Questioning Yahoo! Answers

Apr 22, 2008 - Answers. Zolt án Gy öngyi. ∗. Stanford University [email protected] Georgia Koutrika. Stanford University [email protected]

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Apr 22, 2008 - Question Answering on the Web ○ April 22, 2008. 3. Yahoo! Answers Model. Open. Undecided. Resolved ask. answer. hand-picked voted ...

as not alluding to real problems or providing untrue informa- tion. .... 4), advice or opinion seeking (e.g., “How do I persuade my parents to let me use Facebook?”) or simply a conversation need over a topic they care about (e.g., “Why do peop

petitive with our full-featured learner. Our results ... 1. Introduction. Community-based Question Answering (CQA) sites such .... mately 10% of this data (further split 90%/10% for train- ing/test). Our reports in the Results section are based on ..

An- swers and Baidu Zhidao through reviewing their communities, comparing similarities and differences of the two communities, together with analyzing their influence on solving questions. Six data sets are employed for comparative analysis. In this

Citation. Chua, A. Y. K., & Banerjee, S. (2015). Measuring the effectiveness of answers in Yahoo! ... Information Review, Emerald Group Publishing Limited. It.

Answers. Venu Gopal Kasturi. Computer Science Department. Stanford University ... Answer communities and propagate the questions to a group of answerers is very ... ties that exist in an apparently non-network structure. Fur- ther, we use ...

results of using manual processing provide useful informa- tion, it seems like a good ..... By the mid-5th cent., a community was formed; because of its relatively inaccessible location and its ... drilling rig.” Category .... worths, London, 2 edi

YahOO: an Object-Oriented Logic Programming. Language (extended abstract). Giorgio Delzanno, Maurizio Martelli. DISI - Universit a di Genova,.

Oct 24, 2014 - concerns pertinence, correctness and richness of supporting elements. We found a high .... Shah, Oh and Oh [19], after reviewing the literature on online QA services, draw a research agenda ... With the introduction of this fifth group

cornerstone for the evolution of next-generation Q&A systems. Index Terms—Yahoo! Answers, Question and answer platforms, Online social networks, Collective intelligence, User behavior. ♢. 1 INTRODUCTION. WEB search engines (e.g., Google and Bing)

faster!! • All information in the world about everything, is available everywhere, forever. – The millions of computers at Google,. Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon … are.

Mar 28, 1999 - unusual amount of publicly available information about the two focal firms. .... They recognized that their ability to attract traffic depended upon .... included stock quotes, maps, chat rooms, news, weather reports, sports, Yellow ..

Clusty1 is a Clustering Meta-search Engine (MSE) that allows users to send queries to ... the goal is not to develop a sophisticated MSE that can outperform all the previous ... connecting to Yahoo!, downloading the results and cluster them in real-t

Greedy heuristic achieves utility at least (1-x) of the optimum, with x

Sihem, David Pennock, Sebastien Lahaie. • An open standard for advertisers (& publishers) to describe their campaign goals that is. – expressive -- lets ...

Feb 22, 2011 - Serializable transactions .... see the NRW notation that describes at a high level how a distributed database will trade off consistency, read performance and write performance. • ... Q. Is

Data @ Yahoo. Sundeep Narravula and Eric Tschetter. {sundeepn,cheddar} May 19, 2015 ...

When no clicks are good news. Carlos Castillo, Aris Gionis, Ronny Lempel, Yoelle Maarek. Yahoo! Research Barcelona & Haifa ...

professional groups (office workers, managers, analysts, designers, programmers). Each of these ... Our goal is to develop an analytic case against an objective reality that can be use- fully "captured" in a ... collective, or an automated process".

Feb 18, 2010 - Business segment and, more specifically, Microsoft's on-line search platform, Bing, and its online adver- tising platform, adCenter. Yahoo is a ...

Oct 3, 2008 - Yahoo! Fire Eagle: introduction. • OAuth: protocol specification. • OAuth: sample scenario. • Yahoo! Fire Eagle: detailed description. • Yahoo!

However, it is important to note that there is a strong causality between size and the propensity to ..... Innovasjon og ny teknologi i norsk industri: En oversikt. 5/94.

Introduction. This paper offers an economic background for the analysis conducted by the Commission during the recent M.5727 Microsoft/Yahoo! transaction ...