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For a SDG, of non-aspect code, let x be the node representing try statement of the ..... space complexity of the CADS algorithm is O(n2), where n is t...

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proposed algorithm in comparison to the recent similar methods, both in noise suppression and detail preservation. Extensive ... and asymmetric trimmed median filters, such as method [6] and modified decision based ...... [7] S. Esakkirajan, T. Veera

In this sense, companies but also researchers are attracted by the cyberspace's data and the huge variety of different challenges that the analysis of the data collected from social ..... sensitive parameter for this clustering task (since it guides

courses are often not massive, at least not in the sense of fostering a large community of students in one learning environment. Rather, in many cases xMOOCs function more like the traditional IT-mediated learning management systems (Blackboard or Mo

Using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) to Control Chaos. Dr. Ibrahim Ighneiwa a. *, Salwa ... out of undesirable Chaos. In this work, Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) techniques were used to get a desirable output out of otherwise a Chaotic ..... Mak

FG!model,!we!present!results!of!a!statistical!analysis!demonstrating!that!amino!acids! at!nearby!sites!in!the!protein!structure!significantly!affect!substitution!probabilities.! We!then!show!results!for!a!comparison!of!the!FG!model!with!alternative!m

In DNA and protein sequences we show the existence of many DNA and amino acid sequences with different types and lengths of latent periodicity. The possible ... periodicity for different symbolical sequences is discussed. 1. ..... b - symbolic sequen

Such predictions and their experimental confirmations are discussed later. 2. MONISM AND DUALISM. The above arguments assume scientific monism, which states ... that this is the mainstay of monistic-materialistic science, such as physics). ..... Scie

false alarm rate) in scenarios where SLA violations are predicted for a video-on-demand service under changing load .... made using an infinite number of continuously arriving samples [6]. This restricts the number of available .... performing manual

audio, image and text learning; recently it has also challenged Recurrent Neural. Networks (RNNs) with ... that PoseNet allows us to improve the accuracy of CNN based sequence-to-sequence learning significantly ... English-to-German translation task,

propose research is a new approach by integrating the traditional V model and agile methodology to combining the ... Agile methodology has its own benefits but there are deficiency several of the features of traditional ..... generate clus-ters of ag

Dec 3, 2013 - ABSTRACT: The article discusses building models based on the reconstructed attractors of the time series. Discusses the use of the properties of dynamical chaos, namely to identify the strange attractors structure models. Here is used t

Jan 28, 2013 - Risk is unavoidable in business and risk management is needed amongst others to .... set of recommended countermeasure alternatives as output. Hence ... [p4, co4] v6. [p6, co6] v5. [p5, co5] v7. [p7, co7] pa pb pc pd pf pe. Fig. 3. Ris

feature selection methods with Naïve Bayes, classification and regression tree (CART), J48, SVM and random forest classifiers. Their results also showed that the random forest classifier exhibits the best classification accuracy (94.9%). Rovelli and

Mar 18, 2017 - A deeper question that is more relevant to the design of an artificial autonomous agent is why a particular ... people choose to work on tasks based on the value they assign to the outcome and their ability to reach that goal. ... purs

Apr 30, 2016 - clustering algorithms when run on big data platforms like ... Keywords: Satellite images, Clustering, Scalable K- means++, Distributed Processing, Hadoop, MapReduce,. Spark. I. INTRODUCTION. Satellite imagery data is growing at a very

The mobile robot was provided with a 3-D model of the hallways using a CSG (constructive ... A video tape of a mobile robot engaged in vision-guided model-driven navigation using tbe PSEIKI system is available upon request. 194 ..... the grouping {E6

The idea of neural systems working as a unification of many similar units ("hyper-columns") exists in neuroscience for years [1]. There are several approaches to understanding the inner machinery of elementary neural networks. One approach involves t

not burned itself out.” (Dewey, 2014). What is behind that portrayal? In this research we wanted to understand: Who are these people and how do they see their group and their activities? How do features of their sociotechnical system and the popula

In this area, there are three border- crossing ports: Peace Bridge (PB), Rainbow Bridge (RB) and Lewiston-Queenston Bridge (LQ) ... efficiently across the Canadian-US border facilitates the economic growth. A report by the Ontario. Chamber of ..... %

decades. It proved its flexibility to adapt to unknown and changing network conditions. A distinguished TCP feature is the comparably fair resource sharing. Unfortunately ... If several TCP flows share the same limited transmission resource, then eac

approach used in the award-winner Loki/Poki agent developed by the CPRG. It is intended to play the variant. Limit Texas Hold'em, and plays best in a full ring of players. Fig. 1 - The architectural concepts of HuBot. The program can be divided into

Abstract. Le Havre agglomeration (CODAH) includes 16 establishments classified Seveso3 with high threshold. In the literature, we construct vulnerability maps to help decision makers assess the risk. Such approaches remain static and do take into acc

area along the level lines isophotes (lines of equal gray values). Other works introduced ideas from computational ... interest in a coherent direction along isophotes (level lines of equals graylevels) avoiding the smoothness across it. ... The obje

physics explains complex phenomena by “taking them apart” and reducing them to constituent phenomena. ... driven by the human tendency for differentiation, for reducing complex phenomena to simpler ones. These scientists, and to .... imagined obj