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Oct 19, 2016 - Mini Review. Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) is a multisystem disease characterized by cutaneous findings, as well as benign and maligna...

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Lucas Faria Abrahão-Machado. 2. , Cristiano Ribeiro Viana. 2 ... Mamere, Barretos Cancer Hospital, Avenida Antenor Duarte Vilela, 1331 - Barretos - SP, CEP:.

right chest cavity because of continuous bleeding, leading to a tumor capsule split. Histopa- .... human connective tissue; therefore, except for the mor-.

Orbital solitary fibrous tumor (SFT) is a rare tumor and orbits are a very uncommon site. It is mostly noted to arise from mesenchymal structures like pleura and peritoneum. The diagnosis of orbital SFT cannot be made with certainty on clinical or ra

plasms, leiomyoma and leiomyosarcoma, synovial sarcoma, spindle cell ... The histologic criteria for classifying the malignant variants of SFT of the lung and ...

along with a review of pertinent literature. Keywords: Solitary fibrous tumor, hemangiopericytoma, tumor, meningioma. Hani Talal Aljohani1,. D. Chaussemy2, F.

cellular lesions, showing variable cytologic. (focally moderate to marked) atypia, .... Primary malignant fibrous histiocytoma of the lung: IGF-II producing tumor.

Karen J. Fritchie, MD,1 Paula Carver, MS,2 Yang Sun,3 Galina Batiouchko, MD,3. Steven D. Billings, MD,2,3 Brian P. Rubin, MD, PhD,2,3 Raymond R. Tubbs, DO,2,3 and John R. ..... myofibroblastoma exhibits similar morphologic features, including bland s

Aug 11, 2014 - The peritoneal space was free of ... Exploring the rest of the peritoneal cavity showed it to be free of abnor- malities. .... 1652–1657, 2013.

Aug 31, 2015 - Stromal Tumors, Moyamoya Disease, and Hyperparathyroidism in a Patient .... resonance imaging (MRI) of the abdomen demonstrated the.

Jun 11, 2015 - Four cases of solitary fibrous tumors involving the vagina have been reported ... shaped piece of tan, rubbery, soft tissue measuring 1.5x1.3x. 0.8 cm. ..... pericytic, and fibroblastic by following a pathway that occurs in normal ...

interferon achieving 23 months of progression-free survival. To date ... perform a CT chest and abdomen in which evidenced free ..... overgrowth,” APMIS, vol.

Apr 19, 2017 - sunitinib, bevacizumab, and pazopanib were administered at their reported optimal ..... mide and less pronounced for sunitinib, pazopanib, and.

Oct 16, 2011 - myofibroblastoma, meningioma, fibrosarcoma, spindle cell squamous cell .... Takahama A Jr, Leon JE, de Almeida OP, Kowalski LP. Non-.

Abstract. Hemangiopericytoma/solitary fibrous tumor is a very rare tumor of uncertain malignant potential. About 300 such cases have been reported since 1942, ...

abdominal bloating. A subsequent computed tomography scan of his chest, abdomen and pelvis revealed a 26.8 ×. 21cm intra-abdominal mass occupying most of his abdominal cavity. The inferior vena cava was compressed, and the mass extended inferiorly t

Oct 17, 2015 - We describe a patient with a solitary left renal fibrous tumor who after undergoing a ne- ... case of contralateral recurrence of solitary renal fibrous tumor. .... Malignant solitary fibrous tumor of the kidney: report of a case and c

of orbital SFT cases have been described. Herein, we report an orbi- tal SFT with malignant histological features and review this entity. Case Report. A 13-year-old boy presented at the emergency clinic with a 1-month his- tory of left eye proptosis

Solitary fibrous tumor (SFT) is a rare, but distinct, spindle cell neoplasm that was initially described in the pleura by Klemperer and Rabin in 1931.1 For the past few years, this tumor has been documented in almost ev- ery anatomic location,2-5 wit

Laparoscopic treatment of a solitary fibrous tumor of the greater omentum presenting as spontaneous haemoperitoneum. Ann. Ital. Chir., 77, 4, 2006. 351.

of renal spindle cell neoplasms. Case Report. A 70-year-old man complained of pain in his left lower back and hema- turia of 1-month duration. The clini- cal examination revealed a left renal tumor. Laboratory data revealed no abnormalities. Computed

and Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, The New York Eye and Ear. Infirmary, 310 East 14th Street, New York, NY 10003-4297. E-mail: [email protected]

Kardiochir Torakochirurgia Pol. 2015;12:208-15. 8. Taha AY. Pleural and pericardial mesothelioma: a report of 4 cases. Medical Journal of Basra University ...

1Department of Radiology, Soonchunhyang University Bucheon Hospital,. Soonchunhyang University ... adjacent structures such as the hypoglossal and vagus nerves. Microscopic .... Neurogenic tumors, such as Schwannoma, can occur.

occurring in the lung and pleura (9, 32%), 5 in soft tissues of the lower ... Keywords: Solitary fibrous tumor, Hemangiopericytoma, NAB2-STAT6 fusion, RT-PCR, STAT6 ...... Pienta KJ, Kunju LP, Talpaz M, Mosquera JM, Singer S, Schuetze SM,.