Pittsburgh 1991 Conference- New products

A portable Grabner CCA-VPS tester with multiple ..... of many types of handheld pipettes. .... FTIR. Chemical process analyser. A full-scale chemical ...

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industries, Finnigan MAT has intro- .... general organic and environmental markets. ... solution for the biochemistry labora- ..... for terminal emulation, file transfer.

For most high pressure control applications, the Auto- mated Pressure Control System (APCS) can ... ities and clean rooms for hard disk manufacturing have shown that the system is capable of detecting acidic and ... and fluorescence, which require ac

prevent this was discussed, along with presentation ofdata relating to ...... AFB, FL 32403-5323 ...... Steven L. Wright, Roger W. Jones and John F. McClelland,.

May 27, 2008 - of the automated operation in the manual performance was found to be better than manual performance. ..... which is measured colorimetrically between 520–550nm. The final product measured represents the nitrite ..... Eike Kleine-Benn

high-temperature, high-pressure syngas filter, a gas cleanup process, and related systems. Built at a sufficient scale to ..... the syngas for it to be effective and is thus referred to as a “sour shift” catalyst. The WGSR ..... trade name, trade

Twenty-Third International Pittsburgh Coal Conference, Pittsburgh, USA. September 25-28, 2006. 1. Effects of Fuel Injection Angles on Performance of A ...

genetic shift. Rapid and reliable analysis .... The analytical method in this presentation was validated ...... The ability of the system to detect long-term drift is evaluated and the ...... response to an antigen is important in determining the typ

analyze recent questions and debates in the light of our analyses of the ...... (for example, in the caloric theory of heat, as argued by Psillos and contested by ...

include software and hardware components with varying degrees of cost and performance. Several of these approaches of interfacing instruments to a LIMS are examined in this paper. The relative merits of each approach is discussed. Also, the applicati

Mar 13, 1996 - Property Management Planning: Managing for the Future. Simon Proust . ...... viability, is no mean feat. Property Management Planning (P.M.P.) is a useful tool to manage change and enhances the ability of farmers to face pressures ....

competitive basic price is a range of ..... digital pump system-it has been designed for highly ..... displayed during calibration; all calibration data can be recalledforchecking by the simplepress ofa key. PHM85 ..... inherent in manual pipetting.

award-winning Allegro is compatible with the complete line of Allegro modules and oÂers high throughput,. ¯exibility, large storage capacity and increased re-.

families of Precision laboratory ovens and a new ... drying, curing and moisture analysis. A generation of ... capabilities at a modest price, along with available ...

chemicals, including acids and alkalis, and is easy to clean andsterilize. Thefurnishings are ... valent computer. The spectral .... transilluminator, gel tank, power.

matic analysis, titration, crystalliza- .... The DTS830 Karl Fischer Titration System, which was launched in October 1987, ..... The DADiSP Worksheet is designed.

Merlyn-S runs on VAX-based, Apollo, and IBM hardware. Prices start at $50,000. RSN 21. Version 2.0 of P-CAD design system. Personal CAD Systems has introduced. Version 2.0 of its PC-based software design system. The new version includes support of su

rights to further develop and market ..... disposable encapsulated membrane ... propylene non-woven depth filter. ..... medical author to store up to 32 000.

proof. Even organic solvents may be sampled easily with theflip ofa single .... vices, gas, water and dust extraction plant, the ... The RE-Ex has a speed range of.

Journal of Automatic Chemistry, Vol. 19,No. (January-February ... Metrohm titrator family.It performs ... On the LCD screen, titration curves in realtime, measuring ...

Support for FT-IR in UK education ... 01621 868685; fax: 01621 868445; email: [email protected] stemcorp. ... several companies over the last two years, Aspen Tech-.

The toxicity, biochemical behaviour and transportation of mercury in the ..... both into one simple-to-use, disposal unit. ... Hertfordshire WD1 8YA, UK, Tel.

Hewlett-Packard has published three .... UNIX workstations it offers analy- tical and ... warranty. A powerful AT compatible data system and ThermoSPEC soft-.

contamination. There is also both barcode reading and ... For more information contact Shimadzu Europa (UK Branch), ... mate extinction, stray light measurement and resolution, ... pressure compensation, leak sensor threshold, seal sensor.

Software selectable trace expansion allows traces to ..... Curriculum development through. Chemistry Plus ..... A new BSc course in computer-aided chemistry at ...