Pattern formation and symmetry-breaking

exothermic chemical reaction fuels the pattern-formation through a coupling of Marangoni and .... velocities were measured using the motion analysis m...

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Hox Genes. • Homeotic gene paralogues. • Gene duplication caused multiple copies to form. • Expressed along dorsal axis. – Neural tube, neural crest, paraxial ...

May 17, 2008 - Keywords: Economic-Ecological Systems, Pattern Formation, Reaction-. Diffusion ... Arid and semi-arid lands are regarded as a classic example of a sys- tem with ...... Systems, The American Naturalist, 159, 209-218. 50 ...

J. C. SMITH. 'progress zone' at the tip of the limb, and this time may be measured in terms of cell division cycles (Lewis, 1975; Wolpert, Tickle & Sampford, 1979).

Pattern formation and developmental mechanisms. Unresolved issues of pattern formation. Editorial overview. Norbert Perrimon* and Claudio Stern? Addresses.

Centre for Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Institute,. Oxford, OX1 ..... form color; successive panels show how the pattern becomes increasingly complex as the domain size increases. Note, how- ever, that the pattern effectively disappears for ver

16 in early visual [26,27], auditory [46], and somatosensory. 17 [65] neocortex, and ... 27 reviews). 28 ...... 652 by the hexagram) is reduced. Fig. 7(B) shows the ...

Jun 1, 2010 - degree of freedom for a polariton condensate, and considering the effects of an applied magnetic field, we theoretically discuss the ... particle flow with the dynamics due to the spin degree of freedom that microcavity .... process is

Jun 8, 2009 - of cave fish evolution (Richardson, 2009c). Development. Some of .... Skin, cornea and stem cells - an interview with Danielle. Dhouailly Int. J.

are of obvious importance to leaf function, which relies on venation for the servicing of cells ...... absence of minor veins, aberrant bundle sheaths, and ab-.

veloped to quantify these CIMA gel experiments and various bifurcation analyses ...... I: p1,2 = σ , ..... of the quantities in question for ease of exposition. ..... We feel in practice, however, that it is not worth the extra effort required to co

Dec 2, 2014 - namics simulation for unpolarized (B) and linearly polarized (D) light. In both the experiment and the simulation a clear transition from a cylindrical to stripe pattern is found. The polarization direction is indicated by the black arr

overnight, and soaked in a cryoprotective solution (20% glycerol, 2%. DMSO in distilled water). ... borax, examined with the light microscope to identify cortical layers, and ... the Kruskal–Wallis test) has been applied only to VMAT body weights,.

Oregon. The colloid was synthesized by a surfactant-free method which .... particles are commercially unavailable in a surfactant-free ..... standard paradigm of pattern formation. ... 9410478 and the MRSEC Program of the NSF under Grant. No. ... The

left to stand for about two minutes, the surface begins to break up into a number of toroidal cells. These cells develop a .... ethane-1,2-diol. 2,2',2-nitrilotriethanol.

of the sound field we start with the two-dimensional wave equation c -2 32P 82P 82P. (10). 37 = + where c .... To rewrite this differential equation we derive from the boundary condition ..... case of standing waves in a two-dimensional geometry.

Jan 24, 2014 - imaging of nanoparticles [22], the necessity for electrical conduction ... They based their arguments around the phase diagram of a ..... reflect a switch in the domination of long- to short-range .... However, for intermediate values

Nov 15, 1995 - (26) Rosensweig, R. Ferrohydrodynamics; Cambridge University. (27) Dickstein, A. J.; Erramilli, S.; Goldstein, R. E.; Jackson, D. P.;. (28) Hu, Y.

Aug 12, 2009 - lattice spacing with only phase-slip defects, which do not change the ... band structure. We note ... know that xi= ik k y and jy = jk k x and it follows that. x y + y x= xy ..... velop the framework for a generalization of Hooke's law

Chemical reaction models: See more introduction in Murray's book. Thomas mechanism ... In 1952, Alan Turing published a paper “The chemical basis of morphogenesis” which is now regarded as the ... Turing was a key figure in the successful effort

Sep 26, 2012 - 3Instituto de Fı`sica Interdisciplinar y Sistemas Complejos (IFISC ), CSIC-UIB, ...... PDF [45,46]. The model is able to account for three types of social responses relevant in the biological context: escape and pursuit, pure avoidanc

Kessler demonstrated this by setting up a Poiseuille flow of C. nivalis cells through a U-tube container [81 ...... ley and Kessler model [130]. Thus the solution to ...

of Kolmogorov, Petrovsky, and Piskunov (KPP) [14] and Fisher [10] in 1937 ..... short time in the sense that. |u2 − 1| ≤ ϵ if t ≥. 1. 2 log. ∣. ∣. ∣. ∣(1. −. 1 .... Let us write the second order equation (4.1) of traveling wave into

They have been of interest from the origins of botany to the present: Masters ... (1983) in a recent book that classifies the different developmental origins of the ...

baFa. D t a b a. +. ∇. = ∂. ∂. +. ∇. = ∂. ∂. (1). F(a,b) and G(a,b) are the reaction terms, 2. ∇ is the Laplacian operator and Da and Db are the diffusion rates for.