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3.1.6 Timings. The run times of our system for one frame are depicted in Table 3.3. Thereby, all cameras are connected to one computer (see Sec. 2.5),...

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We present a novel algorithm for the markerless tracking of deforming surfaces such as ... problem. Our prototype system yields high-quality animated 3D mod- ... Two strobes (far left and right) are triggered by the 656 by 490 pixel ..... in solving

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May 15, 2015 - rendered image with acquired video frame in order to determine the fitness of .... In [25], PSO was applied for upper body pose estimation from multi-view video sequences. ... sive and its convergence slows down considerably near the g

Advanced image data analyzer. APS. Ammonium persulfate. ASA ..... these immature oligodendrocytes (Burne et al., 1996). Axon-oligodendrocyte ..... Hyper Cassette. Amersham. Ice machine AF–10. Scottsman. Imaging plates BAS IP MS 2325. Fuji Photo fil

Computer-mediated discourse. CofP. Community of Practice. CP. Cooperative Principle. D. “Double complaint”, i.e. a user complains for two reasons at the same time. D_Statis. The German Federal Statistics Office and the Statistical Offices of the

3 Statistical relational learning of weighted attribute context-free grammars. 21. 3.1 Logical learning of grammar rules from precise models and noisy observations 21. 3.2 Statistical relational learning of grammar rules . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

does not answer the question how the equilibrium can be reached. ...... Note that equations (17), (19) and (20) can be interpreted as a model where fiscal ..... Proposition 1.4.4 and 1.4.5 show that the MSV solution may be E-stable even under ......

recent research shows, e.g. in the Ferlo North Faunal Reserve, Senegal, and in Free State, ... Chapter 1. 2 status of this cat, as there is no information about these aspects, except the Ngorogoro. Crater, Tanzania (GEERTSEMA 1981 & 1985) and on Sout

Summary. The taxonomic units and species limits in the Cactaceae have ..... DNA Mini Kit, Avegene Life Science Corp., Taiwan) yielded poor results because ... plesiomorphic state: 0, inverted state: 1) and traced on the phylogenetic trees using ....

Sep 25, 2006 - can be used. Finally, in Section 7, we present tracking results for sev- eral sequences where a person performs complex motions and wears different, casual .... R. Kehl, L.V. Gool / Computer Vision and Image Understanding 104 (2006) 19

parts analysis provide a robust and real-time system for human full-body ... Marker-free motion capture has long been studied in computer vision as ...... Dreyfuss, H., Tilley, A.R.: The Measure of Man and Woman: Human Factors in. Design.

Natal, RN, Brazil - May 2010. 50 ..... functionalities that relied on OpenCV had to be adapted to use ... utilized was Microsoft Visual Studio Professional. Edition.

read out from a bit pattern from the EDDA data acquisition and we assume that we have taken the correct sign ...... bit definitions for PLX interrupt status register.

witnessed Ghanaian businesses monopolizing markets and many foreign industries pulling out of the ... population growth is shifting considerably from rural to urban areas. ..... industrial operations such as Coca-cola, Fan Ice, or Star Beer are locat

error-free independent variables (e.g., time, dose, covariates), the fixed ..... parameters by one (degree of freedom [df] = 1) a ΔOFV of at least 3.84 would be ..... transfer compartment into the model until the objective function value (OFV) did n

Pollination of Medicinal Plants (Nigella sativa and Coriandrum sativum) and ... Matthias Schindler for his dedicated help for the classification of bees. I thank Dr. ...... The study answers the following questions: a) What are the ...... 20.2±1.57

Gerüst-Protein, das an der Desensibilisierung und Internalisierung von GPCRs beteiligt ist, die. Fähigkeit besitzt die ...... molecular determinants that define these internalization properties as demonstrated by studies ...... The illustrated opti

Feb 5, 2011 - Cross-linking experiment between acid ceramidase and Sap D.. ...... Chiantia S, Kahya N, Schwille P (2007) Raft domain reorganization driven ...

Jan 5, 2018 - capture setup. To overcome this sensing challenge, we use two gen- ..... multiview stereo reconstruction, which we match using ICP. 3D Body ...

Example formats for sheet music are BMP, TIFF and PDF. Having specified the meaning of music ...... Piano Sonata Opus 2 No. 1, Allegro, by Ludwig van Beethoven played by Alfred Brendel ...... In the sheet music books “Beethoven Piano Sonatas Volume

6. Fortunately, this way of viewing. ―psychological‖ happiness in philosophy has changed over the last several years, ... 8 M. E. P. Seligman and M. Csikszentmihalyi, "Positive Psychology [Special Issue]," American. Psychologist 55, no. ...... is

der Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität. Bonn vorgelegt von ..... premiums. In response, the economy is forced to repay parts of its external debt (financial deleveraging). ...... −PtrtKt−1(i) − WtLt(i) − PtACHt(i) − PtAC. ∗. Ht(i

orientation) and recognizing several stiff postures. While such systems enable .... action technique is introduced, which allows grabbing and releasing of objects ...

May 6, 2011 - patible with EUT, they are widely assumed in economic and financial modeling due to their simplicity and ..... is a stronger property, not only in theory, but also in practice. In particular, it is not ...... the system of equations (2)