation in restricted waters, using the Piscataqua Riv

These effects should ensure that teams make better and timelier decisions, that their .... standard Microsoft Office applications that support collaborative editing.

“The objective of the Space Situational Awareness (SSA) programme is to support the European independent utilisation of, and access to, space for research or ...

California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology and. 2. Computer Science ... awareness through manual paper-tracking systems. Such systems often ... plume locations, law enforcement zones, and device locations.

running a geophysical modeling application after connecting ... for the application of machine ML-, DM- and IDA- ...... Currently, he is on deputation from.

contribution of this paper is a feasibility study. We investigate if .... empty room that has a different photograph projected .... from the National Library of Medicine.

how to conduct missions simultaneously at tactical, operational, and strategic ... “collaborative group of users who must exchange information in pursuit of their ... Throughout the early part of the present decade, the DoD possessed almost no ...

Background: Patient flow from intensive care to acute care units is often problematic and many discharges .... What professional groups were involved in the discharge process? .... and acute care unit activities and processes related to ICU patient d

Introduction ... In our work, we envision a speech-based situation awareness system, that we refer to as Observational. Speech ... starts, breaths, and repetitions.